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  1. I've been playing through The Witcher games and this looks like a Bionicle version of a Scoia'tael. I love it! You did a really good job giving him boots & hands.
  2. Nescent


    Congratulations!!! Marriage is such a beautiful and courageous commitment, and I am excited for the two of you. You look very happy together. A LEGOLAND wedding is a totally awesome idea!
  3. I agree with your sentiment about the 2004 sets; I never really liked their aesthetic. The Toa Metru were cool, and I liked the recolors of the Turaga masks on the Matoran, but the Matoran build was awful (especially those dainty limbs) and I don't like the Vahki or the Titan sets at all. 2005 was also a poor year set-wise, although the Titans that year were much better (Sidorak & Keetongu are both 10/10). Good one. I remember being unimpressed with Kongu Mahri just from his pictures. The Mahri were one of my favorite series of Toa but Kongu was really phoned-in.
  4. Liquid Stranger: The Invisible Conquest.
  5. Those are amazing!!! I've never seen this done well, but yours look perfect. The photo of the Toa Nuva shows too much of the surroundings, but the rest give away the perfect amount. The Gahlok are my favorite picture; they look like they're stalking the camera, and are very much posed like the classic Bohrok.
  6. Next Time (feat. egodeath & lil crow) by lilcrow1 & 808egodeath.
  7. Nescent


    I know that voice like an old friend... "I have found that even though it drowns out other voices... there are some it cannot drown out, once you listen to them. Another, more confident voice, strengthened by the support of friends; emboldened by the knowledge of what one is capable of; and actualised by the desire to finally get rid of it." That is a wonderful perspective, and a good reminder for me. Stay strong, Mr Timid.
  8. Aanchir, that is amazing. Congratulations, ma'am!
  9. "Happy With U" by Eli Way & Ian Ewing ft. Naji.
  10. I love it! It's cute, but also gnarly. You did an awesome job on the face, with all those teeth and eyes. It looks really seamless.
  11. Amazing! It's a really original idea and the first self-MOC I have seen that really has significance. The construction of the face is wonderfully creative, and you used the Piraka spine, a piece I always struggled with. Nice work!
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