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    BZPower Staff
    Black Six
    Black Six
    Site Administrator & News Manager
    Staff member since August 2001

    Andrew finally realized that his bio was horribly out of date and that it needed to be updated.

    You may know him as Black Six, or Bossman, if you're a part of the staff. As an Administrator, he runs the day-to-day operations of BZPower and manages the goings-on of the site. He started way back in August of 2001 as a Moderator and slowly worked his way through the ranks before achieving his current position on the top of the proverbial dog pile. It's been a long and interesting journey, and he wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

    When he's not running BZPower, he works as a Computer Engineer for the US Government. When work and BZP don't take all of his time, he listens to a lot of music, occasionally plays videogames, and possibly watches too much TV. He tries to get out every now and then to hang out with his friends from home, college, and, of course, BZPower too - because they're all supremely cool people.

    Site Administrator, Staff Writer, and Official Product Reviewer
    Staff member since Day 1

    Also known as Dimensioneer, Jon created the first successful Bionicle community on the Internet back on July 20, 2001. That community was BionicleZone, and eventually it grew to be the largest LEGO-related message board on the Internet.

    Jon initially served as the Forum Master of, meaning he was in charge of the inner workings of the forum, from its design to the wonderful ranks everyone enjoys, and played a large role in setting policy and enforcing it. However, he has since settled into a more behind the scenes role. Jon now serves as the manager of BZPower's Premier Membership program, Staff Writer for the news section, and has developed into BZPower's official product review person through his series of great reviews he has completed on many different Bionicle products.

    Tufi Piyufi
    Tufi Piyufi
    Forum Administrators
    Staff member since July 2003

    Depending on what side of the story you listen to, Tufi Piyufi is either a human, puffin or some kinda twisted puffin-human. Tufi came to the site in late 2002 just to say some things about some other things, most likely Bionicle-related. However, she wound up saying some things about some sets instead, and she was never the same after that. She got a few months of relative normalcy... then was pulled forever from her sane little puffin-world to join the staff.

    She was made an ST amidst somewhat traumatic events. She was further pranked in increasingly strange ways as an ST. She was scared half to death just prior to becoming a moderator. She got pranked the very night she became a moderator. And so on. If she hasn't sought help yet, she really should.

    But if you must know, she's not going to go on a crazed screamy rampage anytime soon.

    Global Moderators
    Premier Global Moderators
    Staff member since August 2012

    A badger born in the icy lands of Wisconsin, GSR first came to BZP in early 2003 a few months after stumbling upon an Onua figure buried in the dirt where he planned his next home. Enamored with the setting and storyline of Bionicle, he was eager to contribute to BZP. Unfortunately, a young internet newb's definition of 'contribute' is well different from everyone else's, and that period is best forgotten by all. In early 2004, he left in pursuit of new interests and ground-nesting birds.

    Seven years later, he returned to his old home, a chance conversation having resparked an interest in the mysterious islands and biomechanical elemental beings he once so loved. He had just enough time to catch up on the story and wonder what in the world happened to the whole 'mysterious island' thing before BZP entered a Great Downtime. Fortunately, he was able to take shelter in his burrow, emerging in the fall to clamber over the now-fallow grounds of the grand forum. He soon found this new environment was easier to get involved in, and over the next few months established a small sett in a corner of the Library. In August 2012, he was hired as a Forum Mentor in recognition of his helpful attitude, positive contributions, and ability to forage for pocket gophers and bees.

    Rumors persist that "badger" is in fact a colloquialism for a person from Wisconsin, and that GSR in reality spends his days attending university or working in the tech industry, and his free time reading, writing, playing cards, biking, gaming, and just generally hanging out with friends. These rumors are unsubstantiated and should be paid no heed.

    Forum Leaders
    Premier Forum Leaders
    Staff member since August 2005

    Rayg is one of the odder staff members. He tends to be emotional and incoherant, cursing your mother one second, and then asking you to be his friend the next. One can only wonder if it's all a clever ruse used to hide inner genious, but most people tend to doubt it. He will joke around with you, so be sure to take everything he says with a grain of salt.

    He tends to draw things, a lot. He is a Freshman at the University of Central Oklahoma.

