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Another Bionicle Audiobook project.

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So I'm sure you've seen these around. Some group of people dubs the first few books and either stops, slows down in uploads, or is still going. Well this is another one of those projects. Don't want to listen to the first bionicle book again? I figured this, so while we are uploading videos on the first book, Tale of Toa, we're also uploading the Rahi Beasts guide. Now as far as I know, no one has done that one yet.

Still not convinced? Well we've added official bionicle music to the background, along with sound effects. So chapter one opens up with that classic MNOG beach theme, while the introduction to the Rahi Beast's guide has the music from the Web of Shadow's movie playing along. I hope you all enjoy. I've linked the playlist here, if you enjoy these chapters, we'd love for you to subscribe to validate the time. Oh, we also have a good backlog of bionicle lore and summary videos.


Want to join a Bionicle RP with seasoned RPers, vast amounts of topics to post in, and a Wikia to make it easy to get involved?
Come on over to Gen1RP.  :smilenuju:


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