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  1. I have an Ignika now. How did THAT happen?

  2. Bionicle's back, with a sleek new design, awesome weapons, and...Wait, WHERE'S ONUA?

  3. If Bionicle returns in 2015, that's great. If not, then let's all just wait and see. If Hasbro can give MLP story and character depth, then maybe Lego's got something up their sleeve.

  4. YESSSSS!!!! Fumoffu!!!!

    YAAAAAAY!!! >_

  5. Happy late b- day nyo!

  6. Oooooooo nyo! What anime is THIS banner from nyo?

  7. It's supposed to be like a cat meow nyo. It's from the show Di Gi Charat nyo.

  8. WHOA nyo! Nice MOC nyo!

  9. YES!!!! GO DW!!!! WAHOOOOOO!!!!!!

  10. I just commented on myself.Haha.

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