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Kiina: The Temperable Heroine - Kiina Revamp

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Third in my set of Glatorian Revamps, Kiina was probably the most distinct model amongst the four. Her unique torso build was hard to work with, as I was trying to keep the original design while improving upon it at the same time. I think it turned out rather nicely. Please comment, and give a thumbs up if you like the MOC!

(Apologies for not having a comparison photo, my original Kiina had to donate some parts to this MOC in order to complete it).

"It's only overconfidence if you can't back it up. And you know I can."
— Glatorian Kiina, A Hero Reborn






Action Pose

The Wandering Hero himself, Mata Nui, will make his revamp debut on Saturday. Also, if you're interested in Bionicle Audiobooks, check out my channel and tune in for our livestream at 4PM, CST! I'll be discussing these MOCs at some point during it. :D

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My Revamp MOCs (flickr) (Brickshelf)


My Short Stories

The Last Memories | Birth of the Kal | Key of the Codrex
Web of Karzahni The Depths Below | Monster




Bionicle: ANP aims to create audiobook versions of all the Bionicle books, with voice actors for each character, and music taken from various media to enhance the story. Check here for the chapters that've already been released!
Bionicle: USRO, is a list designed for immersing both new and old fans of Bionicle in the various pieces of lore. Whether you're a new fan wondering how to get started, or an old fan who's looking to review the series in chronological order, you'll want to check this out!

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Nice job again! :) There are some really nice details on this, from the trans neon green stud to the Throwbot parts to balance the feet to the System greebs in the legs! I'm also impressed that you had the pieces you wanted to use in all the right colors!  :)


Nice work, thanks for posting!

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*sighs* What's with you people totally misunderstanding the term revamp? This is  literally 95% the same, you just slapped small system pieces on the legs, and used the rahkshi piece for the torso, and those slizer pieces on the feet. At first I honestly thought this was a joke upload. I highly suggest to learn the difference between tweak and revamp, please.




Edit: This is inappropriate behavior. See the message.


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