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  1. IC “Komisti” - Irnakk’s Tooth

    Komisti looked up at Ulkarr, and his words briefly cut through the fog of fear. The Vortixx swallowed, trying to muster their courage, but they failed, still shaking. Still they managed to say, “I … I cannot go. I-I have a duty to the Matoran, to stop the monsters. To stop more destruction.

    Suddenly destiny gave Ulkarr leverage. “Master,” Bode called out through their psychic bond, “Something terrible has happened. The Ruins of Stone have detonated, causing tremors. Toa Stannis stabilized the ground, it could have been a lot worse, but we are without the Admin or the portal network, and many of us are hurt.

    Bode added suddenly, “some Matoran overheard Stannis talking to Kanohi and a Turaga afterwards. It … Stannis claimed to be an Aspect named Caedast, who had bonded to the Toa Stannis long ago.

    OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Toru Nui @Tarn I honestly forgot about Bode for a while there

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  2. IC “Komisti” - Irnakk’s Tooth

    Komisti scrambled to the side of the cave wall, pressing their back against it as they heaved. “My fault, my fault. I … I made them fight, Clumsy, clumsy fool. Monstrous, I ruined everything, my fault.

    Their Kanoka Blade was clenched tight in their hand until the hilt trembled, and frost spread from their thigh where the blade lay. They flinched at the cold, fool, they couldn’t even resist the cold. They would never be a Toa of Ice, they were no hero, they would only mimic a Toa, and poorly at that. 

    OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Toru Nui @Tarn


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  3. IC “Komisti” - Irnakk’s Tooth

    Komisti was overwhelmed by the fear, terrified of failing the other beings present, of hurting them through their incompetent social abilities. They were weak, nothing to a Toa. They … they clukd see through their clenched shut their heartlight, it was frantically pulsing.

    They were not aware of the group around them, just struggling to endure as they stumbled after the others. Finally they tripped, smacking into one of the group. They scrambled upright, heartlight pounding. “S-sorry, I did not m-mean, I would never mean to hurt you, I wouldn’t—

    OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Toru Nui @Tarn


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  4. IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro

    Kanohi wandered the village of Tobduk-Koro, helping regenerate the buildings amd tools damaged in the chaos of the ruins detonating. He pried debris off the wounded, trying to help this village, the last of its kind in the universe. Unless some survived in Mata-Nui’s decapitated body.

    He approached a rip in the earth, spotting a Ga-Matoran trapped inside. He spread his arms apart and fired both Volo-Lutu Launchers, honking both the radio tower and the Matoran with spheres of gravitational force. He strained as his arms were ripped against each other, before the path of least resistance was taken. He grappled into the radio tower, the Matoran of Water wrenched of the out after him.

    They landed in a heap, though he stood up quickly. Leaning on his staff he drummed it to Dece yet himself, before grappling away to strike his “Badge of Office” against more debris.

    As he worked, he could see he was not alone. Refugees and residents of Tobduk-Koro alike helped their brothers and sisters escape rubble, using Kanoka Blades of regeneration to mend the terrain and repair their homes. Steltians working with Matoran, Matoran with Vortixx.

    He smiled faintly under his layers of masks. There was hope yet. 

    OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Toru Nui

    IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere

    The Desecrated Ga-Matoran felt the Aqua-Sphere stabilize, the careening of Mi-Kiri had finished. They were safe. “Thank you Sorilax, you have saved our lives,” she said, before catching sight of that Toa of Fire, the one who had drawn a weapon on her and Sorilax.

    She flinched at the sight of agony on his face, and her mind regressed to when she and Ollem had sailed to the remains of the River, seeing hundreds of the monstrous Skakdi floating in the water, their bodies bloated and discolored.

    Even monsters, they did not deserve to suffer so.

    She began to scale up the wall. She could not recover her disk of freezing yet, not with the Vahki about. Instead she drew her disk of weakening, and crawled across the walls to Toa Kas. She … she prayed to Tuakana and Sorilax both she would not regret this.

    Ollem better be alive,” Mahrika warned the Toa, before hurling the disk of weakening. She caught the tool as it ricocheted off the wall, even as the wall began to crumble away, hopefully freeing Toa Kas from his painful imprisonment. 

    OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru 

    IC Kardaka - Tobduk-Koro

     “My goal is to set myself and my kin free from the cycles that have entrapped us for so many centuries. We seek to live and experience life just as you do. This quest has taken me far afield, and I don't know when I may be able to return.

    Avka listened as a voice filled their head. This Turaga was right, they  … they had only heard rumors, mostly allegedly from Ulkarr, but to truly have this Psionics connection … they were certainly stronger than other Matoran now.

    Finally they turned to the Turaga, “I … she says her goal is to sever the Aspects from … repeating something? Being trapped making the same mistakes? And that they wish to live and experience life as the Matoran do. She can not return to the village yet though, she is busy.

    Kardaka shook her head, “She should be careful. Our breed has little to admire. And if she wishes to be mortal, she should ensure there is a way for new Aspects to enter the world. If they are mortal made mortal, unless they can breed, with everyone one of her sisters who dies, they risk going extinct.” She walked away at those words slowly, putting her left hand to her mask. She focused, and one of the damaged tents began to mend, dents popping out, fabric stitching back together.

    Avka for their part shuddered. If Whisper could be killed, would the Matoran lose their masks’ powers? They could get other Aspects to infect their masks again, but if the Aspects went extinct. They reached out telepathically again and asked, “The … the Turaga wishes to warn you. She thinks that if you become mortal, you must ensure a way for your breed to reproduce, to make new generations. Otherwise your people would eventually go extinct.

    OOC: @Gecko Greavesy


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  5. IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro

    Kanohi stared after Stannis as he vanished into the shadows. So Caedast, that was the true name of the Stannis he knew. An Aspect who had been inspired by the old Toa Stannis, who had bonded with the Toa, and eventually merged with him. He knew an Aspect needed permission to possess someone, had Caedast and Stannis stayed together so long they eventually fused? Both Toa and Aspect, Caedast and Stannis?

    How much of the legends Knichou and Nale had known were about the original Stannis, and how much were Caedast? How much of the ancient hero’s actions had been born of one and the other. Were the two sides opposed to each other in somethings? Or were they just the same being, merged like a the Kaita Klawne had told him about sometime ago. 

    The Kanohi heard a shout, and turned to see a Matoran trying to free a Vortixx pinned under rubble. Without a word he grabbed over, and stabbed his staff under the debris. With help the two Matoran used the staff to pry. The rubble off her, letting it fall to the side.

    He grappled away, he would have to do a lot to mend the damage. And truthfully it mattered little what the nature of Stannis was, what mattered right now was what he had done for Tobduk-Koro. The village had lost no one from what he could tell, and that meant rebuilding would be easier.

    Just this once, everybody lived.

    OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Toru Nui

    IC Kardaka - Tobduk-Koro

    Kardaka watched the strange Toa/Aspect go, before turning away. This Stannis and Caedast was busy, and was lost to her now. And if they were truly a fusion of Toa and Aspect, could she trust them? Her people were not trustworthy, Tobduk-Koro was better than the villages and cities she remembered, but even still she was wary.

