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Rival of the storm [BZPower fanfic exchange 2018/19]

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This is my story for the BZPower fanfic exchange 2018. tamaru34 is who I am writing for. behind the scenes facts and figures will be included at the end.


The storm surged above... 


Adaliki woke up with a jolt. He surveyed his surroundings immediately and allowed time for his vision to adjust to the cell. He looked at the primitive metal bars lining on of the walls. This confirms his suspicion. He has been captured by Yohanex and imprisoned in this hidden alcove.


Just yesterday, Adaliki thought. Just yesterday he had been the brave defender of New Atero; the greatest city on spherus magna. It seems his latest attempt to defend the city had ended in failure. His arch rival, the tyranical Toa of air Yohanex will no doubt have claimed the city by now.


Adaliki tires his best to muster his lightning energy to blast the metal cell bars to molten slag, but he is too weak and can only summon a small spark which hits the bars and disperses into them. One of Yohanex's gang members, a skrall enters the adjacent chamber and looks at Adaliki through the bars.


"He told me to wait until you were awake..." The skrall sneered. "Awake for what?" Adaliki replied. "Just a new method of torture we'd devised" The skrall menacingly added. The skrall laughed and then grabbed the bars in an effort to taunt Adaliki. To both of their surprise, the sparks Adaliki had summoned had remained within the metal bars; when the skrall touched the bars he was swiftly electrocuted and fainted to the floor.


Siezing the oppurtunity, Adaliki reached through the bar and stole the cell key from the Skrall. He uses the key to open the door and exits the cell. Before leaving, Adaliki turns back and takes the Skrall's blade, although he hopes he won't have to use it.


Adaliki clambers up a stone staircase within the cavern and is greeted by two more of Yohanex's gangsters, two enraged Vahki. Adaliki channels more lightning into his blade and jumps into the thick of the action; a duel of blades ensues. The vahki are swift and elegant in their movement but Adaliki's rapidly recovering strength proves to be too much for them to handle. Within moments they too are lying on the floor have been struck by lightning.


More gang members try to apprenhend Adaliki as he ascends up through the cavern. Each and every one finds themself defeated by the toa who is finally at full strength. Skrall, Rahkshi, Vahki, Skadi and Rahi all try to stop the Toa of lightning but they all are no match for Adaliki and are left tumbling down into the depths of the cave.


Adaliki defeats a bone hunter with and elegant air-kick and claims the ganster's ancestral blade. This blade was unlike any other Adaliki had seen this era and would channel his lightning with pure and true majestic ease. Readying himself for battle, Adaliki charges towards the cave's exit.


The remaining thugs hurry to barricade the cave entrance. They toss boulders, crates and debris in front of the opening and stand guard preparing for battle. Some of the gang guard the barricade from the inside, others wait out in the desert for Adaliki's inevitable escape.


Adaliki arrived at the barricade and was confronted by the first part of the guards. All at once these gangsters charged at him, their blades arched out in front of them. Their effort was greatly in vain, Adaliki used his power to send an incredible bolt of lightning through the attackers. The bolt was so great that it blasted all of them away, smashed the barricade into pieces and left even the exterior guardians lying in sparks on the ground.


As the dust settled Adaliki cooly stepped out of the cave and back into the desert, passing the unconscious gangsters who earlier had been his captors. He clambered up and out of the cave's valley and got a better view of the surroundings. He could see New Atero in the distance, but something was wrong. A huge storm had engulfed the air above the city and was pummeling the settlement with waves of rocks and sand. No doubt this was Yohanex's doing.


[Continued onto the next post - There are only two posts so I am assuming it therefore still qualifies as a short story rather than an epic - The next part shall be released tommorow as it is still being written and finalised]

Edited by CommanderKumo

My Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClo2J14RKmVtcnoJTv7g6PA , Bionicle films coming soon!

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The desert shattered around him...


Adaliki tried to remain standing as the growing intensity of the wind blew rock and sand in every direction. He ducked just below a tumbling boulder which bounced overhead and off a cliff. He glared upwards and continued towards the eye of the storm. This was no sight not Toa ever wanted to see; their home and its inhabitants being torn apart by a seemingly impossible force. The thought of facing his foe head on disturbed him more than he had hoped.


Though visibility was decreasing he could clearly hear the sounds of screaming matoran and crumbling buildings. New Atero. Home. Adaliki ploughed on through the dust until he finally reached the eye of the storm, the weather was calm here; just on the border of New Atero. Adaliki hid behind some rubble and gazed upon the source of the storm. It was Yohanex, the twisted toa of air who had abandoned his kind and set out on a conquest. Years ago Adaliki had helped to stop him but lost his entire team as a great cost.


Something was different this time, since Yohanex had returned several days ago, he possessed more power and was hungry to use it. Imprisoning Adaliki had been easy when it should have been impossible. Further analysing his foe, Adaliki noticed a cowl that Yohanex was wearing, he had not seen it before, but if its channelled glow implied anything; this was supplying Yohanex's power. Adaliki saw no other choice and charged while Yohanex was facing away; he sprinted forward with intent to remove the cowl.


