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Uan, Toa of Earth

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BrickFair VA got me in the MOCing mood, so I finally got around to building a new self-MOC (my old one was from high school, and very bad :P). Named after my old BZPRPG character since TuragaNuva isn't exactly a name.



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I wanted to make a Toa of Earth, but also wanted to use a Kualsi, which unfortunately is only available in two colors (neither of which is black). Gold felt a little gaudy, so I decided to try out Metru green, and I actually really like the result! I think the green looks suitably earthy.


Let me know your thoughts! All feedback is welcome.

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It's so blocky!  Almost makes me feel kinda... nostalgic.  Huh.


I've been throwing around ideas for using Vahki heads as shoulders on occasion, but I've never managed to make them work.  This should give me some ideas!

It is not for us to decide the fate of angels.

Dominus Temporis, if you're out there, hit me up through one of my contacts.  I've been hoping to get back in touch for a long time now.  (Don't worry, I'm not gonna beg you to bring back MLWTB or something.  :P )

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The torso seems a bit small in comparison to the rather beefy limbs, but it still looks ok.


The dark green does actually go well with a Toa of earth, though if you really wanted a Kualsi in another colour, you could consider painting one. A little bit of spray paint can go a long way, if one is willing.



Someday, I will figure out the ranking system here.

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