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  1. Chapter 5, Act 2 should also be up soon, if interested.

  2. Chapter 4, Act 2 has been up for a little while if you wanted to know, and it's actually my favorite chapter yet.

  3. Are you Matoro1 from TBW.

  4. Sorry I forgot to tell you, Chapter 4, Act 1 is up if you want to read it. Probably won't though.

  5. Dunno why you want to be my friend, but I'll accept it anyway. : D

  6. Welcome, cool banner!

  7. Are you really 100?

  8. Yep, I'm the same Toa 95 everyone knows and loves!

  9. Are you the same Toa 95 as on TBW?

  10. Tuma55

    Why did you lock my topic on what year would be the best movie?

  11. Haven't had much time to write...but I'll try to write it pretty fast and run it by Hero, okay?

  12. When's the next chapter coming?

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