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Mafia: Slizers on Okoto

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Mafia: Slizers on Okoto


Makuta had been banished to the Shadow Realm.  The Toa had returned to the stars, having used up all their life points.  Okoto was about to know prosperity once again.


No one knows how or why the strange portal appeared in the sky, or just how many airships emerged from it.  But everyone now knows the chaos brought upon the island by the strange beings known as Slizers, and that with the Temple of Time under their control, the Toa will not be coming to save anyone this time.


The vastness of Okoto has proved advantageous, leaving the Slizers spread thin and one small village a relatively safe haven.  However, one night, a Slizer ship moved over the village and fired something—a bolt of light that shot into the village and then disappeared without a trace.  The next morning, a Slizer defector approached the village with crucial information: that the Slizer forces had set into motion some sort of experiment, and an elite group known as the Ultrarexes had infiltrated the village in the hopes of finding its results.


With the airship hanging over them like a guillotine, the panicked villagers came to a decision.  They would root out and eliminate the Ultrarexes…by any means necessary.




Welcome to Mafia!  This game will be separated into Day and Night rounds each lasting 24 hours.  During the Night rounds, special roles will decide on actions via PM, and then during the Day, all players vote on who they think is guilty, and whoever receives the most votes is executed.  Sounds like fun, right?


Factions and Roles:

Okotans: The normally peaceful villagers have been consumed by paranoia, and have taken to lynching each other in a desperate attempt to rid themselves of the Slizer menace.  Win by killing all Ultrarexes.
-Protector x1: The brave leader of the village.  True to their title, the Protector can protect one player from death each night.
-Villager x11: Normal villagers who do nothing aside from vote.  However, intel from the City Slizer suggests that one of these individuals may not be what they seem…


Ultrarexes: Hostile Slizers who have blended into the village population.  Each night they will kill one player, and they win the game by killing all Okotans and Robotops (aside from the Fire Slizer).
-Judge Slizer x1: The leader of the Ultrarexes, the Judge Slizer decides which subordinate to dispatch each night and who the target will be.  They cannot be the one who goes to kill unless both the Rock and Jungle Slizers are dead, and if they do, there will be no suspect list.  In the event of their death, another Ultrarex will be selected randomly to take their place.
-Rock Slizer x1: A resilient warrior who bulldozes their targets with raw power.  They possess a plasma shield that will protect them from death once.
-Jungle Slizer x1: A silent assassin who eliminates their targets with elegant precision.  If the Protector foils their attempt, they will retaliate with a poison dart that will prevent the Protector from acting the following night.
-Energy Slizer x1: A scout who can weave in and out of the village without being detected.  Each night the Energy Slizer can investigate one player to determine if they are the secret role, and if they are, the Ultrarexes will be told how to activate this role.  Since they cannot kill, if the Energy Slizer is the final Ultrarex left alive, the game ends in victory for the Okotans and Robotops.

-Altered Villager/Skull Slizer x1: The result of the Ultrarexes’ astral mutation experiment, this once-normal villager has returned to life as an undead creature who is extremely resistant to death…and extremely eager to tear into their former allies.


Robotops:  Though not a unified group, there is one thing these rogue Slizers have in common: they have all taken up arms against their own people in one form or another.  The Sub, Ski, and City Slizers win by killing all Ultrarexes, and the Fire Slizer wins simply by surviving the game.
-Sub Slizer x1: The only thing this outlaw Slizer wants is to put an end to the Ultrarexes’ mysterious experiment.  Each night they will target one player, and if the target is an Ultrarex, they will kill them.
-City Slizer x1: A defector who has chosen to aid the village in their fight for survival.  Each night they will investigate one player to learn their role.  The mystery role will appear to them as an ordinary Villager.
-Ice Slizer: x1: A laid-back Slizer who wants to stop things from escalating if at all possible.  Each night they will freeze one player, preventing them from acting.
-Fire Slizer x1: A deformed Slizer gone mad with rage.  Each night they will target two players, one of whom will be killed.



