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What are the Super Chapter Books?

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Until very recently, I thought I owned all the Gen 1 Bionicle books. I discovered that this is not the case a little while ago, as it turns out there are 3 'Super Chapter Books' that were released in 2009/2010.

I haven't managed to find out much about them except they tell stories on Bara Magna.

Can anyone tell me more about them? Do they tell the main story, or are they more side stories? Are they similar to the Chronicles/Adventures/Legends books?


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They told the main story of 2009. There were two of them: Raid on Vulcanus and The Legend Reborn (the novelization of the movie of the same name). There was also Journey's End, which was only released physically in Poland (it was released digitally as a free download elsewhere, translated into English) - I'm not sure if it's considered one of the Super Chapter Books.

These books were much the same as the Chronicles/Adventures/Legends books - same format, similar length, etc. The only difference is that they weren't part of a series - each was sold as its own thing, and they had no numbering.

Shameless plug: you can read all of them (interspersed with the rest of the 2009/2010 story) here.

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