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Hapori Tohu

Twenty Years of BZPower

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If you had told me twenty years ago that in two weeks' time I'd discover a website that would change my life forever I don't think I would have believed you. 'Changing my life,' might sound a bit extreme, but the friends I've made and experiences I've had because of BZPower over the last two decades have become intertwined with who I am as a person. There have been plenty of highs and lows, and there are many things that could use more attention than I have time for these days, but this community continues to hold a special place in my heart. I can't begin to thank everyone enough, from our admins: Dimensioneer, Binkmeister, Bionicle Rex, mfuss903, Ninjo, Kaiapu, and of course Tufi Piyufi, to all of our past and present staff, and every single member that has come through our virtual doors over the years. It's a testament to all of you that we're still here after all this time with no plans to go anywhere. Happy anniversary BZPower, and thank you all for twenty unforgettable years!

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Crazy to think that OG Bionicle has been dead for half of this website's lifespan lol.

But yeah congrats everyone, BZP got the old. Thanks B6 and everyone else for sticking with it for so long.

Here's to twenty more...? :P

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Happy Birthday BZPower, and happy 20th! :D It's been great getting to know you guys slowly over the last few years, but it's been a blast!



Formerly Iron_Man5


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Thanks to the admins who always made the site safe for children.

Thanks to the awesome staff’s blog that made me laugh until I cried. That was that one summer when I nearly died. Your entries brought be so much joy in those sleepless nights.

Thanks to the -friend- who so kindly fixed my countless failures of image embedding.

Thanks to the one who told stories from across the lawn.

Thanks for the monthly name change contests, my bro’ and I thought those were the best.

And thanks for letting me stay a while in your field and read the words you wrote on your paper flowers.

Thanks for giving me a way to put my admittedly cringe-worthy childhood art on display.

Thanks to all the games and fun, when in reality I had no energy to play or run.

Thanks, BZP, for all the nights you became my babysitter.

I can never express my gratitude for you all. So, Instead I tried to draw the possible BZPgram mascot? Mascat? Scan (Pencil, mechanical pencil on 9x12 watercolor paper. Sorry it’s rough, was rushed after seeing this post and my wrist wasn’t having it. XD )

Thanks again!

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Happy 20th anniversary, BZPower! I am watching BZP since 2007 and than became a member in 2009 because I love Bionicle, and it’s very nice to share our interests. I hope people in this website stay being Bionicle fans, despite Bionicle and Hero Factory not being there (but I hope they will be if Bionicle wins the vote in Lego Ideas’ Lego 90th anniversary project in 2022). :)

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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