1. All BZP rules apply, obviously.

2. No vote switches.

3. No screenshots or role-revealing or leaking info to others or spilling the beans once you’re dead…just, you know, don’t spoil anything! D:


We need at least 20 players to start.  Sign-ups will be left open for 24 hours after that number is achieved in case anyone else wants to join in.  Good luck!



Prologue: Enter Into Dusk

Night 1: Signal of Inferno

Day 1: Cast the First Stone

Night 2: Extinguish Anonymity

Day 2: Drown on Land

Night 3: Interrogate Ember

Day 3: Blaze Horizon

Night 4: Route of Truth

Day 4: Cold Without End

Night 5: Wake the Dead

End: The Clock Rewound



1. xccj (Villager) Killed by Rock Slizer, Night 1

2421135. Auktam Aroluk (Villager) Killed by Rock Slizer, Night 4

3. Valendale (Villager) Lynched, Day 2

4. B0ss Manducus (Villager) Lynched, Day 5

15. Ehksidian (City Slizer) Escaped, Day 5

6. Burgerpants Lynched, Day 4

7. JAG18 (Sub Slizer) Lynched, Day 2

8. Underscore (Judge Slizer)

9. Dragon.star (Ice Slizer) Lynched, Day 4

10. jed1ndy (Energy Slizer)

11. Trijhak (Villager) Killed by Fire Slizer, Night 3

12. ToaTimeLord (Villager) Killed by Fire Slizer, Night 1

13. Destined Blade (Skull Slizer)

13.1 Unit#phntk#1 (Jungle Slizer) Lynched, Day 5

15. Toa Smoke Monster (Protector) Lynched, Day 1

-16. ToaD (Villager) Lynched, Day 3

17. Shadow FF (Rock Slizer) Lynched, Day 5

18. Voxumo (Fire Slizer) Lynched, Day 3

19. The Good Guys (Villager) Lynched, Day 1

20. Shadow Burnmad (Villager) Killed by Jungle Slizer, Night 2

21. Nik the Three (Villager) Lynched, Day 5

Edited by Ursus Wielder Pahrak
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*Whispers* Spot 18

Edited by Voxumo



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fifteen is me

not smoke


Edited by Ehksidian


Steam name: Ehksidian

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19, if you please. 


Legends Don't Last Forever



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Signups closed!  Role PMs have been sent out!  If you didn’t get a PM, you are a Villager.


Prologue: Enter Into Dusk



The village itself seemed to tense as night fell.  As the Villagers cautiously went about their business, the Protector locked their office door and peeked through the blinders.  Content that no one was about to charge in, they turned to their guest, the City Slizer.


“You said there were how many?”


“Four of them,” the Slizer said.  “Plus one escaped war criminal.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to gain enough information on their disguises, so I won’t know who’s who without further investigation.”


The Protector nodded.  “Thank you for the warning.  Now, at least, we have a chance.”


“No problem.”


“…This experiment you mentioned…”


Shaking their head, the City Slizer said, “I honestly know nothing about that.  Only the top brass has access to those projects—it was sheer coincidence I was able to overhear the Judge Slizer mention it.  Something about an Altered Villager?”


The Protector shuddered.  “I see.”


A noise outside made them jump.  “You should probably be going.  We don’t want to arouse any suspicion.”


“Agreed.  And because of that, well…I doubt I’ll get a chance to tell you any more information I get until this threat is dealt with.”


“I understand.  Good luck.”


The City Slizer smiled.  “They’re the ones who need luck if they think they’ll be able to catch me.”


With that they stepped out the back door, driving off into the night.  The Protector paused to look up at the sky—the Slizer ship still hung in place over the village, but just beyond they could see six brilliant stars, each a different color, arranged in a wide circle over the island.


May the Toa watch over us all.


Preparations were being made all over the village.  The Sub Slizer loaded their harpoon gun, vowing to put an end to the horror their people had created.  The Fire Slizer tested their vent hand, laughing gleefully, wondering which player fate would deliver to them tonight.  The Ice Slizer sat quietly as they tossed an ice crystal up and down.


