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    Bionicle (obvious, though lately I haven't been into it, for reasons that are also obvious), Transformers (Movies, WFC/FOC, Prime), Halo, and some other stuff.

    Oh, were you expecting this to be longer? It was before, but it was also out of date at that time. So, which would you prefer? :P

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  1. Yeah, laundry'd be the easiest job, I dunno why it was an example. Ironically, I detest mopping. But I'd be doing the free high five thing a lot just cause it's fun.
  2. "Any volunteers for the laundry?"
  3. Well these are surprisingly clever ones. I liked the ball catching one a bit more. I didn't expect his new body to be glitchy, that's for sure. Especially with such fancy packaging!
  4. Wait, you asked "Axilus" to throw you the ball, but Oko was the one who said he threw it. Wat. That aside, this was one of the more clever ones, yeah.
  5. Aw. I was hoping he'd keep the reversed colors, I thought those were absolutely perfect. Didn't have the blandness problem of the unpainted body, but kept the novelty aspect of it. Perhaps, but he's made allies of Oko, Mal, and Bulik for me as well! We have you outnumbered.
  6. "Out of body experience" surprised the ghostbusters weren't triggered by that one. I kinda like this color actually. Could do with a second color though. But I'm betting he's gonna use his old colors again.
  7. The suspense of not knowing what it actually looks like tho. (breathing intensifies)
  8. For a second I thought that was the same pun from last comic, then I realized it was only implied last comic. That one just comes naturally I guess. You were the one who ruined that game by cheating 9 times in a row! The disgrace of the fifth time was by far the worst! There aren't even SUPPOSED to be purple pieces!
  9. Heh. He stopped them just by saying "No." in the most deadpan way possible. Ba-dum-tss Megatron! At the end of this day, one shall stand...(draws back fist)...one shall fall. ROCK PAPER SCISSORS
  10. He's gonna possess his corpse and act like he's alive to fool the ghostbusters? Heh!
  11. I love this. Not even mad you took almost a year. I actually tried to keep track of all the orders Brutaka was taking until I realized the entire point was that everyone would hire him at once and it'd all go boom. The Reidak/Hakann thing was particularly hilarious because I actually do lift, and judging by the plate sizes in proportion to his body, Reidak putting that much overhead is legitimately amazing. The ending really got me cause of that too, cause I know just how much that'd hurt!
  12. Oh, about motion blur: the motion blur filter in GIMP isn't too reliable. I just used the smudge tool to do it.
  13. I see ya mastered the posing. That's probably the most important bit. One important thing is to not use Paint and GIMP in conjunction, that makes things slow and awkward. You might wanna make the text a bit bigger than 1 pixel too. Keep practicing, then you can do motion blur to show speed, fire, explosions, and lights that all glow, edit in blood effects (and even custom sprite torn body parts), and even things like heat waves. As for the comic itself, the first bit of dialogue sounded really DBZ. Plot hasn't moved too much yet so I can't really comment there, looks like something's about to happen though.
  14. "SAVIOR" "Varova" "Onero" "Raowa" I see where this is going LOL
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