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Evergrey: Toa of Music

The Masters of Okoto: The Lost Chronicles

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This is my first epic :D I hope you enjoy it. Each chapter has the name of a toa; whichever toa's name appears for the chapter is who's thoughts are being narrated (3rd person omniscient) (If you've read the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan, you know what style I'm referring to). Enjoy the story :) Here's my review topic!


The Masters of Okoto: The Lost Chronicles


1: Gali


            Gali walked quietly through the mountains contemplating where her destination really was.  She knew she was looking for someone named Ekimu in an ancient city, but she didn’t know more than that. Kivoda, the Protector of Water, had mentioned that she wouldn’t be alone on her quest and Gali started thinking about that.

There are others?

Why haven’t I met them yet?

What if we can’t work together?

            The more she thought about it, the more upset she got as she walked. She finally decided to sit on a rock and meditate on the matter for a few minutes.

            As she sat, she looked around and thought the view looked rather grand. From up there she could see the jungle, lush and green. The trees looked just as fluffy as the two clouds that were in the sky at the moment. On the other side of a rocky ridge was her village: her new home. It was a mostly rocky beach, but there were some sandy places in the distance just barely visible. The aqua-grey landscape glowed like the water that connected to it. Just seeing the region like this put her mind at ease, but not for long; it then raised a question:

Why would anyone attack such a beautiful place?

            She pushed the thought out of her head and decided it was best to relax and meditate on the more pressing matters: she began to focus on what she should say to the others that Kivoda had mentioned. She closed her eyes and began to meditate.

            As she began to relax she heard something…music? She knew she must have been going mad.

            No, she heard harmonies and melodies coming further down the trail she was walking. She couldn’t concentrate on her meditation with that music playing and she was now curious as to who could be playing it so well. She didn’t know anyone in her village that could play that well; it was as if a God was playing this music! She decided to continue down the trail and check it out for herself.

            She trekked further into the mountains towards the sound of the music. It sounded as if it were just over the next stony ridge. She climbed it and just as she was about to peak over the ridge, she heard footsteps coming toward her from the left. She concentrated hard; she could feel a small well of water buried under the ground. If she were to be in trouble, she would utilize it against the enemy. She looked toward her left and couldn’t believe her eyes.

 Casually walking toward her was a figure similar to herself; only green and orange. He had a mischievous look to him as if he were up to no good, but he had a golden glowing mask just like the one she had to get before leaving for the city.

            “Hello,” he waved. “Lovely day for walk-hike in the mountains.”

            Gali, still dazed, shook her head and chuckled, “I suppose it is.”

            “I’m Toa Lewa, the master of jungle,” he said as he stuck is hand forward.

            “Gali, toa of water,” she met his hand and they shook.

            “Do you happen to hear-see music?” he asked.

            “Yeah. I was about to look over this ridge when I heard you approaching.” She looked at Lewa and chuckled. “Your footsteps startled me. Glad we’re on the same side.”

            The toa of jungle chuckled in agreement. “Let’s see what’s making that sound.”

            The two toa climbed up and stood on the ridge, looking down into a small rocky valley with a few trees in its center. The trees were the only thing in the landscape that wasn’t grey…except for the being sitting on a rock near the trees.

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2: Gali


            It was hard to make out the being from the distance, but he was definitely large. Gali could also kind of make out the guitar he was holding, but it looked like it could be a weapon as well. He (Gali assumed it must be a he) was a mix of white, blue, and gold with darker armor. Gali squinted and noticed that he had a fairly muscular build.

            “Sister, do you see what I see?”

            “Yes. What do you think he is?”

            “How do you know that’s a he?”

            “Do you think a she would be that muscular?”

            “A fair-good point.”

            Gali didn’t know what to make of the situation. He definitely wasn’t a villager, at least not from her village, Kivoda hadn’t mentioned anything about a large guitar wielder, and she didn’t know if he was an ally or not. Judging by Lewa’s size, this being was too large to be a toa.

            “Do you think we can approach him?” she asked.

            “Oh great. Now you think he – its good-friendly? What next, we ask him to help us search-find Ekimu?” he said.

            “No I – wait? I never told you anything about searching for Ekimu!”

            “Really sister? You couldn’t have deducted that we’re both on the same quest? We both have golden masks; I’m going to guess the leader of your village guided you to search-find that mask and now in your mind, you hear-see the voice of Ekimu,” he said.

            Gali was about to argue against him, but she realized he was right. How could she have been so stupid? Now she began to ponder if the being would help them find Ekimu, if he would help them at all.

            “I’m going to go talk to him,” she declared.

            Lewa face-palmed. “Did you just say you were going?”

            “Yes,” she groaned.

            “No. You meant to say we’re going to speak-talk to him. Like it or not, you are my sister. We’re in this together.”

            Gali wasn’t sure of this. Lewa was obviously smarter than he sounded when he spoke, but as good-natured as he seemed, he was kind of annoying. The look of determination and confidence in his green eyes conveyed a sense of trust. Can I really trust him, she thought.

            “Alright,” she mumbled as they started down towards the being.

            As they hiked down towards the being, Gali began to see him better; he looked immensely muscular compared to both her and Lewa. He could easily squash them both like skull spiders if they offended him. He had a mix of gold and white armor giving him a regal, yet cold appearance, yet he seemed totally at peace playing his guitar/axe. He had grey markings on his chest with a light blue aura illuminating his figure; he had a ghost-like quality to him that Gali couldn’t quite make out, but she was sure this was no figment of the imagination; Lewa had seen it too, not to mention heard it as well.

            The two toa stood at the base of the stone the being was sitting on. He kept playing. Did he not see us coming, Gali pondered. She thought about what to say to the being when she heard Lewa inhale as if he were about to speak.

            “Hello sir music-maker!” He cheered. If nothing else, the toa of jungle radiated good nature in terms of attitude, not to mention his actual element.

            The being stopped playing and looked down at them. He had piercing icy blue eyes. His mask was white and faded into the same shade of blue that his eyes and aura were. He started to move; he stepped off of the rock and stood over the two toa.

            Gali was afraid that her and her new found brother would be in for the fight of their lives since the being hadn’t said anything, but then he opened his mouth.

            “Greetings!” he proclaimed. For as tall and bulky as he was, he had a normal pitched voice, but it boomed with power and charisma, with a hint of wisdom. He then asked, “what brings you two out to these parts?”

            “We are toa. I’m Gali, Toa of Water and he’s my brother L-“

            “Lewa, Master-Toa of Jungle!” the green toa boomed. Gali shot him a dirty look, but the wild toa didn’t seem to care.

            “Who are you?” Gali resumed.

            The being looked at Lewa, then at Gali, then back at Lewa, his expression very hard to read.

            “I am Sonatiikama, Lord of Sonics,” He said carefully with a slightly darker tone in his voice.


Other great bands:

Iron Maiden    Journey    Mercenary    The Unguided    Trivium

Boston    Stratovarius    Symphony X    Epica

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