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Script for Mysterious Island

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A roughly hewn dugout canoe plows past us, cutting through the water sharply. Two Ga-Matoran are rowing it: MAKU, a young, fast-talking, unyielding brunette with many a day spent rowing or fishing in deep water, and HAHLI, in her late twenties and very set in her opinions, who is prone to daydreaming and very talkative. Maku is clearly the faster of the two; she could easily move the entire canoe on her own, and she sits in the front. Hahli, seated behind Maku, struggles to row as quickly as her, wanting deeply to be able to show the world her adequacy against her friend. Her mood is beginning to affect the quality of her rowing, and she is now beginning to slow down with each passing second.


HAHLI (Indignant)
I just wanted to remind you that I’m rowing as fast as I can.


Maku doesn’t pause or falter in her speed for a second, though she throws a passing glance to her partner.


I know; you said that already.


HAHLI (Witty)
Well then, I hope that you’re keeping a record of my improvement each week.


Maku ignores her entirely, and Hahli pauses for an instant, only to immediately start again afterwards.


I’ll bet that I’m the fastest on the entire island by now; I could run the fastest ferry service going to and from Ga-Koro of anyone, since I’ve been practicing so much.


Maybe so. You’re much faster than anyone in Ta-Koro, for example. But of course, they’re surfing on lava.


The relief which was building inside Hahli drowns instantly, and she frowns as she responds.


Come on now, Maku; is something bothering you today?


No! I just need you to put a little more effort into your lessons. This isn’t the time, nor the place for your wit. Ga-Koro is more defenseless at the moment than it has been in decades.


Maku steers the canoe to her left, angling it to the shore. It reaches a beach covered with bright orange sand, gleaming brilliantly in the sunlight. She steps out nimbly and promptly begins to pull it onto the luscious sands of the beach, which are coarse and dotted with small stones. Turning to Hahli, her face reflects the urgency and high stakes of their situation.


A little help, please?


Hahli grudgingly begins to help her friend. they both pull with all their strength to dock the canoe on the beach.


Until Nireta returns, we’re at one heck of a disadvantage against the Rahi. Learning how to row is the least that you can do.


Maku gives Hahli a guilt-inducing look.


Can the other village militias-


Maku steps out on to the beach, beginning to walk briskly in the direction of their village, which is about one mile away. Hahli follows her.

The other militias are busy with their own villages. The best way to allow them to help out others, such as ours, is by giving them a chance to breath for a little while.


And JALA’s guard? Oh, what I’d give to see Jala again!


MAKU (Annoyed)
They’re just as busy as the rest, if not more so.


HAHLI (Dreamy
I still think that he’ll come back to aid us, if only to take me to a nicer place. Anywhere else on this island would be better than here, where the unyielding noise and commotion are constant reminders that we’ve been at war forever.


Well, it’s no better in Ta-Koro. No better at all, especially since their guard has been spread so thin recently.


Maku gives her friend a surprised look.


He can’t work miracles, you know. He’s just another man, just like everyone else; always trying to keep his village safe.


Hahli stops walking, turning to face Maku directly.


I don’t think that he’s a “miracle worker”, but he’s certainly done some incredible things. It's been decades since any of the Koro have had a captain as talented as him; do you remember when he broke all of the records for advancement in the Ta-Koro guard? You just haven’t gotten a chance to know him yet, that’s all.


Maku also ceases to walk.


Oh yes? How do you know him? Did you hear a rumor, or watch a play about his life's story?


Hahli shrugs off the comment entirely, beginning to sing.


There’s nothing about this Jala guy
That isn’t confidently presented.
Even when the entire island is calm
He’s poised for a sudden reaction.


Why, even the briefest look in his eyes
Hints at courage which only needs cause
To run the gambit
To save a damsel in distress
When the slightest of threats
Comes to knock on the door
His business is all about safety.


Oh Jala! Oh Jala!
He’s never been-


-Persuaded otherwise!


Oh Jala! Oh Jala!
His list of deeds-


Might be dramatized!


His men are the sharpest for miles around
Only due to their captain of countless missions
Nothing can keep that crew in town
Save a certain captain’s premonitions.


Oh Jala! Oh Jala!
A winner!


A loner!


Oh Jala! Oh Jala!

A talker!


A mocker!


There’s plenty to show for his reputation
In many a rahi confrontation.
He’s found and captured many a beast
That would have surely convinced any other
To back off and make safer camp.


But not this Jala!
With his military finesse
Any creature he doesn’t want coming
Seems to fall-


-Head over heels with him. Right?


Oh Jala! Oh Jala!


If you’d just let-


-Yourself see!
Oh Jala! Oh Jala!
He’s made just for me.


Both Maku and Hahli cease to sing, and begin to walk once more in the direction of their village.

Hahli, would you like a little advice from me?


I’m not so sure. Has your advice improved?


Has yours? Listen; I’d stay a comfortable distance away from Jala.


How can you say that about someone who you've never met?


I haven't, but my parents have. They met him during the last assembly at the Amaja-Nui.


Nearing the village, the two are so deeply engrossed in their conversation that neither of them pay much attention to the smoldering, wrecked pieces of debris scattered on the beach. It is clear that the debris is composed of pieces of homes and other buildings belonging to a well-developed village; in this case, the town of GA-KORO, where Maku and Hahli are headed. A steady stream of smoke coming from the direction of the village begins to drift beside Hahli, gradually growing thicker as they near its remains. Maku and Hahli continue to discuss Jala, unaffected for the most part by the evidence of the destruction of their homes.


He organized a part of the meeting. Even though he talked plenty, he didn't seem to care about others. They said that he didn't mind how concerned or hopeful a person was about anything, that he only understood his own desires.


Hahli turns her head curiously towards her friend.


Other people don't matter nearly as much to him as a promotion does. He hides his self-centered intentions behind a heroic facade.


All of this is coming from your parents, right?


Well, they're not the most polite folks themselves, so you'd think that they wouldn't say something like that about someone else unless they really meant it.


The amount of debris scattered on the beach continues to grow, as does the thickness of the smoke; however, neither of the two notice the signs of the calamity.


Even though it isn't in any of his biographies, and none of the Turaga have ever hinted at having opinions like that about him. You think that I should trust a second hand word?


Isn't it all second hand words? And would you write a biography or give a public speech saying that he was selfish and uncaring?


Hahli throws a long look to her friend; she subtly indicates her dubious appreciation of this surprising new information.


Regardless, I'd like to meet-


A surprised stare from Maku hits Hahli hard, though it doesn't startle her.


The captain of the guard myself.


The two have reached the gates of Ga-Koro, though they don't resemble those of the town which they left that morning. Ripped apart and smoking, they lie crumbling at the feet of Maku and Hahli. Beyond the gates, the village itself is even more damaged.


By Mata Nui... I had a bad feeling about today, but this is just insane.


You can listen to the song "Oh Jala", featured in this chapter, here:

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That was perfect! I'll have "Oh Jala" stuck in my head all day!

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