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  1. IC: Kaenis - Arena @Ironfist@That Matoran with a Vahi Kaenis just sat there in silence again, tapping her claws more anxiously than before. IC: Arkis - Office (Cliffside) @Nato the Traveler Arkis drew his dart gun from his pocket, pointing it shakily toward Catina. "P-please..." he said simply.
  2. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) @Nato the Traveler @Ironfist Arkis turned back to the others after absently putting away his equipment, only to drop the scalpel he was holding on seeing the launcher. "Um... we don't... w-well, permit violence... in here..." he stammered nervously, reaching for his pocket for his dart gun.
  3. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) @Ironfist "Ahh..." Arkis nodded to himself as he understood the gesture this time. "Yes." He finished one last knot on the bandages and stepped back. "And with that, you're... you're free to go." He gave a nervous glance to the deformed Agori as if to say, I hope you won't say anything about him. IC: Kaenis - Arena On scrutiny, she fell silent again, looking down at her (twisted) claws, her (disgusting) tail and spinner shifting uncomfortably. She just didn't want anyone else to suffer this fate...
  4. IC: Garuda - Tesara (Home) "Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie..." she groaned. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) @Ironfist Arkis looked up, doing a double take as he stopped humming. "Um... yes," he muttered, clearly grasping the gesture had meaning but not what it was. IC: Eoron - New Atero (Tower) @ZippyWharrgarbl "No ma'am," Eoron snapped back politely, his concern over appearing too hasty hidden beneath a well-practiced mask. "In fact, if there is anything this lieutenant could assist you with, I would be happy to oblige." IC: Kaenis - Arena Kaenis had been lost in some self-deprecating train of thought when she overheard "Bota Magna." She looked up at the two, her green eyes burning with anxiety. "You can't go there," she stated quietly, but intensely.
  5. IC: Garuda - Tesara (Home) "Tillyyyyyyy..." Garuda whined. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) @Ironfist Arkis nodded and settled into the comfortable, familiar work of stitching up a Glatorian body. He even hummed to himself as he all but forgot about the actual person attached to those hands, or the precarious situation the three of them had found themselves in. But after some time, the job was done, and Arkis stood to find the ointments and bandages for the rest, still humming to himself. IC: Eoron - New Atero (Tower) Seems the eccentric Doctor was out today, and Eoron breathed a silent sigh of relief. Something about that strange being set him on edge. But that would also mean he'd have to search the tower himself. As he strolled through the tower trying not to look too busy, he passed a charismatic Skrall general and offered her a salute. OOC: Up to you now @ZippyWharrgarbl
  6. IC: Garuda - Tesara (Home) @Dane-gerous @ZippyWharrgarbl "Tilly!" Garuda whined. "Can I please have some pie?" IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) @Nato the Traveler @Ironfist Arkis froze, preparing himself for the accusations against the Iron Tribe, before realizing the creature meant another organic Glatorian. "...yes, well... there are... many like me on this planet..." he responded casually as he shooed Catina's hand away from the bandages, "Er, at least... before the Matoran arrived." His mechanical hands and a scalpel made quick work of the hastily applied bandages, saving what they could of the wounds. The hands themselves were rubbed raw and scored by deep cuts. It looked as if this Glatorian had been dragged through a gravel pit, but Arkis knew better than to ask. His lot was merely to repair, and he'd start by stitching up the worst of the cuts. He held up a needle and thread, indicating his intentions. "This might be... uncomfortable, but necessary." IC: Eoron - New Atero (City Center) He arrived at the city center moments later, telling himself he'd just take a quick look inside to see if anyone had delivered anything from Fe. And that meant... he must contend with the bizarre gatekeeper. He stepped inside...
  7. IC: Garuda - Tesara (Home) @Dane-gerous @ZippyWharrgarbl Garuda just shook her head, still staring with wide eyes at Tilly, then the pie. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) @Ironfist Arkis glanced at the Glatorian's hands, then looked back at the abomination behind him, standing in plain view. Perhaps... he could just get Karzahni out the door and on its way as promised, then get to work. After all, the oddly colored armor on this sad Glatorian could only mean one thing: he was one of Arkis' kin. The Iron Tribe. He sighed. "Come on in." IC: Eoron - New Atero (Parking District) This was taking too long. Someone was going to notice he was missing, and then what? He couldn't wait by this ship for someone who may or may not have visited Fe any longer. Perhaps they were a reasonable and law abiding citizen... or at worst, a bounty hunter on a claim, and reported any findings to the authorities in the center of the city. On one last hunch, he set off in that direction, leaving the ramshackle ship behind.
