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This is a topic for discussing the new Lego video game, Lego Worlds! What do you think of the game? On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate it? In comparison to other Lego games, how good is it? What have you built in the game? What's your favorite part about the game? Are you looking forward to getting it or do you already have it? What would you want to see added to the game?


I'm really really REALLY excited about Lego Worlds and can't wait to buy it! From the videos I've seen of it, it looks awesome! Here are some things I would want to be added to the game (that aren't already going to be added like LDD model importing (which is already possible through a manual method) and online multiplayer):


  • CCBS/Constraction Parts
  • More NPCs and animals (all the collectable minifigures ever released, pigs, and chickens)
  • Minecraft sets (because placing the Lego form of the "Lego of the digital world" in a digital Lego world would be wonderfully meta and hilarious)
  • Lego Dimensions character support (Dimensions minifigs can come with codes you can enter to unlock them in Worlds)
  • At least one Lego Universe or Lego Island easter egg/reference
  • The ability to play as a Hero Factory minifigure (or possibly Bionicle minifigs, should that ever happen? Lego Friends is already a thing with a bit of minor modding to unlock unused characters)
  • The ability to custom-generate worlds, such as a superflat world or one-biome-only world, like in Minecraft.
  • Some sort of equivalent to Minecraft's Redstone of the Lego Universe Property Behaviors to allow for custom interactivity and contraptions. I want this the most.

Feel free to discuss your thoughts and opinions on Lego Worlds! :D



Technical Stuff: For modders and people wanting to skip collecting everything.

How to unlock any character or vehicle, including unused ones (Become a Lego Friend! :P )

How to fly and change jumpheight, as well as walk under the ocean and other abilites

How to import LDD models


Other important technical info (thanks to here):

  • The game renders using chunks like in Minecraft. Each chunk is 32x32 studs.
  • When you first start playing on a world, you will spawn somewhere near 2,048 X-coordiante and 2,048 Z-coordinate. This seems to imply that the worlds are 4,096x4,096 chunks, assuming X: 2,048 & Z: 2,048 is the center of the world. This would mean that worlds are 65,536 studs long.
  • Trying to go outside the map boundaries will crash the game. This is confirmed for going to chunk -1 on the X-axis, and is presumably also true for the Z-axis and for chunk 4,096 in each axis.
  • The chunk filenames are 24-bit integers and each axis is 12-bits, interleaved. So a filename for a chunk would be in this format: "XZXZXZXZXZXZXZXZXZXZXZXZ".
  • The game saves any unmodified chunks, as well as whatever was in memory when you quit, AKA the nearest chunks and everything within a short distance from you. This means the game will load in the area around you quickly when you return to the game. Unmodified chunks that are not loaded in memory will not be saved and will be re-generated from the world's seed as you travel near them when you reload the world.
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>TFW you realise Lego Worlds is called Project 23 in its own file name

> D:

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