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Red Sky at Morning - Review Topic

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Welcome to the review topic for the BZP Fanfic Exchange epic, Red Sky in Morning.

This epic was written for Toa Jaxus, who requested an interesting story without powerless protagonists.


Leave your reviews and comments. I intend to update this post with a little bit of research material supporting a somewhat... irregular setting for BIONICLE (dare I say, lore-breaking?).


Your input is appreciated and although the whole story is already written, insights will help me develop in future projects.



EDIT: Some References

I used BS01 a whole lot to confirm certain characters' existence - or lack thereof - on the Red Star. Do you know how many Toa were killed by electrical attacks, thereby destroying their core circuitry and rendering them unable to be revived on the Red Star? Like, more than 10.


The TTV Channel

This apparently comes from a conversation with Greg F. regarding the recreation of masks.


Red Star Revelations

Some lengthy conversation on BZP regarding Red Star functions and purposes, from a podcast with Greg.


GregF Answers

A few tidbits of info here that are fun to consider. One point of note, Greg states that the Red Star "can't teleport right now" but I do not think that would stop someone from teleporting someone else to the Red Star if needed. (ie. why Karzahni is on the Star now instead of just dead in the Canyon).


BS01 - Red Star

General information regarding the Star.

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