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    If you really want to see 10-year-old me, it is clone501bob. Brilliant

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  1. What in the world is up with your text, man? It is like consistantly flashing and super hard to read. D=

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    2. Portalfig


      The text is flashing. Like, it is there for ~one second, then just gone for another ~1 second. This is so weird.


      Just in this one member's posts, too.


      So weirrdddd

    3. Makuta Luroka
    4. Portalfig


      consistantly flashing at about ~1 second intervals. If it was happening to you you would have noticed by now.


      I am not at my computer atm, using private browsing firefox on a public comp at uni. That may be the problem here. *shrug*

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