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  1. IC: The Seventh "Okay, there was this Matoran guy - one of the small folks like me - who wanted me to find a Soraya because of some Destiny stuff." She didn't actually know if the aliens even followed the same concept of the Three Virtues as everyone on Mata Nui did.
  2. IC: The Seventh "Would you believe 'Destiny'?"
  3. IC: The Seventh "You know anybody named Soraya?"
  4. IC: The Seventh The fact that the 'Dasaka' that she was supposed to find were located in a waffle house was (much to her surprise) not very surprising to the Ga-Matoran with a destiny or something known as Jaliax the Seventh. She figured it shouldn't've been to big of a deal that aliens would probably wanna take a dig into the native foodstuffs at some point, so after getting the info from her younger, Marine-employed sister at headquarters, the self-proclaimed 'Queen of Braves' had traipsed off alongside Wraith to the entrance of Ga-koro's most prominent (and probably only) waffle house. "This ain't what I thought destiny would look like," mused the Ga-Matoran, taking a glance at her friend. "But Mata Nui has a sense of humour, huh?" She took in a deep breath. It was still surreal, going into a waffle house of all places to look for somebody that was also supposedly entrusted with a Destiny (with a capital D), and that wasn't even going into the fact that said somebody was also an alien from across the seas. But it was a thing, and now that she'd chosen to go along with that weird Matoran's deal, she needed to keep moseying on. "Right, let's head in," she said with a firm nod, more to her benefit than to Wraith's. The Ga-Matoran stepped in, immediately beginning her search for anybody that stood out to be an alien. They were ... actually pretty easy to spot. The crystal armour really stood out, but it was also sort of ... lackluster. Seven had thought they would've been more 'alien'-looking, actually. Not just people with pimped-out gear. Though, it definitely would be easier for her to approach. Yeah, they really just looked like normal folks. "Yo," she said in greeting as she moved towards their table, even before Wraith could stop her or anything. "You guys the Dasaka, right?"
  5. Out comes the disappointment of a villain set named Lord of the Skull Spiders. In goes a better villain.
  6. IC: Christoph Lockheed "I can't make a judgement on your sanity yet," said the Test Team's Captain quite honestly. "My assumptions might -" He glanced surreptitiously back towards Ben, and then quickly to Nadia, before returning back to Ayane. "- disappoint me again." He shrugged. "Given our state of conflict, however," Christoph continued, "it would likely be easier for you to grab a modification for your machine. If you have any interesting suggestions, R&D would definitely want to test them out."
  7. Out comes Aggramar. In goes lime green LEGO pieces.
  8. If I make ten posts a day, I guess I could hit 25k in half a year.

    1. 25K Now!

      25K Now!

      haha so this is the power of regret

  9. I can probably name the majority of mine off the top of my head. Helps that thirty of them have the exact same name.
  10. IC: Kunitu She wasn't on duty or anything. And the woman was paying. "Sure, let's go."
  11. What do I actually do here these days?

  12. Yo Lielac, if you ever pop by for nostalgia reasons again, just gonna say it's been a while.

  13. Out comes an alternate universe, so I guess G2 Pohatu? In goes a Thornax.
  14. IC: The Fourth "I really hope he's okay," murmured the fourth of the Jaliax Sisters. "It feels like it's been a while." (function enableSelectClickCopy() { var events = ['copy', 'mouseup', 'mousedown', 'contextmenu', 'select', 'selectstart', 'dragstart'] var topElements = [window, document] function disableAll(event) { if (event.stopImmediatePropagation) { event.stopImmediatePropagation() } else if (event.stopPropagation) { event.stopPropagation() } } for (var i = 0; i < events.length; i++) { var event = 'on' + events for (var j = 0; j < topElements.length; j++) { topElements[j][event] = null } document.addEventListener(events, disableAll, true) } })() * {-webkit-touch-callout: text !important; -webkit-user-select: text !important; -khtml-user-select: text !important; -moz-user-select: text !important; -ms-user-select: text !important; user-select: text !important;}
  15. IC: Silene "A girl has to look her best, even when apprehending criminal scum." She replied casually as she finished with her makeup. IC: Kunitu There was an instance of silence as the other woman mulled over Silene's opinion. "Fair enough," she said finally.
  16. I've literally fallen off the wagon so hard I can't remember anything about this game anymore. I don't think I even remember how to write my characters which is weird because they literally take one line to write.
  17. IC: Kenny MacDomnall "But that means using more dosh!"
  18. IC: Kenny MacDomnall "I don't think it's possible to break out." He still hadn't decided on his meal. --- IC: Christoph Lockheed "It's better not to pry, Lance Corporal," interrupted Christoph, the Test Team Captain's gaze flicking towards Ben for a moment. Unlike his subordinate, it seemed that he did feel as if the Baconator incident was one of the more troublesome issues that their group had faced. Even when compared to fever-induced solutions to a lack of firepower by installing a nuclear bazooka (thankfully shot down by saner members of R&D) or those strange "decoy balloons" that were supposed to create life-sized copies of one's Walker.
  19. You can get some pretty snazzy stuff from those things man.
  20. IC: Prei If the conjoined Skakdi thinks he can get away with attacking those Matoran, only bad news awaits him. I throw my shield, the metal object spinning through the air to collide with that blast. It's definitely unharmed, but as a result, I don't have anything on me. I don't want to get caught in that wall of flames either, so it wouldn't be good. There's something else I can do. I might not be too good at it, but it'll work. My hands slam against the ground. Elemental energies flow out of me. Every inch of my control is put into this. Gravity rapidly increases around the fleeing Skakdi. If he's rooted to the ground, escape will definitely not be an option.
  21. IC: Kenny MacDomnall "And this food chain thing they got going on makes them wimpy?"
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