    Premier Forum Leaders
    Staff member since June 2006

    Makaru is a procedurally generated, crafting survival mod that combines horror elements with classic 2d retro-style graphics. Combine over nine thousand resources for a game experience unique from any other. Multiplayer and streaming options coming soon.

    Find out more on our Steam Greenlight page.

    Forum Assistants
    Nuju Metru
    Nuju Metru
    Forum Assistants
    Staff member since April 2010

    Nuju Metru, known by friends as Aaron, known by enemies as Eyeball Eater, joined BZPower in 2008. Since that time, he has achieved much infamy and amassed dark forces to his will, and somehow become (doubtless against everyone's better judgement) a staff member. But Eyeball Eater's ravenous appetite for power did not stop there; he was also handed the keys to the kingdom of the "BZPRPG," the site's official text-based roleplaying game. Eyeball Eater has, since the start of his rule, run the BZPRPG with an iron pinkie, following in the great footsteps of its former master, Mr. Meteor Masher (who is known by friends as Friar Tuck).

    When not overseeing the fictional realm that is his domain, Eyeball Eater may be found singing and dancing - at the same time - on a raised platform in front of a lot of seated people. Eyeball Eater finds a bizarre thrill in such strange escapades. He also enjoys stacking little plastic blocks, brightly colored ones with squat cylinders on top, in various ways. Eyeball Eater amuses himself, as well, in reading and writing about imaginary things, in eating, and in couch potatoing.

    So next time you see Eyeball Eater, don't just cover those vulnerable seeing apparatuses in your head until he passes. Say hello to him! He is, at heart, a nice guy; besides, he might not even be hungry that day.

    Premier Forum Assistants
    Staff member since February 2012

    eh dreams about farm animals and doesn\'t afraid of anything

    Premier Forum Assistants
    Staff member since April 2014

    Dashing. Brilliant. Tall. These are all adjectives that don\'t describe Zatth.

    Colombian-born, Zatth was allured by LEGO when given a Space set in 1997. By 2002, Zatth was ensnared by BIONICLE after a purchase of Lewa, Lehvak, and Lehvak Va. Ever since, Zatth has faithfully followed the BIONICLE story and sets (to the chagrin of family and friends). After finally joining BZPower in 2007, Zatth, then known as Kanohi Zatth, attempted to become a larger part of the BIONICLE community in English and Spanish. That went well or terribly, depending on who you ask. Zatth\'s own answer fluctuates.

    In 2014, Zatth was tapped to become a Forum Assistant, and takes pride in forming part of not only a wonderful online BIONICLE fan community, but being trusted to help other members. And maybe along the way, he might learn some things too (like writing better Epics and Comedies, and shortening his name from Kanohi Zatth to Zatth). In the meantime, Zatth also runs a Spanish-speaking channel called Muro De La Historia and generally finds ways to annoy others in the LEGO Community, a goal which it turns out is much easier said than done.

    Outside of BIONICLE, Zatth is known as Pablo. A recipient of the APS Type 1 rare disease life lottery, as well as a college student living in the US, Pablo aspires to be a teacher and writer, but will still go with his jack-of-all-trades mentality for now. He loves reading, building with LEGO, and helping out those around him.

    He is not always serious. So disregard all of what you just have read. Or don\'t. You do you.

    Forum Mentors
    Blog Staff
    Premier Blog Assistants
    Staff member since April 2009


    Ambassador of Love
    Staff member since August 2008

    When you mix equal parts 'sexy' and 'ultrasexy,' you get this guy.

    Pat (Known as "DeeVee" around the forums and "Darth Vader" on BrickFair 2008 badges) is a beautiful individual. He is also a curmudgeonly old resident of the BBC who probably invented whatever cool building technique you're ogling right now on someone else's MOC. He has won way too many BBC Contests to count and has nabbed the "Best Bionicle" award at every BrickFair to date. When The Deevs says he is better than you, it's not arrogance - it's just truth!

    But there is so much more to Pat than just MOCing. He has been known to wear a top hat; besides that, he has quite lovely photography skills, the fruits of which are often displayed in his blog. He is gifted in the art of bribery, managing to secure a staff position here in exchange for a Fikou spider. But most of all, he is a staunch advocate of love, endeavoring to share that with those around him. Love wins.

    He should also get on IM more often and talk to people who love him. <3

    This bio was written by a secret admirer

    Premier Blog Assistants
    Staff member since January 2010

    >Enter name.


