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  1. i can't believe it

  2. If I make ten posts a day, I guess I could hit 25k in half a year.

    1. 25K Now!

      25K Now!

      haha so this is the power of regret

  3. What do I actually do here these days?

  4. Yo Lielac, if you ever pop by for nostalgia reasons again, just gonna say it's been a while.

  5. Posting feels amazing.

  6. It's nearly been an entire day since I got my ATAR, and my mood since I got it has been pretty much: "what now?"

  7. you may have the skill, but i'm better looking!

  8. such words, even i can

  9. Sometimes you just don't feel the urge to do anything.

  10. So this is the Beast of Possibility, huh ...?

  11. Inertia's pretty much one of the reasons I still hang around.

    1. Soran


      Inertia is a property of matter.


  13. I'm not a hipster, I'm a contrarian!

  14. I keep getting ads to join the RAAF. I'm not particularly sure if I'd like the pay.

  15. Wait, you're still around?

    1. Mad Scientist BioBeast

      Mad Scientist BioBeast

      I occasionally pop in and out. Have a 5 year long conversation I don't wanna just up and end, plus it's fun to come back and look through what's changed.

  16. Gee whiz, that's a deculture and a half!

  17. Oh hey you're alive.

  18. Timing, mood and pacing are key to comedy.

  19. Hey Tyler.

    1. 25K Now!

      25K Now!

      How's the midgeting?

    2. Ghidora131


      That ain't Ty

  20. Hey Krayzikk.

    1. 25K Now!

      25K Now!

      How's the tight pants?

    2. Haman Karn: A Magical Girl

      Haman Karn: A Magical Girl

      is this what it's like to be beautiful

  21. "I don't care if I break the laws of physics!" - Uncertain Cosmic Movement.

    1. Erasmus Graves

      Erasmus Graves

      "Ignore them. Shatter them. Break them. Crush them and flay them and rend flesh from their bones. The repercussions? There are none, for you are breaking them in the name of AWESOME" - Wyndham, Philosopher of Awesome.

  22. Forever aiming for that 99.95 ATAR. Even though a BSc at Unimelb and Monash only requires 86~. Gotta be that overachiever.

    1. Erasmus Graves

      Erasmus Graves

      You live in Straya bro? Cool. Always nice to see a fellow dweller of the land downunder.

  23. If I was actually Anglo-European then I'd be totally weaboo trash.

    1. The Hip Historian Iaredios

      The Hip Historian Iaredios

      I think the term is usually Anglo-American. And what, Poles and Croats can't be weaboos? xD

    2. 25K Now!

      25K Now!

      I'm not an American.

  24. The Cantonese will eat anything on four legs except for the table.

  25. BZP keeps giving me dating ads for Asian women. I'm not sure if Google knows I'm Chinese, or if my frequent Wikipedia binges into the life and times of random historical figures brought this entire shebang to the fore.

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    2. Keeper of Kraata

      Keeper of Kraata

      I was getting Asian and Middle-Eastern dating ads for a while. I have no idea why I was getting them, though someone suggested it was because I'm woefully whitebread.

    3. 25K Now!

      25K Now!

      Nah, if you watch animé, it'll turn up.

    4. Razgriz


      haha yeah about that

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