    She returned to the Av-Matoran, and asked, “Your mask, you are connected to Whisper, correct? Would she heard you if you reached out?

    I … don’t know. Maybe?

    Would you mind reaching out to yet on my sake? I … I need power, I am too weak to save this island, and iy must be saved, but I cannot be trusted with power that is unchecked. I must serve someone wiser, someone not tied to the Matoran. I would like to speak to her, to learn if I could trust her goals so I may serve her.

    Avka stared at the strange Turaga, but nodded. If … if the island was I deed vanishing, and with the Admin gone, they could all use a bit more power. “Whisper, I … I am one of the many Matoran you blessed with an Infected Mask. A Turaga has approached me, she wants to speak to you. She wants to serve you and save the island, but wants to know what your goals are first.

    OOC: @Gecko Greavesy not sure if it’s worth it for Whisper since Kardaka is just a Turaga, but here you go.

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  6. IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro

    Kanohi hurled through the air, scooping up Matoran and pushing the other breeds of Protoderms out of the way of the shaking earth. His Kiril Staff struck the ground each time he tumbled on a landing, mending the landscape in patches.

    And then Kanohi heard the creak of stone and earth, and a roar of the land. He turned in time to witness the cliff where the ruins once stood now shoving away from Tobduk-Koro. The Fe-Matoran stared in awe, as Stannis cleaved the land in twine.

    The Councilor drummed his staff, but not of stress and fear. He stimmed with joy, as the land stopped trembling. Toa Stannis, the power he wielded, it was frightening. But he had only used that power to save the village.

    Kanohi stood on the shoulders of giants. Knichou built him his Volo Lutu Launchers. That mysterious Toa of Stone built Po-Koro. Vakama built him his Kiril Staff. Sucordak taught him how to make disks. Komisti and the Vahki saved Po-Koro’s people in the flood. Komisti told him of the ruins they built Tobduk-Koro under, and then they and Sucordak taught Kanohi how to forge Kanoka Blades.

    And Kanohi had played his part. Too. Maybe not as grand or heroic a part as others, but he had saved lives, helped out. It was clearer everyday that while Duty was a virtue, Unity was what decided the fate of civilization.

    The former vigilante grappled over to Stannis. “Thank you, brother,” he said, tilting his head in a bow, “you not only stabilized the ground but the ravine, ore might be  uncovered, it will give us a barrier from attack. Thank you.” Then he paused and added, “we can rebuild from here. You may go fulfill your destiny. And hopefully, we will know each other again.

    OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Toru Nui

    IC Kardaka - Tobduk-Koro

    Kardaka stared at the Toa strangely as the hand was cleaved in two. That power, yes it was feasible for a Toa, she could have done that maybe once, but the strain of focusing that power should have broken him. Ruptured his tubing, cracked pistons, he should have clenched his optics tight enough to shatter their lens.

    She could be wrong. But to keep going, that required a different power. Invulnerability, quick healing; to hold ones body together like that, you needed the power of a strong Aspect.

    The Turaga of Stone stared after him, then began to approach him. If he knew an Aspect she could serve under her penance, she might have enough strength to help these people.

    She hobbled over to him as he spoke to a Matoran. “Stranger,” she spoke up, “Thank you for saving these people, not many remain on this land. If I may ask, who you serve?

    OOC: @EmperorWhenua feel free to reply if you want.

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  7. OOC: sweet golly gosh Viltia and Sorilax are way strong. 

    IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere

    The Desecrated Ga-Matoran was picking herself up after Kas tackled her when everything accelerated. The Ignika attached to Sorilax’s face, Mi-Kiri began to fall, Vahki intruded with a strange Turaga. Reality seemed to twist and rewrite itself in an instant.

    She stumbled as the island swung about, tumbling around. On a good day her large feet and short body were clumsy, with the Aqua Sphere falling, she was careening. As she was sent flying she banged and slammed into debris, knocking into Vahki.

    Yet with each collision, she recovered. Her chassis popped out the dents, her organic Protodermis regrew. This quick healing, it was far greater than she had imagined. And thanks to freezing her mask to her face, it stayed on.

    While Mahrika was tumbling around, Vokarda got to work. The Ga-Matoran’s beloved partner’s power radiated through her body, and her body began to shift. Plates extended in each hand, her fingers grew longer and flatter. Strange grooves emerged in each of her six fingers, and they gained a stronger grip. As she scrapped against the wall she caught hold.

    Hanging off the side, she heard Sorilax’s shout, and before her eyes she saw several new people in the room, he … the power he commanded, the followers he had. He was strong.

    Hearing his words Mahrika called out, “I will try, but hurry.” She planted her feet against the wall, letting them adapt to hold on. As she clung there she grabbed her disk of freezing and hurled it.

    The Kanoka struck the floor, unleashing a tidal wave of creeping frost. The ice formed beneath the Vahki, hopefully to throw them off balance, like she had been only moments before.

    OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru 


    IC “Komisti” - Irnakk’s Tooth

    Komisti closed their optics as they followed the others, their hand stimming with the hilt of their Kanoka blade. They … they weren’t going to be enough, would they? Only a Noble Mask, two Kanoka Blades, no element, they … they would be useless against the dangers of this mountain. They would fail the group, just like Po-Koro and Kini-Koro.

    Had they actually achieved anything? Tobduk-Koro has Kanoka blades now, but could that be enough to save them if, no, when Komisti failed to stop more Riteborn from being made? They would fail everyone, the Matoran would hate them, no, they already hated them.

    They were cruel, freakish, unable to belong to neither Matoran nor Vortixx society. They failed Po-Koro by abandoning it on a mad quest for power, they could not make a difference in Kini-Koro, they were no Toa. They … they failed.

    As fear began to ooze and seep through Komisti’s every thought, the Big Bruiser could hear her steps crunching the ground below her. Too big and clumsy. She was a bruiser through and through, she would never be able to forge beautiful disks. At best she would only be able to dig up ore for real crafters to make. She rubbed her pickaxe anxiously as she continued on.

    OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Toru Nui @Tarn

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  9. IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro

    Kanohi felt a faint smile underneath his many masks as the ground began to tremble. The quakes were steadying, like a frantic heartlight calming down. Stannis seemed almost to vibrate, his body pulsing in time with the quakes. This power, yet this control… 

    Kanohi realized he rarely had seen Stannis use his element, wait, had he ever seen him wielding it? It had always been his mask. Even to solve the Great Disk puzzle, he had used his mask to temporarily change his element to light. Stannis … had restrained this much power? This much skill?

    The former vigilante finally shook himself of his daze and said, “thank you b-brother,” he squeaked that word out, before saying, “I will make your time here count.” And with that he leveled his Volo Lutu Launchers and fired a sphere of gravitational pull.

    He wrenched free of the ground, grappling forward. Each time landed he slammed his staff to the landscape, releasing a small wave of regeneration. He did not stop as he hurtled through the air, towards the refugees. 

