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    hi gay im dad
  2. Portalfig


    Congrats, y’all! That’s exceptional. Crossing that threshold is such an exciting moment. I wish you all the happiness!
  3. This is fantastic! Made me really happy haha. That book was so good.
  4. Portalfig


    What’s your favorite memory from here on BZP?
  5. Portalfig


    This was supposed to say: IT’S OCTOBER ALREADY
  6. Oh nice! I've heard that is a good one--I believe I have read some excepts of that book, but I haven't read it all. (Yeah! Learning is very fun). Me too, man. Me too. Yeah! I went in 2014, I think? I was visiting a friend in Virginia and just happened to be that weekend. Then I got there and walked around by the Bionicle booths, but I randomly got socially anxious and never introduced myself, really. ;-; I saw Xae but failed to say hi and for that I am forever guilty. Thank you! Oh dude that was so much fun. I remember crouching everywhere to hide our nameplates, haha. Man, I still say carp sometimes as a explicative to this day, which I believe I got from the Minecraft server. I seem to remember how stressful it was running to the surface to get wood until we made out tree farm. Gosh, memories. I wish I could remember who our third one was. Oh shoot nine years? My gosh how is that even possible. Life is so wild.
  7. Portalfig

    Like a Boss

    Nice! That is super great. Hope it all goes well *thumbs up*
  8. Nice! That sounds good. Ah one of these days I'll manage to get up there to Brickfair again. I was there that one time for like a little bit; I got nervous so like I didn't actually meet a lot of the people there that I would have wanted to. ;-; Thanks! Glad to hear from you, Luroka. Always great to hear from you too! Yeah, isn't that wild? It feels so recent that we were all playing Mafia together. Thanks! Thanks! Not at all! I am attending Texas A&M currently. There's not actually a department here for game studies, but I have some connections with people who are doing in a couple of other places, which I am trying to use to facilitate my education. It's hard when like the entire field seems to think that video games are the only sort of game out there, haha. It's been really fun, though! Haha I should definitely pop in more frequently. I am really bad at keeping up with the speed that things move on discord--very pleb-like indeed. I'll try to log in soonish so I can hear more about how you all are doing. Thank you! They are pretty large steps; that's probably why I have been feeling so nostalgic and wanting to reconnect with y'all this summer. Totally forgot about the discord during that time tbh. Yeah! I think it is too! Oh nice; what books have you been reading? There is some really good stuff out there.
  9. Portalfig

    Like a Boss

    That's very exciting! What sort of business did you start?
  10. Thanks, Voxumo! It's been pretty great. How are you doing?
  11. Hey, y'all! It's well past time for a life update--I have been pretty much away from here for a long time but I have been thinking of y'all often. So glad to see so many familiar faces around here! The site definitely looks different, but I am glad that the functionality is back. I tried to check in earlier in the summer, but that happened to be about 1 week after the forums went down. Whoops. Life update? If you would like. A lot has happened. I graduated in May, got married in June, and started grad school this semester. My degree and my grad program are both English Literature, but my main studies are in Game Studies, particularly in physical spaces--board games, card games, etc. (I pretty much directly attribute this to the many hours of Mafia that I have played on this forum; the weird hybrid of physical and digital games that those are is fascinating to me). The past four years or so have definitely had some rough times too, but overall things are pretty good from over here. Well that's all I can think of at the moment. AMA if you want to. What's up in your life? How have y'all been doing?
  12. That was pretty spook. Also: remember when I tried to kill Wind and it definitely didn't work? And I defended myself by saying I wouldn't make that rookie mistake? Well I made that rookie mistake. (In my defense, it was right after putting on an entire musical in only 24 hours, but still. It was not a good.)
  13. Mine eyes are bleeding, I need to do whatever it takes to save my features. =P consider yourself HAUNTED, bro *is extremely haunted, bro*
  14. *stumbles around, eyes bleeding* guys i CAN't BELIEVE you'd think it's me I MEAN seriously though it's definitely Blade The killer had a knife. blade. See? Also tex's friend. Definitely isn't me. Voting blade *puts blood-covered hand out, steadies self against the wall*
  15. What can I say? You can take the guy out of mafia, but you can't take the mafioso out of the guy.
  16. Man, it's definitely not hellyam. I don't know what you guys are doing. I vote for Underscore.
  17. Oh boy howdy I'm SO down for a Blade game. It's been so long ;-;
  18. Sry low INT. (actually just doing this on mobile and that is hard but)
  19. I'm in. I want Earth and Sevio. PM coming shortly
  20. Hey, Kit! Nice to see you around. I hope it all gets worked out and it all goes smoothly soon. ^^
  21. Haha, what scrubs. That was pretty bad on the Enforcers part. i'm going to vote Jed, because IIRC they're newer and would be more likely to make a mistake like that.
  22. Portalfig

    im 23 now

    party time, chumps
  23. IT'S A VERY GOOD THING NO PORTAL IS AROUND TO BE EVIL Only ARMS And ARMS votes for Toa Time Lord because of the MEME that made getting down here and voting just a little bit more difficult than I liked.
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