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Secret WIP BIONICLE Project

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Hey everybody, 

Little story about me, I've lurked on BZPower for years, and used to be part of the weird subculture that was Artwork III, a.k.a. the Comic section of the forums. I used to make sprite comics when it was popular.

I'm currently working on a secret project, and thought I'd just share with you a screenshot of my progress. It's been a long overdue project for me, and it's been too long since I've posted. 

Honestly, after 4 years of marriage, one kid, and a couple of job promotions, I'm still passionate about pixel art, BIONICLEs, and BZPower:hyper:

Stay tuned for more of this project! 

WIP Project title: Project Living Dead :hehe-sign:


For those wondering, I'm simply using MSPaint (left) to display the image references, while doing the pixel art on Aseprite (right). Aseprite is fantastic for doing pixel art if you haven't tried it! It's constantly being updated, and the toolsets are configured to be similar to that of Photoshop's keyboard shortcuts, so if you're already used to Photoshop, then Aseprite will come a little more naturally, skipping the learning curve (which is a huge plus if you're just starting pixel art for the first time seriously).



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okay okay, you have my interest :camera:

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:exclamation:currently searching for ANY Gray Plastic Krana Kal (GPKK):exclamation: If you were a member of Proto-squad, or know someone who was, please feel free to get in contact with me


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