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  1. Did you get the PM with my lines in it? I'm pretty sure I sent it...

  2. Did you get the last two chapters?

  3. Oh, yeah, the one about the lines? I got that one, but then I forgot. >.

  4. Yeah, I haven't had a whole lot to do with the project yet (just got done recording a few lines for a test thing they're doing) but I was really bummed, because when I listened to the recordings, there was this weird buzzing in the microphone... Do you think that's gonna be a problem?

  5. *sings* Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy, happy birthday to you! Whoo! =D

  6. The Wiggles ARE awesome. Hi-five!

  7. Question: Is the "fifth Wiggle" thing a joke to mock with Wiggles or a joke insinuating you like the Wiggles?

  8. Hey, I read the last few pages of the B:NG voice acting topic and I'd just like to say that how you responded to the controversy over how many parts you got was quite brilliant. I thought you handled it well, and I'd like to applaud you on that. *applauds*

  9. Hi, I noticed that you got a part in the Next Generation thing and thought I'd check out your page. I saw your Lake Aerospace drawing and I think it's really good, even though I don't really know what Lake aerospace is from. =P Anyhoo, just wanted to pop by and say hi. And I did. So...yeah... =)

  10. 1. I know how you feel about the whole "school work" thing. My school seems to take ALL DAY now. 2. I don't know how you feel about the car trouble, but I can gather that it ain't much fun. 3. Hopefully you'll be able to find a fun one like Nikira did at Toys-R-Us...but one that still pays well... 4. I feel the overwhelming desire to say "What project?" just because I'm stupid like that, then I remember it's a secret one. >.> The awesome face Komas made me laugh (out loud!) after I remembered what the awesome face was. That is so funny in an "awesome" way! (Get it? I made a funny!)
  11. If the tablet still works fine, I'm not sure why you want to get rid of it... But if it's really uncomfortable to use and stuff, I'd go with the new tablet. But if you're still fine with using your old tablet until you have more money for one, go with the MP3 player. If I had to pick, I'd choose the tablet because I already have an MP3 player that I like and is new and blah. I know, I'm not much help at all.
  12. You have the awesomest name on BZP. If I was gonna be a Toa, I would so be a Toa of bubbles.

  13. Aw, thank you! To be perfectly honest, I didn't really like how my voice sounded in that... But I appreciate the compliment. =) Happy belated birthday, by the way!

  14. I added you as a buddy on Nano WriMo. =) Hope you don't mind.

  15. NO! You shall still call me Mii. =P I like that name best, anyways. =P

  16. Yep, yep I did. =) Sakaru practically did it for me, though. =P

  17. I'm not Mii because there was a Mii (at some point...they're not active anymore) and in Sakaru's comics, my name is I. don. T. Kaire, short for Isabella Donatella Tiara Kaire. =P I can always change the name if I want to, though, right?

  18. *pokes* Guess who I am! =P *hint* Go look at my page and you should probably be able to figure it out...

  19. *pokes* Guess who I am! =P *hint* Go look at my page and you should probably be able to figure it out...

  20. Sakaru said those posts don't count, though... And I want to be able to send PMs and stuff...

  21. I'm not sure what to post in, though... I'm not a bit Bionicle fan, so I don't have much to say on the issues... =P

  22. GUESS WHO'S AT YOUR PAGE!! My brother finally got me to get an account...

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