    With a swing of his staff he hooked a Vortixx refugee, dragging him out of the way before a chunk of debris could smash against him. Kanohi’s pistons ached from the weight, but he was a Fe-Matoran, he could endure.

    And he had endured. As he grappled about, carrying Matoran away, batting debris away before it could collapse on a tent, regenerating a tent smushed by rubble; it was hard to believe how far he had come, going from a failure of a mask maker, to one of the few survivors of a genocide, to a vigilante in the big city, to a refugee of a destroyed universe, to a leader of a refugee camp, to learning to make disks, to losing that camp in a flood, to forming a new village led by a council, to forging Kanoka Blades and accepting refugees into his village.

    A lot had changed. And he had survived it all. 

    His optics tighter as he hooked a Bo-Matoran and hurled her away from a growing fissure. “Careful, sister,” he shouts, before whipping around and striking the ground. The rock seemed almost to stitch itself together, like woven plant fibers.

    He could feel the ground resonate through his feet. Stannis truly was a Toa of Stone, and the laws of rock yielded to him. Kanohi did not have time to wonder though, he could see a crack in the earth swallowing a tent. With a hook he grappled over and he slammed his staff down as he landed, reforming the land. 

    OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Toru Nui

    IC Kardaka - Tobduk-Koro

    Kardaka could feel the ground shift. Not like it’s was crumbling, but like the drum beats of the Matoran, before they grew corrupt and cruel. Steady beats pounded through the earth, at first, she almost believed it was her doing it. But she was only a Turaga.

    Her optics followed the tremors in her feet, and she turned to see a Toa, hand raised above the ground, the very rock yielding to his power. She … she had never had that kind of ability. Once she had possessed that power, near the end of her Toahood she had wielded that kind of control. But both, simultaneously?

    So thats Toa Stannis,” Avka whispered and the Turaga of Stone turned to them. Toa Stannis? She did not think she recognized his name. But even knowing the evil of her breed, it was hard not to feel awe seeing the power of a fully realized Toa.

    She shook her head, if he was doing the heavy lifting, she would do her duty and help. She walked about, hand on her mask, focusing it to regenerate torn tents and bent poles. Her Badge of Office held her upright, even as she focused her mask.

    Its funny, her element was severely diminished. She could see through stone, and control pebbles, but controlling larger rocks and creating new stone, it was far beyond her. But her mask, the power to mend things, it was weaker, but not all that much. It could not regenerate Protosteel, but everything else just needed patience.

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  10. IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro

    Kanohi paused, drumming his Kiril Staff, thinking. Stannis spoke kindly, with wisdom. It was naive of him, but the Councilor chose to trust him. But he … he also knew that this might be the last conversation. Stannis was going to war, the island might be vanishing, this was the last chance perhaps to talk to this complicated Toa. This man who was trickster and friend, hero and monster, warrior and shaman. Aspect and Toa.

    Or was it.

    Finally he said. “You have spoken of cycles before, of the world ending and renewing, of endless eras. Do you believe that might be what I sometimes see in my visions, they might be the cycles of the past? Or the future? And do you … do you think, in an early cycle, versions of us, Knichou, and Nale may have crossed paths? And … well, the island may be fading. If this cycle ends, do you think some version of you find me again—”

    And then there was the roar of rock giving way. Kanohi stumbled backwards as before him the ruins that overlooked the village shattering, chunks of debris tumbling down. The Councilor felt her heartlight sputter as he caught himself on his staff.

    He … he couldn’t process this, the ruin collapsing, the portal likely severed. Avka’s warning was too late. It was too sudden to dwell on. All he could focus on, was that the refugees camps lay beneath the ruins. The villagers and refugees might need him. He would grapple away to help, but first, he would wait to hear Stannis’s words. 

    OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Toru Nui

    IC Kardaka - Tobduk-Koro

    As she walked away, she heard the sound of rock ripping apart explosively. The Turaga of Stone spun around, nearly losing her balance as the Ruins tumbled and shattering, shards of debris hurtling as a meteor to Zakaz.

    She was too late.

    Kardaka hobbled back towards the ruin and the refugee camp at its bank, even as the refugees screamed and staggered back. Avka was just staring up in horror at the falling debris as it tumbled and bounced, smashing tents. Matoran were crushed by the shards of rock, they … they were so small. So insignificant. They … they didn’t matter—

    Before a chunk of rubble struck them, Kardaka swung out her Badge of Office, knocking them to the side. “I apologize, I should have hurried sooner,” the Turaga said, “help me help the refugees, I can try to slow the tremors.

    Avka picked themselves up, they could feel the ground shaking, the mining the village had done, alongside the exploding ruins, it was causing tremors. The mine, if it collapsed, the village could be even more damaged. I-it was Po-Koro all over again. They … they were helpless.

    But if the Turaga believed in them, saved them, th-they had to try.

    I … I will try.” The Av-Matoran nodded and their hands ignited with flaming light. As the light illuminated their optics fired out twin beams of light, searing the cracking rock back into place. Their vision welded the terrain together, even as they threw fiery light bolts to knock aside crumbling debris.

    Kardaka meanwhile planted her Badge of Office in front of her and closed her eyes. She reached out to the landscape, trying to stabilize the stones and rocks while her mask glowed with light. She attempted to regenerate some of the damage, mend the land.

    As she struggled the Turaga spoke up, “Avka, your mask … it’s desecrated. Who do you serve?

    I … I don’t serve, I just … it’s Whisper. She wants to be mortal.

    An … Aspect who wants to be part of the living world.” Kardaka closed her eyes. An Aspect who wants to be part of the whole of reality, to be tied to the living. That, that might be an Aspect she could trust to desecrate her mask. Because right now, it was clear she was too weak to do much good.”

    OOC: if anyone not involved with the climaxes want to do a little thing, Tobduk-Koro is a bit destabilized from the destruction of the Stone Ruins. 

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    IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro

    The cross-wired Councilor winced he … he had not realized Stannis had sway over Aurex. Was that why the legendary Toa had encouraged him and Vulimai not to interfere with the League? He claimed he had revoked control over the Barraki but still...

    Ehlrek, he will need to be d-dealt with,” Kanohi swallowed, remembering the tales of Matoran experiments. Between his war crimes against Vahki and Matoran, he could not be left alone. There was no peace while people suffered under him.

    Kanohi suddenly caught a flash of reflected sunlight. Looking down he winced and turned towards Councilor NU, shuffling in his arms a long curved blade, shaped like a familiar staff.

    He spoke up, “Apologies, Councilor, I almost forgot. We started making Kanoka Blades. This one is for you, a Kanoka Blade of Weakening. I … mean it to be your badge of office, if that’s okay. It’s made from a disk with a level of six, the same as my Kiril Staff.

    The far smaller Matoran offered the blade to his equal, adding “Sucordak will forge more. If w-war must come, Tobduk-Koro M-must be prepared to defend itself and the refugees.

    OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Toru Nui

    IC Kardaka - Tobduk-Koro

    Kardaka stood back, leaning against her Badge of Office. It looked like the bulk of the refugees had been leeched of poison, maybe all of them. Between normal disks of remove poison and these blades crafted from them, they had been able to trade hundreds of Matoran.

    She turned to the Av-Matoran, and said, “I have done my part, where can I go to help this Admin?

    Avka pointed to the sky, her heartlight stopped, was the Admin already dead? But then she recognized in the distance that there was a floating shape. The Aqua Sphere. Right they … she could not remember the details, but that felt right for the Admin.

    Stay here,” she said, wincing at her bluntness, “help all you can. I will speak to the Taku’s crew about finding a way to the sky

    Okay just, hurry.” Avka fidgeted nervously, still looking at the sky. If the Admin was destroyed, would anything be left of the Ruins?

    The Turaga of Stone meanwhile hobbled away, shuffling her feet. As she moved she could feel through the stones below her steps, some rattled, mining was being done in this village. The land might suffer. But at least she felt less bad about taking this Kanoka Rod.


    Minion IC Sucordak - The Second “Forge” of Vakama 

    Sucordak nodded vaguely to the two Vahki as he continued to forge disks of weakening, best not to get involved. Kanoka and the products made from them, that was his field. Not dealing with Vahki affairs.

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  12. IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro

    The cross-wired Fe-Matoran let out a sigh, “That is a good answer. Thank you for being honest with me. Or at least, less obtuse, Kanohi shook his head, “Sorry. It’s been a lot, the island may be vanishing, Kini-Koro is abandoned, it’s a lot. I am…” He trailed off. He … if Stannis was being honest…

    He sighed and asked, “I … I hate to ask, but when you put me in charge, was it … and I am asking this because of my Duty to Tobduk-Koro. I know this is rude, crass, but I … I have to ask.” He swallowed, “did you appoint me here just to have someone you could influence in charge of Tobduk-Koro? I … I cannot help but see I am a poor choice for leadership.

    Then he spotted a familiar Vahki had approached, “Greetings, Councilor NU. Toa Stannis is … he has agreed with your warning,” Kanohi sighed, “maybe I should not have asked him directly in hindsight, but you were back, I was expendable. And I … had been warned by Acting Councilor Ulkarr before you. I … I had time to think it over. Though I am still not sure how we should proceed.

    OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Toru Nui

    IC Kardaka - Tobduk-Koro

    Kardaka tapped the Kanoka Rod against a refugee, and poison drained out of his body. The Steltian Bruiser shuddered as the color returned to his metal skin, before she walked away, using her Badge of Office to steady herself as she carried the tool to tap against more refugees.

    She let out a faint sigh. It was … strange. Unreal. Not the poisoned refugees, she recalled the many types of Riteborn. But, that many breeds were allowed here, slaves, servants, masters, Aspects too. It was … there was still inequality, the Av-Matoran and others with the Kanoka Blades were prioritizing their own kind. But they still drained poison from other breeds, they still were giving them shelter.

    This village was unequal, the buildings built for Matoran, the tools their size too. But even still, there was … not as drastic inequality as she remembered. It was … for a brief moment, she wondered what had happened in the Ark. What had changed.

    But then she pushed the thought aside. It did not matter how it happened, what mattered was tending to the ill, and mending this world. And if the world had grown even a fraction kinder, that was just something to celebrate, not for her to question.

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  13. IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro

    The cross-wired Fe-Matoran stumbled, falling to his feet. He shakily used his staff to pick himself up, to see a familiar Toa of Stone staring down at him. But was he even really a Toa? He … he had to face this fear. He owed it to the survivors of this island. 

    Kanohi shook his head and stood up. “Avka, please go to the refugees, give them the Kanoka Blades, treat their wounds. I … I need to speak with Toa Stannis.

    But the Admin—

    ”Please. Think … think of your fellow Matoran and other Protodermis. Unity is the greatest of the virtues, even when we forget it.” Avka huffed but left, hurrying to the others.

    As they left Kanohi turned to Stannis and swallowed. Shakily he said, “Wh-when I first met you, I was unfamiliar with other breeds of P-Protoderms. Everyone t-taller than me I assumed was a Toa,” he sighed, and asked, “Did I make that mistake again?

    OOC: @EmperorWhenua

    IC Kardaka - Tobduk-Koro

    Kardaka walked to the refugee camp, when a Matoran carrying a lot of tools stumbled into her. “Watch it you—” the Matoran’s eyes went wide and they shifted to a gold and white color scheme, save for their green rusted mask, “T-Turaga, we are in trouble. The Admin who runs the Ruins is in danger of dying. We must do something.

    She stared at the Matoran and nodded, “I … am unfamiliar with this Admin,” she paused, that name did sound a little familiar actually, though the Turaga could not place it. She continued, “but I know saving lives, and healing them, that is most important. I will try to help you, but first, I need to help the refugees of Kini-Koro.

    They huffed, but they relented. A Turaga of Stone she might be, but she still was a Turaga, she had once been a Toa. And Stone was not the worst element, not as good as Light or Plasma, but certainly more useful than Sonics. Less debilitating at least.

    These Kanoka Blades, they can remove poison, take one, they can help you leech poison from the refugees.” Kardaka nodded, eyeing the clubs. So many of them were lovely hammered and shaped, they almost resembled tree branches. Beautiful.

    But she did not deserve such beauty, so she took a simple Rod of a club, and hurried with the Av-Matoran to offer her support to the refugees. Avka followed her, still carrying the rest of the clubs.

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  14. IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro

    Kanohi walked across the streets of the village had had sworn to protect. That he had been appointed to protect. By Stannis. Stannis, what was your goal? Were you truly an Aspect? Why did you hide it? Were you like Sorilax, and changed your element? There was so much this Councilor did not know, but he hoped he could face whatever truth there was.

    He struggled to balance the many Kanoka Blades he carried, each strung on his arms, with one hand grasping his Kiril Staff for balance.  Up ahead he could see refugees huddling in crude tents, made of whatever materials the villagers could spare.

    With Kini-Koro fallen, only Ko-Pou and Tobduk-Koro remained.

    As he walked a Matoran threw himself at Kanohi’s feet. “A-Akiri, I have been looking for you. Th-the Admin, it says someone is trying to destroy it. In the Aqua Sphere.” Kanohi let out a long sigh, of course the Admin was in danger, everyone else was. His heartlight pounded briefly, but then he sighed.

    Please, help me c-carry these Kanoka Blades, to help treat the refugees.” He offered one of the Kanoka Blades to Avka, who took it, staring at it incredulously. 

    But the Admin—

    We cannot get to the Aqua Sphere, and we need to f-focus on one crisis at a time. We help the people we can. Help me carry these blades to the refugees, then you may go speak to the Taku. Perhaps Toa Knichou will be able to do more with his ability to fly.

    Avka sighed and grabbed some of the tools, before they and Kanohi hurried to the crowd, to try to help the injured.

