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  1. Still, it could be said that Fa-Matoran generally try to avoid places that would mess up their excellent sense of direction. Maybe that could be their (at least implied) preferred environment?
  2. So if Fa-Matoran have internal compasses wouldn't this mean if they lived near a source of magnetism their sense of direction would be messed up? I wonder what kind of environment they would prefer now that they have this internal compass ability. Wait a minute, according to BS01 Su-Matoran prefer hot regions, so does this mean they have both heat resistance (like Ta-Matoran) along with the eye-shields?
  3. I remember reading something about the Iron Tribe having elemental weapons that fired "bolts of metal." That's pretty much like a gun isn't it? Or a harpoon.
  4. Kind of off topic but I just noticed the third toa from the left kind of looks like it could be Gali, as you can sort of see the shape of a Kaukau. Probably just a coincidence, though.
  5. I wonder if a Toa of the Green could do anything to achieve flight. Who knows, maybe there is a species of large, flying/floating plant life somewhere on SM, (like the peahats from zelda) and they could re-create them and hitch a ride or something. I never thought of a Toa of Iron creating a helicopter out of metal, that's actually pretty clever. Assuming one could be skilled enough to build one that was lightweight enough. Doesn't it say somewhere on BS01 that Takanuva is experimenting with doing that technique that umbra uses by turning himself into pure, living light? Perhaps if he could eventually figure out how to do it then Light could be considered an element capable of flight as well. Because if I remember correctly Umbra could fly while in light form. Could a Toa of Lightning somehow manipulate electricity to create magnetic fields that would enable flight?
  6. Could places with frequent electrical storms possibly count as "places with a lot of power"?Also, how should the preferred environment be described on BS01? "High-powered regions" or something along those lines?
  7. Whatever tribe their armor was the color of. If they were wearing red armor, they would say that they are from the Fire Tribe.Except there is no tribe that wears yellow/orange armor. What I'm asking is if they had to make up a name for their "tribe" based on an element, what could it be, hypothetically?
  8. So you know how the surviving Iron Tribe members changed their armor colors to orange and yellow in order to pass off as a tribe of a different element? Well, we know that this tribe they were trying to pretend to be never existed, but I always wondered: if someone were to ask them on the spot "What tribe are you from?" what would they say? The Plasma Tribe? The Autumn-Colored Leaves Tribe?I mean, yeah, no one fell for it, so no one would have asked them, but still.
  9. If they didn't have powers, then how was that one imprisoned GB in that fortress able to freeze time and space across a parallel universe? As far as I remember those abilities weren't confirmed to be the result of him touching the Ignika.Then again, I guess you could say that he could have possibly built and hid a machine somewhere that can track his location, read his thoughts, and do those things for him, though there's no evidence to suggest that.
  10. Though it has been shot down many times, I always liked the idea of the GBs being humans who used technology to grant themselves longer lifespans, powers, etc.For now I'm just assuming them to be some other species on SM.
  11. Um... wouldn't their armies be composed of members of their own species? I. e. Kalmah leads an army of his species, Ehlek leads another with his, and so on.
  12. "Really hard" doesn't necessarily mean "just not possible." With enough training, or perhaps with enough experience and potency in using Psionics in the same way that Helryx does with Water, who knows?With all due respect, I don't understand how you guys can come to the conclusion of whether or not a fictional ability is possible in a certain way when, again, we don't have any idea how this would work in real life. The arm thing was just a metaphorical example, and it wasn't supposed to mean that using telekinesis to lift yourself in the air is the same as (or even as difficult as) lifting yourself off the ground with one arm.Like I said, this really all depends on whether or not telekinesis works in the way that I described it with the frozen lake example. And I don't think this is something that we can really figure out on our own using logic, and we'd only get a definitive answer if we were able to ask Greg about it.Edit: Just now saw Bonesiii's post. Did not know Greg said they couldn't. I guess that pretty much settles this debate.
  13. This is kind of a confusing thing to debate about since telekinesis doesn't exist in real life and we have no idea how it works. :PBut that's exactly what I mean. A Psionics Toa can't push a planet, so instead wouldn't he/she just get pushed back into the air? The ground doesn't necessarily have to be "large" either (I know how literally incorrect that sounds), the Toa could just be focusing on a small spot on the ground. Not the ground as a whole.Since we're comparing Telekinesis to an arm, let me put it this way - say Telekinesis is like an invisible arm.Suppose only Jebraz's arm is invisible, and the rest of his body was still normal. He does a one-handed handstand on his invisible arm and pushes against the ground, lifting the rest of his body upwards, thus giving him the appearance that he's floating in the air. I know Telekinesis is not the same thing as literally having an invisible arm, but why couldn't it work in a similar way?I guess what it comes down to is whether or not telekinesis can be used to push yourself away from an object. For example, if a Toa of Psionics were standing on a near-frictionless surface (such as a frozen lake) and tried to use telekinesis to push a nearby flagpole (or any other kind of immovable object), would the Toa start sliding away from it in the opposite direction? Or would nothing happen?Did Greg ever say anything about whether or not Psionics Toa could fly or levitate?
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