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  1. Because those moments where you feel inexplicably depressed and futless for no reason are no fun.
  2. I can be substitute sumiki.
  3. Ace Rimmer


    I am like a ninja of appearance. You can't see me. And somehow it's me??? Shocker!
  4. I see a face and and two butterflies carrying ants in such a way they crash.
  5. I suppose an apology is in order. In fact, I suppose an explanation is in such an order as well. This probably is going to be the last area I'll be commenting on BZP, besides some special others. If you're trying to figure this out by now, the best way of phrasing it is I've moved on. Not from lego, no; lego is really a hobby/career/thing that lasts for a lifetime and a half. I'm still contactable through other areas, if you know what I'm talking about (HINTHINT otherforums HINTHINT). This is, a goodbye, in a sense. Farewell, BZP, we've had some fun times.
  6. But all my lego's are kinda locked up for the time being.
  7. So I said my camera problem in my sig, and I have solved it, albeit the effects will be at a later date. I'm getting a camera charger soon! (Hopefully) But for now, i'll take the cheapo way and use my DSI camera.
  8. The last episode was way funnier than it deserved to be. "my real name is Hello (Subtitles: annyoung)" "They still have boats?"
  9. Legolover has one of them. the popular bit.
  10. Yes, i'm digging myself out of the pits of uselessness. ==>Start"What? no, I dont want to use this format. and also can i be more highlighted as an introducer? because really this is a degrading job, I need more respect, and i demand more respect." Screeched the voice of an unknown animal, presumably a rat.'I take offense to that! I am a Hamster, not a rat!"The voice rambles on, until the start of this predetermined train wreck begins. Reign of the cool dudes"Kopaka, did you get the camera working?" Said Lewa."It is working, and has been, the problem is that its in my stomach and the battery acid in the camera is hurting my stomach." Rumbles Kopaka, obiously not feeling well."or if we're lucky its the camera's jagged edges breaking your stomach so you'd be dissolved alive" Lectures Matoro."Shut up, Greg Farshtley killed you off once, he can do it again!" Screams kopaka, unknowing of the pompous ##### he just unleashed. and as if on cue, a wormhole opens up in space and time, and as with any story written by an cool dude, the author steps out, and with a voice like a thousand deus ex machinas, speaks. "My voice and words, while wise and all knowing, along with myself of course, are not fans of your ideas of breaking the fourth wall prematurely. we don't want any more narrators bursting in through the walls. Remember last time?" And of course, the obligatory flashback: Kopaka and lewa are in front of a computer screen, marveling at their brilliance, as they had constructed a plan, of dastardly intent. They had found the Pesterchum client and decided to save one of their favorite characters from the webcomic, Vriska, from death. the attempted chating with her, and here is the result. totallySpieswaitnototallynoobs [TS] Began pestering arachnidsGriff [AG] TS: OMG WE have TO SAV U!AG: Sorry?TS: You GONAN DIESAG: I still have no idea what you are talking about, please elaborate.TS: VRIS YOU DIEAG: I have no idea who "Vris" is, Please leave me alone.TS: BU BUAG: Goodbye. arachnidsGriff [AG] Blocked totallySpieswaitnototallynoobs [TS] At this point they knew there was only one option. build a hilariously overcomplicated piece of electronics and save her. End of Act -31337 part one chapter one segment one. "Don't you think that's overdoing it? I mean negative act thirty one thousand three hundred and thirty seven? that's pushing it just an ounce to far alone." Comments a Small rodent. "VERY FUNNY, HA HA HA. My mom always said i was a guinea pig among gerbils, and I say No more! I Quit! That's it! Finale! Try doing this without me!" There. I feel like i have some contributions. expect updates once a week.
  11. Oh boy life has been interesting without BZP. And by that I mean I am unfit at being a teenager, but I have decided I like Obama now, as a person. You know the class trips to Washington D.C.? I went on one of those a couple days ago, well, this weekend. I spent most of it with my head in my hands. The best part is that we saw the president in his limo, and kids were being... obscene, and I was sitting on the curb with my head in my hands as usual, and the limo stops. I'm not kidding. and he looks out the window and looks at me with a "I cannot believe you are stuck in there with them" look, and says, "I'm feel sorry for you." then on the bus home i get mobbed by kids who were all, "Whoa you got to see the president that's cool!" and I am now popular. finally: Part of this story was a lie, can you guess which part?
  12. Ace Rimmer

    I Need Help

    I need a link to the music composing help thread. Anyway, I have Reaper now, expect me to make some music.
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