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    IC “Komisti” - Tobduk-Koro

    The Vortixx swallowed, their hand fingering the hilt of their blade, trying to stay calm. Finally they spoke, “Councilor NU, you should … I cannot tell you what to do, you outrank me, and I am unskilled in social decency. But if Toa Knichou murdered someone, and threatens to dismantle you, Kanohi … will need to know that. I … know most of Tobduk-Koro might not care, I … I would not have cared once, before I met your group. But to threaten to kill a Councilor of Tobduk-Koro, that is an act of war. And Kanohi would care.

    IC Kardaka - Tobduk-Koro

    The Turaga of Stone emerged onto the village it … it it was so small, stuffed with refugee tents, no doubt survivors of Kini-Koro. The village proper was … it was not too poor, made of stone, metal, it was small, made for two hundred villagers or so. The homes were pretty uniform however, not built for taller beings. Only for Matoran.

    Kardaka sighed, and hurried along. She did not have time to judge had to help the refugees. She hurried towards the group of survivors, staggering into spurts of speed. Her big feet made her clumsy, even as she struggled to use her staff for balance. 

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  15. IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro

    Kanohi had finished assembling the mechanized hilt, even as Sucordak called out, “I am ready.” The Fe-Matoran nodded and walked over, and the two Matoran locked it into a long curved blade. It was a proper Kanoka Blade of Weakening, far longer than the others and made from a high level disk. It was not meant for a Matoran.

    I will keep forging disks and blades. You aid the refugees.” Kanohi nodded and grabbed a few of the Kanoka Blades of removing poison, plus the long blade of weakening. If he dumped into Councilor NU, he would offer the blade for her. She could consider it a badge of office, showing her as the other leader of this last village.

    He began to walk away, not grappling yet to better balance the stack of tools as he headed for the refugees. 

    OOC: @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui

    IC “Komisti” - Kini-Koro

    Komisti winced at their old name, it … it was not great how little folks cared to get their details right. Obviously Councilor NU probably did not remember they were going to change their name, let alone know what they had changed it too, but it still hurt a bit. Like how almost every Matoran called them a “he” or a “she.” The Matoran were more careful for their own kind but towards Komisti…

    It was too much like Xia. That toxic poisonous matriarchy, that society rigidly enforcing that binary. It had been horrific, particularly for a Vortixx who did not fit those boundaries. If Komisti had not escaped to Metru-Nui … they did not know what they would have done. Maybe tried to tear the whole island of Xia down.

    Still, that was not important now, “I traveled to Kini-Nui during the attack. I … hopefully the portal did not affect me, but the Matoran needed help. I was trying to stabilize the ground with my blade and mend buildings with my mask, but then a wave of poison struck us, coming from a second titanic beast.

    It exhausted me, I tried to keep helping, but I was not very useful after that. I did however see as the Kaita mechs fought the Tahtarok, the rain demon as it was known to the survivors of Po-Koro. The colossal mechs fought it, hacking it and ripping it apart, until at least they beheaded the beast. At least one of the giants is now dead. But others survive. Ulkarr revealed he knew where they were born, and I agreed to try to put a stop to them.

    Many refugees were poisoned, so Kanohi and Sucordak began making disks of remove poison. I was treated with one such disk, before me and Ulkarr approached Kanohi to try to end the giants. Kanohi agreed, provided I help him forge Kanoka Blades, to better protect the village. I … had meant to in the past and gotten distracted. We forged a few of the weapons, and Kanohi and Sucordak said they would keep making them. We were about to go when the airship arrived.

    OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui

    IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere

    The Desecrated Ga-Matoran startled as Two teleported, before seeing Sorilax’s creation teleporting to the mask. The dangerous living mask. She stumbled, and broke into a run, even if that child of Sorilax had a Life Kraata, there was no guarantee they were worthy. She calling out “W-wait—” but she was too clumsy on her feet, slipping and smacking to the ground.

    Mahrika recovered quickly, the scratches on her chassis filling in and polishing out until no trace remained. The power of Quick Healing. She sprinted off again, and her feet began to stumble less as their mass shifted and unfolded, her limbs adapting for sprinting. She had to stop them. 

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    IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro

    Kanohi hammered and shaped the metal, forging it into a shape not dissimilar to a single stalk of a cactus. As the metal hardened he stuck it back into the flames, and focused on the corner of his vision. Knichou’s upgrade to his mask had added a bit of a clock, Kanohi might not have the instinct for knowing when to remove the metal, but he had aids to help him.

    He pulled it out and resumed beating it. This mace would have the power of weakening, a fairly high power of it. Blades were … he was no good at them, making them sharp and thin, stretching the metal bare. But something thick and blunt, he was more capable of that.

    Finally he spoke up, “I-I am ready.” Sucordak nodded and brought over the handle, and they locked it in. These weapons were easier now, disregarding the weapons given to Komisti’s group, the village now had four Kanoka Blades, two to remove poison, two to weaken armor. Not many, but enough to do some good. 

    When Councilor NU returned, he would give her the mace of weakening. He had his Kiril Staff, she needed a badge of office too, a “Jutlin Mace.”

    I cannot stay much longer,” warned Kanohi, “I need to walk among the village, try to remove their poison. I can’t imagine a few disks will be able to help all of the refugees.

    Try to find Vulimai while you are there, we could use her help organizing the crowd.” Kanohi nodded, bowing low, before switching places with Sucordak to forge another weapon. 

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    IC “Komisti” - Kini-Koro

    Komisti nodded, walking over to their old vehicle. They hooking their new Kanoka Blade besides their old one, before they gripped the handles but did not slid on, they intended to walk with it beside them, carrying it while they kept pace when the group. And speaking of the group…

    They cleared their throat, gesturing their head to the Kanoka Blade whose ‘blade’ resembled a wooden club. They spoke, “Councilor Kanohi has donated two Kanoka Blades for our task, one to remove the poisons of the Riteborn, one for weakening armor.” They then gestured to the Big Bruiser, still holding the dagger. 

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    IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere

    The Desecrated Ga-Matoran stared in awe. A mask that was alive? That could even think? Even her illuminated mask lacked that power, that gift. And to hold the power of life itself? This … this could be what Sorilax needs. What she needs. And if it had power over life, was that how it would delete the Matoran? Drain the life from them? 

    Ignika,” she said finally, “You should realize by now, my memory has decayed over the millennia. I did not realize you were the Mask of Life. I … I only have faint memories of stories of such a mask, I do not remember your power. I can tell however that you are far out of my league, but I … would you mind telling us of your life? I worry now that me and Sorilax have been tricked. Toa Kas did just pull a gun on us.

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    IC Kanohi and “Komisti” - Tobduk-Koro

    Kanohi hammered away, as Sucordaj and Komisti went over the hilt. The technology was not intuitive to Sucordak, but Kanohi needed practice, and Sucordak needed to at least know the basics of assembling the whole blade. And the cross-wired Councilor had a design in mind,

    The Fe-Matoran hammered the metal unevenly, stretching and rounding it, pounding grains in its length. His optics closed frequently, not from a vision, but in memory. In memory of his his humble island home.

