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[Alpha Release] Heroica Legends: The Unfinished MMORPG.

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As a new-year's present, I'm releasing the unfinished MORPG I half-completed about a year ago [ :P] It's massively buggy, (even the GUI is just the standard one) but still quite fun, and seeing as I'm not working on it anymore I decided just to at least release it [:P]

Here are the downloads, for mac and PC. To run on a mac is easy, just download and double click the file. For PC, make sure both the downloaded files are in the same folder, then double-click the .exe launcher.

(No ads [;)])

https://www.dropbox....D8md8EGYra?dl=0 -Mac

https://www.dropbox....I0OTO6_QWa?dl=0 -PC

No personal details are needed to sign in, just a username and password (don't use any previously-used passwords though, because I will be able to view your full character from my database).


Have fun, and don't get beaten too badly by the Golem Lord [:P]


Note: I just downloaded it onto my other mac laptop, and the .app came out as a folder instead, making the game unplayable :\ I'm hoping that it's just my computer, but if anyone else experiences this, please let me know [;)]

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I'm unsure how to install it for PC. When I open it says Data folder not found. I have very little computer knowledge, so what do I do. Can't wait to play. :)


EDIT:I figured it out, playing it right now

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