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  1. Well, guys, it's been a wonderful six years on BZPower. I've met so many wonderful people, had so many great discussions and gotten to share art and ideas. I'm so glad I could be a part of the community. But I think it's time I say farewell. My interests have changed over the years, and while I will always have a place for Bionicle in my heart (gosh, thinking of the memories I've had on this site and the nostalgia that [1st gen] Bionicle brings makes me want to cry), I've moved on to new things. I wish you all well and will miss being a part of such a great community and a great forum. I may come back every so often to see what's up, but for the most part, this is my last leg of the BZPower journey. -Rez
  2. Metroid is hands down my favourite game franchise. Can't believe it's been 30 years! It's a bit disappointing, because I never got a chance to play the Prime series, which looked amazing. But I've played through Zero Mission and Fusion multiple times, I've played Prime Hunters (the Nintendo DS game), I've played Other M, but am yet to finish it, the original Metroid, Metroid 2: Return of Samus and a bit of Super Metroid. I wish I had the tenacity to go for 100% runs, but I mostly went for speed runs on Zero Mission and Fusion. I think a list of your top 10 favourites would be really cool! -Rez
  3. As far as I know, gifting Premier Membership has no benefits other than making the recipient's day. Also, I'm sure the admins can check out info on Premier status, but there really isn't a way to find out who gifted it to you unless they tell you. If you had paid yourself, you could check when you had made the payment and calculate how much Premier Membership you had left, but in your case, I'd say you're out of luck. You might be able to ask B6 how long you have left, but if the gifter wishes to remain anonymous, I'm not sure that B6 can tell you who it is. -Rez
  4. Reznas

    What's your favorite font?

    100% Tahoma. If I could write my college papers in Tahoma I would, but unfortunately, Times New Roman is the standard. -Rez
  5. Happy Holidays! ^_^

    1. Ghidora131


      Nuu its not politically correeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect


      *is shot down by a band of reindeer*

    2. The Hip Historian Iaredios

      The Hip Historian Iaredios

      *was actually me in a reindeer costume*

    3. Ghidora131


      *curses all boy band reindeer for all eternity*

  6. In that case, you may be out of luck. :\ It's possible it could be hidden elsewhere on the internet, but that's unlikely. -Rez
  7. Depending on how old it is, you may not be able to find it. Over the years we've lost lots of topics because of downtimes, hackings, etc. If you check out the Wayback Machine or some internet cache, there might be an old copy of the topic somewhere around. You just might not be able to find it on BZP. :\ -Rez
  8. Well, I didn't think batman could give me motion sickness, but apparently he can. o.O -Rez
  9. You know, I once asked a priest that question. He scoffed at the question and immediately left the pulp-it. :trollface: -Rez
  10. I think you've overestimated what a million dollars can get you there. I think you've missed the bolded section. -Rez
  11. If I had a million dollars, I would buy an island, specifically Australia and destroy all spiders, snakes and things that can kill me from it and keep all of those glorious accents around. Only problem is, even with a million dollars, I'll still have an economy down under... -Rez
  12. Reznas

    Mask of Murk

    This legitimately looks sick...like next level sick. -Rez
  13. Hey! Don't be discouraged when you don't get comments. No comments doesn't equal bad comics. I have seen some very bad comic series that got lots of comments. I didn't read through every part of the comic, but from what I saw, these are really awesome! I like how you took real pictures and cartoonified them! It's a nice effect that I haven't seen much of before. I also really like the effects you added. Most of them looked pretty clean, and they weren't randomly placed. Great work! -Rez
  14. Actually, while there is a forum for asking BZP-related questions (the BZPower Q&A), there is a part of the site called the Tracker where you can post issues you find, as well as suggestions. You might want to head over to the tracker and submit an issue. -Rez
  15. Personally I think half of this thread has been an absolute disgrace to what the men and women of 9/11 sacrificed their lives for: YOU. Quit arguing about politics and maybe honour the people that experienced horrible deaths, and honour their families who suffered great tragedy. -Rez EDIT: And for the record, we don't honour September 11th to bash America or get angry about the things that it's done wrong since 9/11/01: we honour it because we want to commemorate the men and women who died to a brutal and merciless act. It's not about religion or politics, it's about common decency for fallen heroes.
  16. So I just released a remix of a track if you want to go check it out. I'd really appreciate it. -Rez
  17. Reznas

    Earbud Advice?

    As an audio engineer, I just want to agree with what others have said about Beats probably not being the way to go. Shockwave is right in saying that $200 or more is when you start getting studio quality. I would even say that upwards of $100-$150 are when you start getting some lower quality studio pairs. Depending on what you want, there are a lot of really cheap earphones out there, like everyone has mentioned, that get you really good quality for their price range. But if you're really looking for a nicer pair, don't go with beats. Sennheiser makes some great high-end earphones, and there are lots of other notable brands that make great ones. I've had some good experience with Philips, as well. -Rez
  18. Hey, congrats on releasing an album! Pretty spectacular feat in an age of EPs if I don't say so myself. Little short on cash right now, but I'll see if I can pick this up! -Samuel
  19. Reznas

    t h0r

    I'm having trouble deciding whether it's a Bionicle sprite comic or not. -Rez
  20. You got the right account. Hope to see a lot more awesome stuff from you soon! -Rez
  21. Oh, hey, another producer around. I hadn't realized. I dropped you a follow on Soundcloud. You've got to some really good stuff. I might just have to pick up this album when it comes out. -Rez
  22. Is your version of Internet Explorer up-to-date? And do you have JavaScript enabled? You may want to post an issue in the Tracker and see if you can get some technical help. Maybe some other members are experiencing a similar problem? -Rez
  23. Reznas

    Hakuna Vakama

    Hakuna Vakama! What a wonderful phrase Hakuna Vakama! Ain't no passing craze It means lots of worries for the rest of your days It's our problem-filled philosophy Hakuna Vakama! Hakuna Vakama? Yeah. It's our motto! What's a motto? Nothing. What's a-motto with you? Those two words will solve all your problems That's right. Take Nui-Jaga here Why, when he was a young Rahi... When I was a young Rahi Very nice Thanks He found his aroma lacked a certain appeal He could clear Mata Nui after every meal I'm a sensitive soul though I seem thick-skinned And it hurt that my friends never stood downwind And oh, the shame He was ashamed Thought of changin' my name What's in a name? And I got downhearted How did ya feel? Everytime that I... Hey! Nui Jaga! Not in front of the kids! Oh. Sorry Hakuna Vakama! What a wonderful phrase Hakuna Vakama! Ain't no passing craze It means no worries for the rest of your days It's our problem-filled philosophy Hakuna Vakama! Hakuna Vakama! Hakuna Vakama! Hakuna Vakama! Hakuna Vakama! Hakuna Vakama! Hakuna Vakama! Hakuna Vakama! Hakuna-- It means no worries for the rest of your days It's our problem-filled philosophy Hakuna Vakama! (Repeats) I say "Hakuna" I say "Vakama" -Rez
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