    The metal bent and shaped from his strikes, knots bunched up in it, it’s surface splintered in jagged bark. The metal disj took shape, forming a simple branch, a club of metallic Protodermis. 

    It’s … Its ready,” Sucordak nodded and carried over the hilt, slotting them together. As they locked the Lightstone glowed a pale orange, resonating with the Matoran of Plasma.  

    So shiny…” the Big Bruiser marveled. The trio turned to see her, and she shuffled awkwardly. Clearing her throat she said, “Oh um, sorry, got distracted. But Councilor? We are ready to go. Is Komisti ready?” Kanohi winced, he had been dreading this, but he had prepared a little.

    He walked to a corner and pulled out the small dagger of a Kanoka Blade. “We forged some tools for your journey. This dagger has the power of weakening, it should be able to damage armor and some foes with its corrosive powers. I am sorry it is so small, we meant to forge a bigger one but, the plague took priority.

    Sucordak brought over the club, which Komisti carefully picked up. Kanohi continued, “this club has the power to remove poison, it should help if the second beast that ravaged Kini-Koro tries to defend its home. It … it forged in the style of a Toa of Iron from my village, she was trained by a Turaga of Jungle, so her constructs always resembled the plant life of the swamp.

    I … are you sure?

    Yes,” Kanohi nodded, “we have a club to tend to our sick too.” He gestured to the corner, where a dull rod of Protodermis rested. Sucordak had forged that one.

    Komisti started to object but Kanohi interrupted, “we plan to make a few more of these clubs for Tobduk-Koro, and a few proper Kanoka Blades. I will be able to make more in Toa Fehagah’s style. Please, take this one.

    The Vortixx relented with a nod and started to go, before Kanohi called out, “wait.” Komisti turned and the Fe-Matoran swallowed, before saying, “make sure you return. We still need to give you your proper naming day, friend.” Komisti smiled wide before they and the Big Bruiser left, the bruiser admiring the dagger.

    Think I could attach this to my pickaxe?

    It needs to be held directly,” Komisti explained, and the Big Bruiser pouted, even as they reached Ulkarr and the others. The Vortixx winced, they … did not expect that big a crowd. Still, this task warranted this many. They spoke up, “Has my bike been recovered, or should I fetch it?” 


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  18. IC Kanohi and “Komisti” - Tobduk-Koro

    Kanohi thrust the disk into the furnace, as Sucordak stared into the flame with his light resistant optics. He watched it, lip pursed beneath his mask, before nodding “It’s ready.

    The Matoran of Iron pulled out the red hot disk, and Sucordak began to hammer it over and over again, stretching it. The metal rattled with each strike—

    Kanohi flinched as the metal snapped. “S-Sorry, I—

    It’s not your fault, I was hammering,” The Matoran of Plasma sighed, “well, shall we try another disk?

    I-I,” Kanohi winced, Sucordak was a far better disk maker, he should trust his judgement. But Kanohi, he had helped Cakama build his staff and he … he was getting better, he could pretty consistently make disks of weakening and regeneration. And he knew how to salvage mistakes.

    He swallowed and said, ”Are you sure? The remaining chunk of the disk is big, we might be able to make a Kanoka Dagger? I-I mean if the metal is still powered.

    Sucordak paused in thought, before tapping the split chunk of metal to the ground. As a small part of the ground crumbled Sucordak smiled, “Good instincts.

    Oh um, it’s not instincts, I just have broken a lot of disks.” Sucordak sighed, but it was too much of a hassle to disagree, and instead resumed hammering, shaping the Protodermis

    Kanohi, would you mind coming over, I could use a hand?” Kanohi looked to Sucordak who nodded, before walking over to Komisti. The Vortixx was assembling the mechanisms of the hilt.

    As the two of them worked Sucordak hammered, shaping and beating the former disk. The shape of a curved dagger emerged, almost like the talon of a deep sea beast.

    I am ready.” The Matoran of Plasma spoke as they finished the cross-shaped end of the dagger

    So are we,” answered Komisti, as Kanohi carried the hilt over. Sucordak and Kanohi slowly slid the two together, the cross fitting into the hilt. The device clicked, before a burnt orange light glowed in a gem in its hilt.

    Kanohi winced, the lightstone was glowing orange because he held the handle, the element of the user shown in the stone. And though his element was passive, he remained a Matoran of Iron.

    Well go on, test it.” Kanohi nodded and struck it against one of the broken disk from an earlier attempt. The shard of metal crumbled at the touch of the Kanoka Dagger, before turning to dust.

    We did it,” Kanohi beamed.

    We did. Now, we make a Kanoka Blade of Remove Poison.

    No,” The cross-wired Councilor shook his head, “we ... we should try make two, and to try to make a full sized Kanoka Blade of Weakening. Komisti and Ulkarr are to face the Tahtarok, they will need a way to treat poison, and another weapon could help them greatly. A Kanoka Dagger is fine for a Matoran’s proportions. For a Vortixx, bigger would be better.

    Then lets begin,” Sucordak gestured to Kanohi, who grabbed a lump of Protodemis with his tongs. The Fe-Matoran thrust it into the Fire, as Sucordak watched and Komisti began to build another handle.

    OOC: @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui

    IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou

    The Turaga of Stone filed onto the airship, wincing as she stepped on. There was no stone here, not even earth. This vessel seemed to be completely build of metal, which made sense, but it still was disconcerting.

    She would not be able to feel the ground through her cumbersome feet, nor have more rock to harness. All she would have is her mask and the pebbles she carried in her pouches. She would be much weaker, and if she fell...

    Kardaka swallowed, Rahi and other breeds did far more with far less powers than a Turaga. She would manage.

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  19. IC Kanohi and “Komisti” - Tobduk-Koro

    Kanohi flinched in the middle of Sucordak hammering a disk, nearby ruining it. They … he had heard there may be more than one of these titanic beasts, but for their to be a way to create more, in the hands of the native Skakdi…

    Komisti spoke up, “the rain demon is dead, two of the Kaita mechs were able to kill it. But there was another one with power over an exhausting poison, and if others are created, they could overwhelm the mechs. I … I need to accompany Ulkarr, try to stop more being created.

    Kanohi let out a sigh as Sucordak mended the disk, “I … if one of those beasts is dead, that is a relief. But if more can be made … I do not know however if we can spare Komisti. I had hoped to have them help me and Sucordak forge some sort of Kanoka Blade, just get the process down so we could begin making them on their own.

    I…” Komisti stumbled, they … they could not abandon the village could they? Not after Kini-Koro fell.

    H-here is my decision. Ulkarr, you are free to go and gather what supplies you need we can spare, along with recruiting help. You still are acting councilor while Councilor NU is away, I must respect your decision. And if the Tahtarok can be recreated, we need to know and try to stop it. And if you can’t, some of the scouts say the island’s shape is rapidly changing, we will need someone to map it, and figure out if Tobduk-Koro is in danger of sinking.

