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  1. >Posting this right before Eva drops on Netflix boi you ain't subtle smh
  2. I don't want to get my hopes up but I'll be darned if they're not getting up on their own anyway
  3. >2008 was ten years ago I refuse to accept this how dare you do this to me Seriously speaking, 2008 was the year I got into Bionicle, so I obviously have some fond feelings towards it (even if the sets were kinda mediocre).
  4. I will always want a G3 Bionicle that stays true to the spirit of the original while doing its own thing, but I don't know how practical that is from a marketing standpoint. Considering the backlash a lot of recent reboots have gotten, Lego might not want to step into that market right now.
  5. BZPower really is pretty ancient as far as still-functioning websites go. I guess that speaks to the dedication of the Bionicle fanbase and the people on the forums themselves. It's pretty dead compared to how it was back when Bionicle was running, but hey, considering it's been seven years since the OG Bionicle the site was made for ended, what we still have going is pretty impressive. I'm not nearly as active as I used to be, mostly thanks to losing interest in Bionicle and LEGO in general, but as long as BZP is still around, I'll still be checking in every once in a while.
  6. I have never needed a LEGO set more in my life
  7. Me: "Yeah I'm totally out of my Bionicle phase" My recent eBay purchase history: *laughs in yard sale*

  8. You think my choice of waifus is in bad taste. I'll get my BZP Wife to fight you as well.
  9. old post rip but the post you're talking about here is making fun of traditional views on gender idk what the problem is I'm ready to take it to the street. I hope you've made peace with the both the big guy and your bad taste in waifus............
  10. This thread is a trainwreck but so am I so I'll chime in and say Kiina is best Bioniwaifu and I will fight anyone who says otherwise in the streets
  11. Blue dot on the Toa?Nuva on the... I'm confused haha Monocle on the Bionicle, I believe it's meant to be. Monocles on the Bionicles, correcto.
  12. Now, shall we begin the experiment?

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