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Lhi Vang

Bionicle Ignition: "The Greatest Hero Returns?" | Fan Animation

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-Fan animation of the Toa Inika's encounter with the mysterious hero. I think most should know who it is from the thumbnail. Story reference is from Bionicle Legends 5: Inferno from page 22-25.

 More info about the animation can be learn from the YT description or if anyone sticks to the end credits.

In a nutshell: Done in Blender 2.8, a free open source software for 3D modeling and 3D animation.

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This makes me believe that Bionicle could do well as a TV series and that I'd love it (coming from someone who hasn't gotten around to those netflix G2 episodes yet/may not ever). Amazing work (as usual), and I wish I knew more about 3D animation so I could compliment you more in depth. The music also really stuck out to me, even in such a short piece - from the heroic theme to the foreboding theme at the end, really good choice there. Haha, and I'd forgotten about Kongu referencing Matau's left/right dilemma, an old favorite. Love seeing your stuff here! 

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forgot G2 tv show was a thing

(disclaimer: none of this banner art is original, I just smooshed it together in gimp. Torchic, Matau)
Those pesky firespitters... 
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I actually randomly got recommended this on Youtube, watching it over I really enjoyed it, the movement sound effects are totally BIONICLE, the models are really pretty and they're pretty smooth in their movements.

You did a great job, I'd be eager to see more if you have the time to create more :D

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Posted (edited)

Oh wow, visually this is NICE. Your lighting effects are spectacular, and the animation is really smooth... and I know from recent experience how difficult that can be to achieve in 3D! I really liked the way you used the Bionicle Heroes texturing on the masks, and the music choices were on point; especially the Matoran Enclave piece at the opening, and equally the way you brought Lhikan's theme in perfectly in time with his entrance.

If I could offer one suggestion, though? I feel like a bit more personality animation for the characters would be beneficial, there were moments where it felt like the Toa weren't moving as much as might be natural. I fully appreciate how tricky CGI can be, so this isn't a criticism; but since their ability to show facial expressions is naturally limited, it would really make the piece come alive even more if you were able to give them a little more room to express themselves with their gestures and body language ^^

Regardless though, this is some really, really nice work! :D

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