    While you prepare, Komisti will help me and Sucordak learn to forge a Kanoka Blade. Perhaps a Kanoka Blade of Weakening, since we can spare those disks to experiment,” Sucordak nodded and set aside the now finished disk, before he brought forth a few disks of weakening along with a few pieces of technology, he had gathered them in preparation for this, taken bits and ends from spare parts in the radio tower and parts scavenged from the Impact.

    I have some experience with making my staff, Sucordak is our best disk maker, and Collector made their Kanoka Blade. Between the three of us, we should be able to make one. When you return, Komisti can go with you, should we have made enough headway. Once they leave, the two of us should ge able to make more.

    A-alright,” Komisti nodded, relieved that they could go. They moved to Sucordak, and began to check over the parts included. They had plenty of Protodermis luckily thanks to the mine, hopefully they could forge any other parts they needed. 

    OOC: @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui

    IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere

    The Desecrated Ga-Matoran began to use her telescopic lens on the moving words that covered the wall, trying to see if she could adapt to their motions if she tried long enough. Her Fitch power was adaptation after all, if she kept at her, her optics might become more precise, and her brain module might adjust to read quicker. 

    OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru 

    IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou

    The Turaga of Stone winced, but relented, following after Klawne to the flying vessel. “Have … have you ever flown in something like this before?” Kardaka asked her fellow Turaga with a tinge of worry. She still was unfamiliar with the technology of the Ark, and to ride in this vessel through the skies, it was worrisome.

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    IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro

    Kanohi relaxed a bit, releasing a long held sigh, “If they are willing, yes. We … we will need their help. Disks have limited use, and are at their strongest when used with force. If we can use their knowledge, and my experience helping make my Kiril Staff, we can forge something like a Kanoka Blade of Remove Poison.

    Sucordak coughed and Kanohi pulled the current disk out of the furnace, before the Matoran of Plasma began to hammer it again. “It would be good to at least go over the process once, then Kanohi and I should be able to do it on our own. Make Kanoka Blades of Weakening too.

    OOC: @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui

    IC “Komisti” - Kini-Koro

    The Big Bruiser waved after them, “Let me know when it’s time to go, I will try to help the refugees until then.” She turned and resumed wiped the poison off the refugees with her cloth, her powerful armors rubbing them aggressively.

    Komisti nodded and followed after Ulkarr, their steps wider and quicker. With the poison leeched from their body they found themself as energetic as before. As they walked they spoke to Ulkarr, “We cannot deprive the village of their resources, but we still may want to request to bring a disk of poison removal with us, in case we run into more of that breed of Riteborn.

    OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui

    IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere

    The Desecrated Ga-Matoran did not respond at first, still turning the disk of freezing around. She … she should do it, after all, with her mask frozen to her, she could test the abilities of her mask’s new power, see how well she could heal. And it would prevent her from loosing this wonderful mask. A mask blessed by her new friend, whose lens was built by her beloved.

    With a tap she knocked the disk of freezing to her head, before rolling it around where her head met the mask. The cold stabbed at her sensors, but only for a second. Almost immediately she felt her body shudder and adapt, the cold no longer overwhelming, the wound from frostbite diminished.

    T-there,” she shivered briefly as she continued to heal and adapt to the damage she had done to her head, “N-now, what were we doing?

    OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru 

    IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou

    The Turaga of Stone flinched, and averted her gaze. “I … I had not meant to worry you. I…” she struck her arm suddenly with her Badge of Office, striking her over and over. Finally she asked, “You said this flying boat is headed to a village, where the survivors of Kini-Koro fled to, correct? I … I suppose for now I can try to secure the refugees housing.

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    IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro

    Kanohi let out a long held sigh, as Sucordak interrupted as he hammered a mostly rounded lump of Protodermis, “We have just about finished two more disks as well.” Kanohi winced and went back to focusing on holding the budding disk firmly.

    As he did he said, “I know, he already has a lot of sway. He put me in charge of Po-Koro after all. But … it’s worth investigating exactly what kind of person has that kind of influence. If he has ulterior motives, then all of us may be in … in trouble. Sorry I … unchecked power is, it’s what led to the League, and the destruction of our old universe.

    He paused, “That can wait though. Has … has Komisti, the former Collector, have they been spotted by the way? I know they went to guard the portal to the village, that was some time ago.

    OOC: @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui

    IC “Komisti” - Kini-Koro

    The Big Bruiser, “Oh, um, sure, I guess we do need to figure out where the giants are coming from. What happened in Kini-Koro by the way?

    We were fortunate.” Komisti let out a sigh as the poison was leeched out of them. They stretched their limbs, their energy returning, before adding, “The gigantic mechs that were unlocked by the victims of the NUVA doors, two of them were able to fight the rain demon. They were victorious, the monster is dead.

    OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui

    IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere

    The Desecrated Ga-Matoran nodded, and gestured towards her disk of remove poison. Telepathically they answered, “I more than understand. And thank you for asking me if I would want to have this wonderful illuminated mask, instead of just pushing it on me. I trust you.

    The mask was so wonderful, the slight hum, the warm glow, the way it hugged her face, she felt the urge to use her disk of freezing to freeze it to her head, so no enemies could deprive her of this wonder. That was a very tempting offer, she had a strong enough disk of freezing, and the mask’s power would let her recover from frostbite. Yes, why should she not freeze it to her head?

    Maheika pulled out her disk of freezing, turning it over in her hand. Why, with a few taps, this glorious mask could not be separated from her. And the telescopic lens, the one Vokarda made her, it would be contained in her as well. That … that could only be a good thing.

    OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru 

    IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou

    The Turaga of Stone bowed, leaning on her staff. “I … still do not know the way to the portal, however. If anyone of you could direct me, I would appreciate your assistance.

    OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend You can always delay telling her so she can’t get herself killed yet.

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  22. IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro

    Kanohi shook his head as another disk was hammered into shape, “The truth of Stannis is not the priority right now, first we need to help the poisoned refugees. But we will need to learn more. If Stannis is like Ulkarr, w-we need to be aware that Matoran could sacrifice people to him for additional power. I … don’t want to believe he would accept those deals, but we need to know what he is capable of. Especially because for anyone he desecrates he would become their master.

    OOC: @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui

    IC “Komisti” - Kini-Koro

    Komisti nodded, “I … I suppose you are right.” They were still a bit dizzy from the poison. They did not believe the toxin was directly lethal, just physically draining and exhausting. And if Komisti was going to try to … prevent more gigantic beasts from being created, they would need to be at their peak.

    OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui

    IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere

    The Desecrated Ga-Matoran dropped her disk as Two infected Kas. She … she knew Sorilax was strong, but he and his children could desecrate at will? Without consent? That … she did not know about illuminating masks, but she had assumed it was same rules as Desecration. Could … could Sorilax illuminate anyone he chose?

    And he had asked her permission. And given her such a wonderful shimmering mask too. She smiled and bent over to pick up her disk. As she held it she remembered what Sorilax had said. If they need to depower Kas, the Disk of Remove Poison he gave her could do it. Not that illumination was poison, it was a gift. It must be like how medicine and poison can be the same substance, just in different doses.