    >Try another name, you cool dude.


    >Examine bio.

    Your name is MADDISON. As it was not previously mentioned, you help run the blogs as a BLOG ASSISTANT. You almost didn\'t get this job, because you initially thought the message from Black Six was FAKE and a SCAM.

    You have a number of INTERESTS. You really like all sorts of ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS, but you really like TRACK AND FIELD. Oh man. It\'s so COOL. You are gifted in the ARTS and specifically excel in ILLUSTRATION and PHOTOGRAPHY. You like all sorts of MUSIC and don\'t care WHO KNOWS. You like lots of SILLY MOVIES and TV SHOWS. Some might say you are kind of a NERD. You are also a NORTHWEST DAME who lives in the LAND OF TREES AND PORTS.

    What will you do next?

    Premier Blog Assistants
    Staff member since July 2008

    TMD, or Josh as he's more commonly known, is one of those weird guys who you begin to think are making up their life history. See, he was born in Singapore but moved to live onboard a ship, the Logos II, when he was 10. He lived onboard for four years sailing to around 80 ports in over 40 countries (he tends to lose count, which is something you think wouldn't happen). After that he moved to the US and lived in South Carolina for four years. After graduating high school he went back to Singapore to serve two years in the military. There's another story in there about having heart disease and then not, but that's too long for a quick staff bio. After that he moved back to the US where he currently lives in South Carolina.

    For now, anyway.

    Josh joined BZP when he was in Peru in the Christmas of 2003. These days you'll probably find him in the Lego discussion forums or the blogs (where his, y'know, staff responsibilities are).

    His hobbies include writing stories and essays, making videos, watching movies, playing video games, reading, Lego, long walks on the beach (ladies), and getting up to odd shenanigans with his friends.

    He also seems to think that having a metal bar put in his chest to save his life somehow makes him Iron Man.

    Takuma Nuva
    Takuma Nuva
    Premier Blog Assistants
    Staff member since March 2011

    Upon joining BZPower in February of 2007, Takuma Nuva spent most of his time playing around with the Offline MNOLG 2 and the MNOLG-style character creation kit. Shortly thereafter, he decided to make an entire comic series using the MNOLG kit. It was through this that the well-known and likeable character "Steak Boy" was given life. After making a name for himself in comics, Takuma Nuva started splitting his time between Artwork III and Comedies. His most popular comedic works were the "Steak Boy Buys A _____" series and the episodic comedy-epic known as "Toast Busters".

    Takuma spent the majority of his next couple years on BZPower in these two forums and became a lifetime premier during the July of 2008. As "real life" took over, Takuma Nuva slowly dropped out of the forums and was active almost exclusively in just the blogs and NM Q&A.

    On March 4 of 2011, Takuma Nuva joined the staff as a Blog Assistant and has been loving his job ever since. He hopes to one day regain his place among the comedy and/or comic-making elite when time allows.

    In the real world, Takuma Nuva is known as [subject name here] and dreams of one day becoming a radio announcer/DJ or possibly even a voice actor (though far less likely). He was homeschooled K-12, could read when he was 4, and, much to his dismay, is viewed as rather intelligent which causes people to constantly ask him for answers instead of learning the answer themselves.

    I also enjoy sudden changes from third- to first-person.

    Premier Reporters
    Staff member since July 2008

    ChocolateFrogs is the winner of the Piraka Fusion contest from LEGO Magazine in 2006, where his winning creation of two combined Piraka into one monstrosity became Bionicle canon in Bionicle Vol 2 #5.

    He builds Bionicle, space, and whatever suits his fancy. He is starting to lose count of how many conventions he has attended, which he has been doing since 2004. He is part of WAMALUG (his local LEGO Users Group for Adult Fans of LEGO) and BioniLUG.

    In his free time he also reads sci-fi and fantasy books and comics from various publishers. He gets his friends together to play games like Munchkin, Smallworld, and Catan.

    Premier Reporters
    Staff member since July 2009

    Xccj is a reporter. He reports stuff that is report-worthy. His name is not an acronym; it doesn't stand for anything. Somehow this makes it cool.

    There have been reports that Xccj has a life, but they're vague at best. He has been known to enjoy hiking, writing, and complaining about schoolwork. His favorite color is green. He also procrastinates. He'll add more details later.

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