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  1. Did you get the PM with my lines in it? I'm pretty sure I sent it...

  2. Did you get the last two chapters?

  3. Oh, yeah, the one about the lines? I got that one, but then I forgot. >.

  4. Yeah, I haven't had a whole lot to do with the project yet (just got done recording a few lines for a test thing they're doing) but I was really bummed, because when I listened to the recordings, there was this weird buzzing in the microphone... Do you think that's gonna be a problem?

  5. *sings* Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy, happy birthday to you! Whoo! =D

  6. The Wiggles ARE awesome. Hi-five!

  7. Question: Is the "fifth Wiggle" thing a joke to mock with Wiggles or a joke insinuating you like the Wiggles?

  8. Hey, I read the last few pages of the B:NG voice acting topic and I'd just like to say that how you responded to the controversy over how many parts you got was quite brilliant. I thought you handled it well, and I'd like to applaud you on that. *applauds*

  9. Hi, I noticed that you got a part in the Next Generation thing and thought I'd check out your page. I saw your Lake Aerospace drawing and I think it's really good, even though I don't really know what Lake aerospace is from. =P Anyhoo, just wanted to pop by and say hi. And I did. So...yeah... =)

  10. You have the awesomest name on BZP. If I was gonna be a Toa, I would so be a Toa of bubbles.

  11. Aw, thank you! To be perfectly honest, I didn't really like how my voice sounded in that... But I appreciate the compliment. =) Happy belated birthday, by the way!

  12. I added you as a buddy on Nano WriMo. =) Hope you don't mind.

  13. NO! You shall still call me Mii. =P I like that name best, anyways. =P

  14. Yep, yep I did. =) Sakaru practically did it for me, though. =P

  15. I'm not Mii because there was a Mii (at some point...they're not active anymore) and in Sakaru's comics, my name is I. don. T. Kaire, short for Isabella Donatella Tiara Kaire. =P I can always change the name if I want to, though, right?

  16. *pokes* Guess who I am! =P *hint* Go look at my page and you should probably be able to figure it out...

  17. *pokes* Guess who I am! =P *hint* Go look at my page and you should probably be able to figure it out...

  18. Sakaru said those posts don't count, though... And I want to be able to send PMs and stuff...

  19. I'm not sure what to post in, though... I'm not a bit Bionicle fan, so I don't have much to say on the issues... =P

  20. GUESS WHO'S AT YOUR PAGE!! My brother finally got me to get an account...

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