    Mahrika shook her head, Sorilax was asleep as was Kas, apparently now in a psychic duel. She would need to guard them with two. Gripping her Kanoka she readied herself to fight, should the Vahki or any other threat approach.

    OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru just to check, do we have elemental powers back? Because otherwise, Kas’s new upgrade won’t affect all that much 

    IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou

    The Turaga of Stone winced, “I know I would likely not survive, but I … I should still try. Too many have died on this island, we should not lose more.” They closed their optics and shuddered, she cannot, should not abandon her duty to the living. 

    OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend

    IC Minions Avka and The Big Bruiser - Tobduk-Koro

    Avka hurried away, they had to find more help. In the meantime the Big Bruiser approached Ulkarr, “Um, hi, is something the matter?

    OOC: @Toru Nui

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  23. IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro

    Kanohi for once did not panic, just let out a sigh as he continued to help Sucordak forging the disk. He did not seem to respond, and for a moment, Suvordak was surprised at how calmly he took it in. Did he trust Stannis so much that the concern did not even impact him. 

    Finally the Fe-Matoran spoke up, his voice aged beyond his years. “The Aspect Ulkarr expressed similar fears, he suspected the necklace Stannis gave me was at least partly made of the essence of an Aspect. And Stannis has been a bit irrational recently, flipping from his old worship of Mata-Nui to openly dismissing him. And I spoke to Sorilax, he seems to hate his breed. And he specifically tried to warn us from infecting our masks. I do not think he would ally with Ulkarr. Ulkarr seemed angry at him, Sorilax spoke to me using a sphere of silence, excluding Ulkarr from the secrets he shared.

    Kanohi and Sucordak continued to work and he continued, ”And to speak of the Muaka in the room, it is hard to dismiss the fact that I am a poor leader. I panic easily, I lack experience, I cower from difficult choices. But Stannis in his wisdom still put me in charge of Po-Koro, without consulting the villagers. I would be a bad leader, but I could be a … a useful pawn. When Stannis first met me, I was almost a worshiper of the Toa. Easy to manipulate for a legendary Toa.

    He sighed as the disk finished forging, before Sucordak began work on the next, “Councilor NU, Toa Knichou, Sorilax, and Ulkarr all distrust Stannis and believed him to be an Aspect. They could be wrong, but … it does need to be investigated. At least to discover exactly what had made so many different people all come to the conclusion he is an Aspect. It may be a misunderstanding or manipulation from someone else. I will add, Sorilax and Vulimai confirmed that Aspects can possess people they have desecrated, it’s possible Stannis might now be a puppet of an Aspect. We have not seen much of him since the Impact, we do not know all his actions.

    Kanohi had been debating this topic for some time in his head, for once he was vaguely prepared for this topic. Though his heartlight still pounded all the while.

    OOC: @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui

    IC “Komisti” - Kini-Koro

    Komisti was never the best at reading the expressions and behaviors of others, they were still trying to unlearn every toxic lesson Cia taught them. Even now, they struggled to mourn that accursed island. So even if they noticed Ulkarr’s pleasure in the Admin dying, they did not recognize it.

    I cannot say I am too haunted if the Admin does pass. They are far too nonchalant about the radiation of the NUVA door. Yes, the Kaita mechs defeated a Tahtarok where even the Taku failed, but … the changes it did to Atamai and Arkius…

    They shook their head, hopefully if the Admin did die it would not be volatile, with Tobduk-Koro so nearby, they dreaded to think what would happen if the ruins detonated. 

    OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui

    IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere

    The Desecrated Ga-Matoran readied her disk. She had not yet felt the barrier binding her Flame Sword diminish, which meant it’s elemental power was still bound. She was not at full strength. But Kas was a Toa, without his element, he could only rely on his Mask of Quick Travel and any weapons he carried, like that strange tubed tool. She was used to not having an element. He was far more weakened.

    As she held her Kanoka at the ready, she telepathically spoke up to Sorilax, “Ignika, I do not recognize the word, but I believe it means Life. This must be what brought you here. Kas’s mask is a powerful mask of Quick Travel, he can teleport himself along with another person. I do believe he has a few other Noble masks too. What do you suggest we do?” 

    OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru 

    IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou

    The Turaga of Stone flinched at the mechanical being with her mandibles, staggering under her own weight. There was indeed a Riteborn on the island, but the conjugation, was there more than one? And even if there was only one, it was already attacking a refugee camp? The … the people…

    She had her penance to perform. 

    Planting her staff firmly on the ground she managed to croak, “I … I need to go to Kini-Koro now then, I cannot waste more time. I have … have to try to rescue anyone caught in the chaos. Try to mend their homes. I am just one Turaga. Tell me where is the portal.

    OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend

    IC Minions Avka and The Big Bruiser - Tobduk-Koro

    Avka watched as the poison oozing down the Matoran’s face suddenly was drained off of them, sucking into the disk. The village had remove poison disks? That was a relief, they could treat the survivors of Kini-Koro now. Though, how long would a disk holdout trying to heal a whole village?

    In the meantime they spoke up, “We have a problem, the Admin, it says someone is trying to kill it, fro, inside the Aqua Sphere. If it’s destroyed,it could damage Tobduk-Koro, and we will lose the weapon against the rain demon. We need to do something.

    The Big Bruiser stared, “I … do we even have a way to fly that high? I guess there is the Taku, but they were in Kini-Koro when the … Rain Demon attacked. And some survivors claim a second giant beast was there too, hurling poison.

    OOC: @Unreliable Narrator

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  24. IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere

    The Desecrated Ga-Matoran followed after Sorilax and Two, her hands gripping her Kanoka and the hilt of the Elemental Weapon on her back. She felt the glow of her infected around her eyes, felt Vokarda squirming in her chest. She was as ready as she could be.

    As she followed after the Aspect and his Rahkshi, one last thought brushed against her. Telepathically she reached out to Sorilax and asked, “I … earlier I think you were wary of speaking around the Admin, but I noticed you were disturbed by how alive those Vahki were. What exactly was strange about them? I do not wish to upset you, but I would like to know in case there are some of them up ahead.

    OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru 

    IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou

    The Turaga of Stone bowed low, “I am sorry we could not meet in better times, Nixie.” As Iradra began to speak up, approaching, Kardaka winced. Not in disgust, though she was wary of how many Matoran, Toa, and Turaga were here. It worried her that she had not seen many of the slaves that had left on the Ark. Had they died in the crash? Or been wiped out millennia previously, and that was why the Ark crashed.

    But again, that was not why she winced. She could not judge them, she could only judge herself. And she was wary of interrupting. Still she mustered her strength, “Excuse me, all of you, I have heard there is a portal to a large village called Kini-Koro here. Do any of you know where it is located, so I can inform them that Ko-Pou must be evacuated and ask if they know anything about Energized Protodermis.

    She turned to Nixie at that, she had not forgotten that the afflicted Matoran would need a more long term solution to their sickness, and that they would need to know how the mutagen leeched into the Matoran. 

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