  8. IC: Garuda - Tesara (Home) Garuda shrugged nonchalantly. Evidently she was feeling better about it. <Nothing to do... but eat pie!> She scampers over to Tilly and hangs at the edge of the table, watching her. OOC: @Dane@ZippyWharrgarbl IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) With that sudden departure, Arkis just lays on the ground, starting to feel his bumps and bruises where he had been tossed around by the strange creature. He groans, and his head lolls back... only to see the one he had tried to protect standing out in the open. "What do you think you're..." He's cut off by the sound of footsteps on the rickety stairs outside. His head pops up, and he winces, then again as he notices a grey Glatorian in the doorway. "...we're closed," he mutters, knowing it's probably fruitless. IC: Kaenis - The Arena She slowly steps off the pedestal and sits against a pillar, not really listening or caring for Bacchus' deductions.
  9. IC: Garuda - Tesara (Home) <Good! Tilly bring food for scared me,> Garuda responded eagerly, and giggled. <But hungry first. You see attack today?> OOC: @Dane
  10. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) Arkis' lighter, weaker frame is easily tossed aside, rolling back into another cart. "What? I don't... understand! But you need to leave... now!" IC: Kaenis - The Arena Kaenis watched as the lights glowed green, green, then red. Another failure. As far as she was concerned, it was her fault. IC: Garuda - Tesara (Home) Garuda perked up and noticed her friend coming in. "Voyin!" she cried as she ran over to give the Glatorian a hug.
  11. IC: Garuda - Tesara (Home) "Um... I got... hungry," she says quietly, her claw slowly creeping out of the box with another handful of cereal. IC: Kaenis - The Arena Kaenis sighed and took her indicated place on the dais. She warily watched the stone below her for any change. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) Arkis cries out as he's shoved backward with surprising force, sending him staggering into a cart of tools. All but disregarding the pain in his frenzy, he pushes back off and tries to tackle Rakpazis before it sees his guest.
  12. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) "I'm... sorry?" His eyes flash to the creature's shoulder blocking the door and gives another little shove to try to close it. "Whatever it is you're... uh, looking for, well, look elsewhere! We're... um, closed!" IC: Kaenis - The Arena Kaenis' eyes followed his finger down to the bandanna, and her hand slowly reached up to feel it. Something about it seemed to calm her, and something like a hesitant smile came to her face. She nodded and followed after. IC: Garuda - Tesara (Home) Garuda froze as the door opened, one claw clutching several blankets draped around her, the other halfway into a box of cereal, just one of many food items now scattered around the kitchen as Garuda decided what to snack on. "...Tilly? Is that you?"
  13. IC: Morah - Barraki Fortress Morah flashed Carapar a toothy grin beneath her respirator. Taking on the City of Legends... now you're talking! She was ready to take on the whole island of those smug little Matoran... A flash of pain while she stretched reminded her that she wasn't quite ready. Quick hop to the Infirmary it is. IC: Karista - Ga-Metru Karista flexed her arm, trying to buy time to remember what she's supposed to say before Paju cut herself off. She stiffened, and looked down. "No... very far..." she said, almost wistfully. @Smudge8
  14. OOC: I seem to have missed a post... whoops. IC: Morah - Barraki Fortress The ride back had been uneventful. Too uneventful. Aside from swapping some yarns with her new pal Varxii (when the Toa wasn't sawing logs), there was nothing like freak storms or spirit dragons or zombie invasions. Morah was already itching for some more battle before the recounting to their lord had completed. At least back home there was always something to do, none of this... bureaucracy business. Morah was about to nudge Varxii to see if she felt the same, but the Toa seemed pretty out of it. Best let her rest, the poor gal. So... Morah just stood there, hoping Carapar had some better news for them. IC: Karista - Ga-Metru "I am called... Karista," she paused, watching the bandages nervously. "Karista... Toa?" Was it usual for these beings to talk so much? Between the pain and her own nebulous grasp of the language, Karista was hardly picking out anything. But it was soothing, in a way. Karista tried to relax and let Paju do... whatever she was doing.
  15. IC: Karista - Ga-Metru Karista flinched, still wary of the dragon. Her hand curled into a fist... and then the small one stepped in. "Yes..." she stammered, unused to this much... respect. Or maybe even the kindness, since she left home. "I... I will be... fine. Just a bit of... fun, yeah." She tried to push herself up, eyeing the dragon, as Paju looked for medicine, but found it difficult with one arm. She could shift into something with more, but she was already pushing her luck with this... @Smudge8
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