He would not reach Yohanex for he was struck by a boulder and send sliding across the sands. Yohanex turned around to greet him. "I see my plan worked, you escaped at exactly the right time" Yohanex laughed. "The right time to defeat you?" Adaliki returned. "The right time to watch this petty place shatter, with all of those undersized dotards that you call friends". "It won't end that way!" Adaliki shouted before channelling a bolt of lightning into his blade and launching it dead center onto Yohanex.


Moments before the lightning bolt struck Yohanex the toa of air harnessed it with his hands and redirected it into the storm. After this the storm transformed, it was no longer a simple dust bowl; it was unleashed deadly lightning onto New Atero. "How does it feel to see your own power killing those you love Toa?" Yohanex smirked. Adaliki was lost for words, he lay back on the sand and saw the lightning strike a tower; causing a tremor which crushed the matorn inside. 


Yohanex walks up to Adaliki and lifts him into the air, he whispers "See this as me returning the favour; you turned our team against me". He throws Adaliki down the dune and into a boulder. The boulder shatters and Adaliki falls limp to the sand. "Time to end this; I'd hate for you to die before you see the finale" Yohanex said coolly. Adaliki wasn't listening, he had another plan, he sprinted out of the calm zone and directly into New Atero; directly into the storm itself. Yohanex was surprised and baffled but did not give chase.


Adaliki stumbled through rubble and lightning as he entered the most turbulent part of the storm. He desperately sought out matoran. He lifted wreckage and moved debris as the world around him was torn to shreds. Soon he had found many matoran, he desperately carried and led them below the ground, to safe tunnels below. Having made two trips into the city, he wished his rescued matoran good luck and went back out to recover another group. He climbed out of the central temple's caverns and back into the storm. It was worse than before; lightning, wind, sand and boulders had been joined with flames and molten rock. Yohanex must have channeled another's power.


He struggled through this monstrosity, but could find no more matoran, he attempted to return to the city's catacombs but was too weak, he began limping before falling unconscious to the floor. When Adaliki finally awoke the storm was gone; the weather was calm. New Atero had been reduced to ruins, not a single building was intact. Finding a blade and lifting himself to his feet, Adaliki set off towards the ruins of the temple; if the matoran had survived, they would be there.


Arriving at the temple, Adaliki found the catacomb entrance wide open; cleared of rubble already. He ventured inside and travelled down the main passage. He then saw Yohanex standing before the blocked entrance to the next passage. "I knew you'd come here, searching for your precious matoran" Yohanex remarked, "I'm afraid to say that they must have been buried judging by this here blockage". Yohanex stared straight into Adaliki's eyes "The only thing left to do is finish you for good".


Yohanex purposely went easy on Adaliki, wishing to taunt him before killing him. The two clashed blades and exchanged elemental blasts, Yohanex obviously displaying the upper hand. Growing tired with the duel, Yohanex tossed Adaliki's blade aside and grabbed his foe's wrist. With a simple and elegant movement, he tossed Adaliki down the tunnel and into the blockage. Adaliki struck the boulders with a crash, he quickly recovered and was pleasantly surprised by something he saw through a small gap in the rocks. He quickly set to work shattering the boulder's with his remaining electrical power.


Before the boulder could crumble, Yohanex had grabbed Adaliki again was was repeatedly tossing him around the cavern. "Goodbye futile being" He said before raising his sword to stab Adaliki, who was lying on the floor. "Maybe not" Adaliki said as he shot one last lightning blast at the blockage boulder. The lightning struck the boulder and destroyed the blockage, this revealed hundreds of matoran hiding in the tunnel beyond. Without a word said these matoran charged into the cavern towards Yohanex.


Having no time to react, Yohanex turned around and could only watch as hundreds of matoran flooded into the tunnel and grabbed him, pulled him to the floor and tore him to pieces. Desperately trying to escape he unleashed deadly blasts to eliminate the matoran, but they just kept pouring in. These determined matoran made short work of him and he was soon lying on the floor in a pile of scrap, his cowl ripped into pieces amongst the rubble. Yohanex's mask glowed one last time before it's remaining half was stamped to grains by the celebrating matoran.


Adaliki rose up with the aid of the matoran. He thanked them and they thanked him. They all emerged from the tunnels to their fallen home. Vowing to rebuild. The sun set on New Atero that day, but this would not be it's last.


[There we have it, another year, another fanfic! I really enjoyed writing this one, though I must admit I pulled a bit of a Greg! I thought up the beginning back when I got the prompt but the ending was joyful and most spontaneous. Thanks for reading and I hoped you liked it Tamaru34! Here's to another year of BZPower and Bionicle fanfictions!]

My Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClo2J14RKmVtcnoJTv7g6PA , Bionicle films coming soon!

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