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BIONICLE Lamincards Auction - Full Album

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Aaand yet again, I am auctioning a complete BIONICLE lamincards collection. For those unfamiliar with lamincards: BIONICLE lamincards are collectible, playable cards made of high-quality plastic featuring BIONICLE 2009 motives. They were released for a very limited time in 2009, and only in a few European countries (among those Poland, Italy and Germany). A total of 210 lamincards exist (160 motives plus 50 glitter editions).


For graphic reference, see the following pictures from my first topic:


















  • The auction starts on 14th October, 2016 at 20:00 UTC and ends on 21st October, 2016 at 20:00 UTC.
  • Bidding starts at 50$.
  • The deal will only take place if my minimum price is met (minimum price will not be disclosed before the end of the auction).


  • I only accept payments via PayPal.
  • The shipping costs (see below) will be added to the cost at which the buyer acquires the album. The sum has to be transferred to my PayPal account for the payment to be considered complete. For maximum convenience, I encourage the buyer to send the total sum in one transaction.


  • I will ship as soon as the payment has entered my PayPal account. I will provide the buyer with a tracking number to track the shipping progress.
  • By default, I will ship internationally in a padded letter or small box via DHL for 15,79 EUR (or 8,79 EUR, if you are a EU resident). If for whatever reason you desire the shipment to take place with a different shipping service, I will be glad to send you the set with a service of your choice


That's it for now. Happy bidding! :)

- Gata



Please don't use my avatar or signature without permission, thanks! ^_^

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Auction is over for now.


jchavoya, I was looking to sell the album for at least 100$. Does that sound like a reasonable price to you?

- Gata



Please don't use my avatar or signature without permission, thanks! ^_^

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