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  1. That was pretty spook.


    Also: remember when I tried to kill Wind and it definitely didn't work? And I defended myself by saying I wouldn't make that rookie mistake? 




    I made that rookie mistake. (In my defense, it was right after putting on an entire musical in only 24 hours, but still. It was not a good.)

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  2. Portal, I know it's an attempt to save face, and that was hilarious, but I was confirmed innocent round 2... =P


    Mine eyes are bleeding, I need to do whatever it takes to save my features. =P



    *stumbles around, eyes bleeding* -snip-


    consider yourself HAUNTED, bro


     *is extremely haunted, bro*

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  3. Uh


    But I made the "I feel out of it" argument like once or twice? First round? 


    I've also talked about how I'm not that rusty haha. You're accusing me of some very rookie mistakes that, yeah, if I am one of the best, I wouldn't forget. 


    But lo! Perhaps I doth protest too much? *shurg* Let's see how this scene plays out. If Pulse is guilty... well, I fully expect to be hanged right quick. 

  4. Haha man you think I'm really rusty then. Seems like quite a rookie mistake to do something like that. Confirming two mafioso without even saving one of them? Bad beats man. XD


    honestly I just don't really feel that Pulse is it? It's quite a random clue that I'm not really sure that I think is it, I don't see anything for SV, and Burnmad's logic for Hellyam is pretty solid (or at least I believe his reads when he goes super ready-y) but I hate killing people I don't know. 


    So I've just kinda sat.




    (Who do you want to vote for, Iborw? Bc honestly I just have no idea or real preferences haha)

  5. Oh boy, this makes me somewhat sad too. I remember posting stories in whatever the fan fiction topic was. (IIRC it was about a toa who like accidentally found that antidermis pool and became half Madura so he had to deal with DARK FEELINGS and it was very DARK). Pretty nuts! I'll be kinda sad to see clone501bob go away.


    But then the rational side of me thanks Lego for getting rid of the evidence.

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