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Why are Bionicle and Hero Factory so special?

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Hi, guys. Since it’s been ten years since Bionicle G1’s toy line ended and Hero Factory showed up, let me tell you about the Constraction themes. 

In 1999, Lego was suffering bankruptcy, so it created Slizers/Throwbots and RoboRiders in 2000. These guys were successful, but they couldn’t help Lego because they don’t have stories, and they lasted so shortly. Thus, that’s where Bionicle is born. This guy saved Lego from bankruptcy. Lego is so grateful that it did a lot of stuff for Bionicle in 2001-2010 while Bionicle became super-popular and super-successful in that decade, as it has a very awesome story. It grew so much that it gained a lot of cool things, like some video games and direct-to-video movies. However, Lego selfishly cancelled Bionicle in 2010. However, the story continued after that, but Greg Farshtey stopped writing two online serials for it in June 2011. He is kind enough to answer questions about the unresolved stuff, but haven’t continued the story. 

In late 2010, we have Hero Factory, which was meant to sustain the constraction category. Plus, HF introduced the CCBS in 2011, which was used in other themes after that as well. However, it has low budgets issues with its stuff when it progressed. 

In 2015, Bionicle came back, but as a reboot. However, it suffered worse than Hero Factory before it ended again prematurely in 2016. 

Constraction also disappeared in 2018 for some reason. Perhaps Lego was focusing on other things, like Ninjago, which is the 2010s’ own Bionicle. 

You may ask yourself this: Can Bionicle, Hero Factory, and constraction come back and flourish again, like it used to, but better? That question is something that we really don’t know the answer to, but we can hope that Bionicle could come back next year to celebrate its 20th anniversary. 

Even though that there is no constraction in sight, fans of Bionicle and Hero Factory continue to play with the sets, but we always keep on praying that they will come back and flourish somehow. 

The thing is that Bionicle and Hero Factory are special constraction themes because they are themes that are like most other themes in their lifetimes, like Ninjago. They have stories that make them feel like that they have hearts, and they have large amounts of media. Slizers and RR fail to have that potential. They never saved Lego, they have weird designs rather than humanoid, and they don’t have real stories. They are just themes with extremely short live spans. It’s like that they don’t have hearts because Lego never helped them out. Lego helped out Bionicle and HF, but Bionicle is praised more than HF. But, these guys are very forgivable. HF should be a known for sustaining the constraction category when Bionicle was out of commission for five years. I love these themes because they have stories that makes characters with their sets much more human than Slizers and RR (these themes were never popular much, anyway). I always like to think that Bionicle and HF share the same universe because they look very similar (which is why most fans confused Hero Factory with Bionicle while Bionicle is honestly more popular, like saying “Stormer is my favorite character”. My friend said it. Lol.). Even thought that Greg denied this claim because Bionicle sets weren’t selling well, I believe that it would be a good idea to do a fan contest in TTV to approve of this idea because people are into shared universes nowadays, like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory share the same universe because they both these characters, Major Glory and Valkyrie. If you are wondering where were the Great Beings when their planet was destroyed, but this idea could be the answer, so I theorize that they may have created Mr. Makuro to continue their hobby of creating things. Why do the Heroes from Hero Factory look like Glatorian and act like Toa? This could be an answer. So, I believe that it is possible that Lego could bring these two themes back because I feel that they are successful to be worthy of that. Both of them did help sustain Lego until 2016, after all (well, Bionicle would come first, but Hero Factory would come after while being a side dish, sort of like how the Marvel Cinematic Universe goes). Even if Sokoda’s Bionicle project didn’t get approved this summer (maybe too early for Bionicle’s 20th anniversary), and Faber is doing a mysterious thing with “3IO” and “Biovival” stuff, there’s that wish along with the shared universe and completing the Bionicle G1 and HF stories. All of these ideas need to happen for the sake of the fans, including us. Seriously. You know you guys want that. Why not tell TTV that it’s time to do some of them through contests somehow? We still remember and love Bionicle and HF. They inspire us to have dreams that they will do much better things, like real TV shows similar to Ninjago and perhaps a Cinematic Universe. That’s something that true fans like me would dream having. It’s potential and love. The themes not forgotten, like Batman from DC Comics, Spider-Man from Marvel, Star Wars, and Transformers. I’m very enthusiastic, so yeah. I never forget these themes.

Anyone have this feeling, too?

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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