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  1. To make it accessible to newbies, I’d say give the characters amnesia. As in, Toa Mata arriving on Mata Nui, “what’s a Toa?” level amnesia. So the players discover the setting and unwrap the mystery at the same pace as their characters do, rather than the characters supposedly having all this prior knowledge that the player doesn’t. So they won’t even know what elemental powers they have until they use them for the first time. If you want, you can drop exposition in small chunks by the characters getting flashbacks to their old lives at plot convenient moments. The challenge for you as the game master is to really, really strip down Bionicle lore into what is really essential for the story you are trying to tell. The advantage of the Red Star is that it gives you limitations to work within, but they don’t have to meet, say, every single dead character from canon just because you would find it cool. You need to put yourself in your players’ shoes and tell a coherent story for them, not an indulgent fanfic for people already invested in the franchise.
  2. I do like the “freaks out at the prank and smashes into a rock” take. It’s such a Hewkii thing to do, and is exactly the sort of thing Po-Matoran would make dumb jokes about. Interestingly, Hewkii isn’t the only Matoran who can do this, apparently Dalu breaks walls with her head when she’s angry.
  3. Yeah, it didn’t say the prank gave him the ability, only that he learned it afterwards. Although Po- Matoran absolutely would joke that the water had mystical properties and made him immune to concussion or something. Maybe they play similar pranks on each other ostensibly to bestow good luck. I liked to think the original prank was Hewkii’s mask coming off while he was training (which happens all the time), and Macku hands it back to him after hiding pieces of wet sea sponge in the cheeks of the mask. When he puts it on... SQUELCH. Cue the running around screaming part.
  4. A randomized Rahkshi set may have been doable (get the head, back, hands and feet in a matching colour, with a random kraata, spine and staff shape). Or a build-your-own option online. The latter option would probably cost twice as much as your standard set though.
  5. IIRC there was an official poll asking about favourite Matoran from each element, and Hahli was more popular than Macku, probably because of Mask of Light and MNOG 2.
  6. This sponge. Which I had managed to last over 10 years without thinking about until now.
  7. I like to think Rahkshi vary a bit bt depending on which Makuta they came from. Some are just taller and lithe, others are short and tanky. There may even be some that are semi quadrupedal like gorillas Some may have a single headed spear, or two daggers rather than staffs. Every Makuta has a signature style. Maybe the physical traits vaguely resemble the bodies that the Makuta used to have, and some trace of their organic form is passed on to th3 Rahkshi. There may even be slight variations in powers to account for some canon inconsistencies.
  8. Another interesting thing about the Nuva is that they sometimes use their elements as one would a limb, e.g. Gali has been known to make fists out of water and punch stuff, Pohatu does the same with stone. We haven’t seen Toa from other teams do this as far as I recall, so it may be unique to them. So my guess is that Hydraxon not only trained them in hand to hand combat, but used it as the basis of elemental attacks as well. Another explanation is that, depending on how you imagine the Toa Mata looking, some or all of them may not have had proper hands before they became Nuva. Gali may have just learned to use her element as prostheses for mundane tasks and later realised she could throw punches with the same trick.
  9. The Toa Mata would, courtesy of Hydraxon, they would be professionally trained for all kinds of combat. The Metru... no martial arts training, they were all promoted from non-combat professions. Onewa, Whenua and Nuju could have had a small amount of training from Lhikan, but given the timeframe I imagine the priority would be on training use of mask and elemental powers. The Mahri are a mixed bag. Jaller, Kongu and Hewkii- yes. They all had some military experience and would be prepared to fight armed or unarmed. Hahli and Matoro- Not conventional combat training but both played Kohlii professionally. I personally headcanon that the Turaga deliberately selected Matoran they thought were likely to become Toa for the Kohlii teams, and the training that comes with it is composed of skills a Toa might need ( e.g. staying focused balancing on a pole? Actually useless for playing kohlii, but the mental discipline it cultivates can be useful for someone with powers.) So there is likely to be something that translates to fighting skills. Nuparu- nope. Whenua did NOT see that one coming. Sorry dude.
  10. I headcanon that the Spear of Fusion can be directed by the user’s intent for both fissions and fusions. Vezon was a total accident made without any particular intent, so he got a very random assortment of traits. Vezon did threaten to split the Toa Inika into their Matoran and Toa selves, and if he’d zapped them with that intent, that may have been roughly what he got. Then again, it could just as likely be that fissions are always random, and Vezon was just rambling about nothing again. As far as you fic is concerned though, it can work however you, the author, wants it to and still be pretty close to what we know of it in the canon.
  11. https://books.google.com.au/books/about/The_Real_Toy_Story.html?id=H9kSRbYITlYC&printsec=frontcover&source=kp_read_button&newbks=1&newbks_redir=1&redir_esc=y This one here, published in 2007. That said, it has been over a decade since I read it, so I could be misremembering something I read elsewhere as being from that book. Apologies if that’s the case. I no longer have the book so unfortunately I can’t check.
  12. A book I read called “ The real toy story” ( published before Bionicle G1’s end) also alluded to the story team allegedly having 20-30 years worth of story sketched out, so I’d say that lends some weight to it. At the very least, the rumour has been around a long time.
  13. What if Umbra’s eyes are how he uses his power? As in, a sort of laser targeting system. He focuses his eyes on a trajectory, then projects a beam from his eyes which is followed by the rest of him in light form. This probably happens too quickly for other beings to observe, but projecting his path a second before he takes it would prevent him suffering potential hazards while in light form. Running into a prism, for instance.
  14. Matoran. It costs nothing to be respectful. When it comes to cultural appropriation, the difference between acceptable and unacceptable depends on the norms of the culture being referenced or borrowed from. Using Japanese names or aesthetics is generally considered fine, as there is a high degree of cultural exchange between Japanese and Western cultures. With Maori, and some other cultures, the knowledge and language are considered cultural intellectual property, and use without permission is not only a moral but also legal violation. I’m honestly surprised Lego got to keep words like “Toa”, and I’d be fine with it if they changed those names in a hypothetical future reboot.
  15. The physical body is transported and repaired as much as needed, which in some cases may require significant rebuilding, hence the “ new body” phrasing. But they do need a body to work from, beings who have been disintegrated cannot be revived. Presumably they need the brain or CPU ( whatever contains the being’s essential information) more or less intact to be successful.
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