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Cast of "The Yesterday Quest"

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Click for huge image: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2014/184/4/3/mocs__cast_of___the_yesterday_quest___by_orionide5-d7p40mj.jpg


Unlike the Vorox of the Bara Magna deserts, who no longer live in civilization or remember the common language, those of Bota Magna's forests still live like they did before the great catastrophe that split the planet. Kabrua is their leader, the largest, strongest and smartest of his clan. A mysterious being recently gave them high-tech energy launchers, although he still prefers to carry his sword as well.
Notes: More or less a bigger, scarier version of the Vorox set. The modified Zamor doesn't have a flexing mechanism, but works just fine nonetheless, a bit like the Zamors in the 2015 Chima sets. The sphere loads easily and doesn't fall out at any angle.

A Toa of Lightning known for preferring to fight solo. She's somewhat abrasive and blunt, but does her job excellently. She wears the Mask of Stealth, which lets her become almost impossible to see or hear. Her weapons are a capacitor claw that lets her build up an electrical charge before firing it, and a Rhotuka launcher that delivers a static charge to its target, shocking anyone who touches it.
Notes: No official information on her weapons. The Rhotuka works well, and the two blades attached to it allow a "safety" that prevents the spinner from falling out of the launcher when they're turned towards each other. Her torso design allows trunk shifting, especially from side to side.

A Toa of Iron with a dark past. The Makuta attempted genocide of his element, forcing him to violate the Toa Code and kill them in self defense. He shares little about himself, allowing sinister rumors to spread. He wears the Mask of Adhesion, which allowed him to kill a Makuta once by adhering its essence to its armor, then destroying it with elemental power. He fights with a glaive and blade shield.
Notes: No official information on his mask or weapons.

The original Toa of Psionics, who spectacularly failed his first mission by changing the Zyglak from mildly hostile to unreasonably aggressive and hateful. He is somewhat attention-seeking and slightly manipulative. He wears the Mask of Night Vision, which lets him see in complete darkness or produce a light for others to see by. He fights with two knives.
Notes: No official information on his mask or weapons. I used a couple Shadow Leeches for his eyes because why not.

Finally, a face-off of all four.

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( The bunny slippers hiss and slither into the shadows. ) -Takuaka: Toa of Time

What if the Toa you know best were not destined to be? Interchange: The epic begins

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I have to say, this definitely looks good, and I'm surprised no one has replied yet. The builds are all very descent, and although I can't say they look like how I imagined these characters, they definitely fit the profile well. Cudos to you, my good fellow.

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Very nice! 

I like how you used elements from the Metru build, but added a unique aspect. I love it! 

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