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Bionicle Pieces I'm Willing to Trade and What I'd Like To Trad

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Okay, so I have a few Bionicle pieces or so that I'm willing to trade and what I'll trade for. Keep in mind that I do accept offers other than those listed below.


    Here's a basic list of what I'd like to trade for:

-Red Noble Ruru

-Chrome Hau

-Silver Kaukau (Mata)

-Golden Miru (Mata)

-Infected Kanohi Hau

-Pohatu Mata's Canister

-2001 Kanohi Mask Pack

-QftM Card Game Booster Packs (9-cards)

-Blue Krana Xa


    Here's a list of what I'm willing to trade(images will be provided soon):

-Gali Mata's Canister (w/ poster)

-Black Noble Ruru (Note: this one is from the 2003 Hafu, so it is not a misprint)

-Vakama's Orange Noble Huna

-Nokama's Light Blue Noble Rau (w/ Head)

-Matau's Kaukau Staff

-Green Mata Body

-Green Krana Ca

-Kanoka Disks (Onu, Po, and Ko)

-Jaller's Yellow Hau

-White Kanohi Pakari (Mata)

-Knights' Kingdom Lord Vladek (2005) set (w/ Box, may be missing an insignificant piece)









[No, I did not misspell "Trade" at the end, the "e" just got cut off. Also, I apologize for how unprofessional this looks. I've just been busy lately.]

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Sorry to ruin your imaginations, but most things you want are atleast rare and you want to trade for almost worthless pieces.

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