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Well, Bionicles based on Space themes, anyways.

49265736548_76f1dcec04.jpgSpace Bionicles by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr

Two Roboforce ones, the tall one being Commandra, the smaller, Matoran like one being Rator.

49266392112_8d670541cb.jpgCommandra and Rator by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr

Classic Space, whom I have called Soliel. This one is essentially a selfMOC for my girlfriend. She likes blue, I needed to make a Classic Space coloured being, Wanted to try a better feminine figure. Three birds with one stone!

49266390647_251488cb62.jpgSoleil by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr

Kotahi, the Unitron one. I like this guy a lot. especially his feet.

49266201606_5ee4e672bc.jpgKotahi by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr

"I'm gonna shoot yeah"

49266200991_2e23e668c5.jpgKotahi by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr

The Spyrius one, with the inventive name of Suiryps...

49266391082_1394b899c9.jpgSuiryps by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr

The Space Police II guy, called Himana.

49266391942_1dcaf5e679.jpgHimana by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr

And last, Kapeti, the Galaxy Squad guy.

49265734933_ca5554473a.jpgKapeti by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr

Originally, I planned to make a "Toa Team" with the space themed colours using as many different shapes of transparent masks. I got as much a variety as I could. Not pictured above, the Blacktron 2 coloured guy with the trans neon green Miru. (I have posted him before, fairly sure of that)

Let me know what you think!



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Someday, I will figure out the ranking system here.

My Flickr. Old Bionicles on Brickshelf


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hard to explain but even with the usage of ccbs and hero factory 1.0 parts, there's this distinct vibe of old school bionicle mocs to these. perhaps its the usage of older pieces. kotahi is definitely my favorite. the krana holders as armor and the mata heads as feet, wonderful. and he's got a big ol' technic gun to cap it all off

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:kaukau:[Six Kingdoms: Apocalypse Profiles]:kaukau:
(shout out to max)

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I like these, they'll go well with all the Ice Planet ones people will be making in the coming months.

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