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"Toa Tamaru," another MOC by SaikoRhythm

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Little early on this one. Takanuva and company will be up sometime tomorrow.


Here's Toa Tamaru, Toa of Air. Tamaru's mask was changed by his Toa transformation into a Great Mask of Airwalking, a mask that creates short-lived platforms underneath the wearer's feet, cushioning falls and allowing the user to walk on air. Tamaru is armed with two Air Elemental Launchers, weapons designed by a Nynrah Ghost who extensively studied the Thornax Launcher. Elemental Launchers only work for Toa, Matoran, or Turaga because they drain the user's elemental energy to fire it in a condensed sphere. The air variety can charge its spheres with bolts of lightning on launch. Tamaru also has small jets and wings on his body, improving his gliding capabilities.


It took me quite a bit of posing to get his shoulder armor to fit properly on the hinges. This one went through quite a few redesigns and recolors until I got it to where I liked it. Am I getting better?



Up next- A photo of the whole team together, as well as the Matoran.

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I really don't like Tamaru out of all the other Toa. The shoulder armor really sticks out in a bad way, and the arm would be a lot better if they are a little higher. 

The wings are not that good, it would be a lot better if it was something on his back instead on his arms. Also, are the small jets and wings pretty much pointless sense he have the mask of airwalking?


The color scheme is good but I think having those silver spike in a different color would make it better, weapons are alright  and the mask is a meh.

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