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  1. (Picture links to Flickr) Based on this concept art I always loved the multiple skeleton army concepts we got but the one of Kulta Kal was my favourite by far. The fact that you could make a combo model with them like in the old days of Bionicle was something I really missed in Gen 2. The Kulta Kal model in the picture is in fact made with only the pieces of the other four skull creatures. I tried to go as accurate to the concept art as possible but things like the split-face hammer didn't really work. The MOC's are also mainly made with CCBS to keep it in spirit of Gen 2
  2. Is it allowed to have a series of MOC's that can combine into a single titan build as one entry? Example: something like this
  3. There are several flaws with his design. Mainly that he already based it of mine (which was incorrect) and he already confirmed he didn't even try to make a accurate torso because he can't see the inside. This also means that even the parts you can make out of the model arent even there. Good attempt but far from correct. I tried to reply to him but TTV doesnt let me reply for some reason.
  4. https://www.flickr.com/photos/sparkytron/28102519723/in/dateposted/ This is what i've figured out so far. Not sure if it's 100% correct but at least it's somewhat close to it
  5. Many awesome entries in this BBC! I'm glad I participated and may the best win
  6. It's a fairly new game so I'm not surprised people have not heard of it yet. It's basically a RPG with some nice twists and turns to the genre. The shoulders are the new shoulder plate piece from the Star-Wars Ultrabuilds. The silver ones are from Jango. This MOC also uses a white one on the top of his head. The chest is not a single piece It's a custom one made out Knight's Kingdom shoulder plates and a Gahlok-Kal shield (his cape is connected to the Gahlok-Kal shield).
  7. Papyrus from the game Undertale he might not be that scary, but he's still a skeleton with a big heart and a big bowl of spaghetti
  8. So yeah, I made a Shadow the Hedgehog moc because I thought those spike CCBS pieces could work as Shadow's hair Apparently I was right!
  9. | | Metalbeard in all his glory, now with 100% more Bionicle pieces. (accessories and animals included)
  10. It was the perfect contest to celebrate the return of Bionicle Congrats to the other winners
  11. It's about 50/50 The frame is made out of technic pieces while the armor is a mix of both sytem and Bionicle/CCBS
  12. You guys remember that one mecha contest 8 months ago. well I missed the deadline for that But I post it anyway (Totally not based of the Heavy Arms Gundam from Gundam Wing. (actually it is but don't tell everybody))
  13. (click for a larger image) Nui-Jaga in CCBS made for the BBC #69 contest
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