And the Ultrarexes, all gathered in one small clearing just outside the village, watched the Judge Slizer intently.  Their leader put a hand to their face as they weighed their options, and then, when their decision was made, they looked at the Energy Slizer.  With a wince, the scout produced a handheld scanner.


“Good,” the Judge Slizer said.  “You need only focus on locating our test subject.  The rest of us shall wipe out these pathetic Villagers, along with those traitorous Robotops, to make your task an easier one.”


Their three subordinates nodded in unison.  The Judge Slizer smirked, muttering, “At long last, our work is about to reach fruition…”


Night roles have 24 hours to PM their actions!

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Night 1: Signal of Inferno


ToaTimeLord stopped next to the window of an abandoned hut, looking back over his shoulder to make sure he had lost his pursuer.  Content they had given up the chase, he allowed himself a sigh of relief.


It was then that he heard a voice: “And now it’s time for one last bow, like all your other selves…”


TimeLord looked around frantically.  His hands were shaking, and he ultimately dropped his sonic screwdriver.  Quickly, he moved to pick it up.


“Eleven’s hour is over now...”


A hand shot out of the window and clamped over his face.  It didn’t take long to realize it belonged to the Fire Slizer.


“The clock is striking twelve’s.”


It’s not uncommon to see a Time Lord burst into a pillar of orange light.  But this occasion was a little different.


The City Slizer looked up when they saw the tower of flames.  They shuddered, mumbled a few words of pity, and then continued after the player they had been trailing.


They were not the only one who took notice of it: the Protector also saw the ominous light in the sky, and put a hand over their mouth in horror.


The Fire Slizer…but, who did they kill?  It wasn’t a Villager, was it?


Sparing a look to the player they were protecting, they couldn’t help but wonder if they had made the wrong choice.  But it only lasted a moment.


I knew when this started there would be casualties.  If nothing else, at least I’m preventing one more.


Elsewhere, the Energy Slizer was focused on their task, alighting on the roof above a player and drawing their scanner.  Sitting perfectly still for a moment, they let the device complete its cycle…and frowned when it buzzed.


“So it’s not them…”


Footsteps caught their attention.  They looked down to see someone approaching the player they had just scanned, and gasped.  It was the Sub Slizer.


I’d rather not be one of tonight’s victims!


They took off quietly.  The Sub Slizer never even noticed them as they gave the other player a once-over, determining that they were not an Ultrarex and then moving on.


Meanwhile, xccj was busy knocking on the Protector’s door.  The village leader must have some crucial information, he thought, and he felt it his duty as a reporter to share it with the others.  Unfortunately, the Protector was not at home.  With a sigh, xccj wandered down the street, lost in thought…until a muscular arm swung out and knocked him off his feet.  He barely caught a glimpse of the pickaxes that buried themselves in his face and chest.


The Rock Slizer chortled as they cleaned their weapons.  “I wasn’t sure about all this sneaking around, but that was actually pretty fun.  I could get used to this.”


Far away, the Ice Slizer sat alone on a balcony, still tossing that same ice crystal up and down, up and down as the orange light from the flame pillar reflected off their visor.  Eventually they caught the crystal and turned towards the beacon.


“I guess we’re all going to burn after all.”


ToaTimeLord (Villager) killed by Fire Slizer

xccj (Villager) killed by Rock Slizer


Suspect List:


Toa Smoke Monster

The Good Guys


Shadow FF


You have 24 hours to vote!  Everyone gets just one (1) vote!

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Exsidian is mined with pickaxes, and Xccj was killed with pickaxes. 


Clearly, Ehksidian must be the killer. 


Legends Don't Last Forever



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I vote for The Good Guys.


Because no one would suspect anyone with that name to kill someone. :)

Everyone is one choice away from being the bad guy in another person's story.



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I vote Toa Smoke Monster because if there's fire, there's probably smoke near it.

On Bota Magna, everything is about to fall apart.


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I vote Toa Smoke Monster because if there's fire, there's probably smoke near it.




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