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    Hey. My name is Matthew. I live in Maryland.I like music that isn't country or pop.

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  1. AN: This was started a looooooooooong time ago on the OLD BZP (4/2010 to be exact) I never got around to finishing it, but I'll try now.Review:http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=3097 Proluge "Will he backfire?" asked Angonce."Why would he have reason to?" said Heremus."Should we ask the others?""No.""But if he-""He won't""If you say."Angonce and Heremus were in the Valley of the Maze working on their latest in a series of projects."So he'll do it?" said Angonce."Of course he will. Have I ever been wrong?" replied Heremus."When you made the Marendar.""That was different.""So he'll be our fail safe?""Yes."They finished building and activating me during these last moments. Later I was brought to the other Great Beings, where I was given power, Duty, and Destiny.One Great Being gave me shape-shifting, another gave me mind wiping, another mental shields, a fourth, invisiblity, Angonce gave me a Duty: analyze the Matoran, Makuta, Toa, and Turaga, and step in if nessecary, Heremus a Destiny: Slay the Batterra and the Marendar once Mata Nui returnes and the Toa are still noble. Before I left into Mata Nui, I left 4 copies of my self to the Great Beings. Once I released 1 copy for ever sapient species Angonce and Heremus each gave me a hug. Chapter 1:Aquaintence(or rather, a meeting of selves) "I have witnessed many things brothers. I have seen the Shattering. War among all. The Iron Tribe, driven to madness. The Vorox devolve. The Glatorian System become created, lose its greatest warrior, and the Skrall win all their matches. I have seen a warrior named Mata Nui, come to this planet rally the other tribes against the Skrall and destroy the 40 million foot tall robot you used to call home, brothers." said Proto Agori looking tired in the firelight. "So thats where he went!" exclamed Proto Inika. "Yes. He was one of the last creations of the Great Beings." said Proto Agori ,"barring ourselves of course." he said more modestly. Another Proto appeared shifting form constantly "Hello," he said still shifting form "so you must be me. Thought I sensed myself here.""You?" asked Makuta Proto, darkly and suspisiously."You are all me." replied the shapeshifting Proto."Really?" asked Proto Mata."How did we get into Mata Nui then?" said Barakki Proto."Many ways. I should know seeing as I dropped you." replied the shapeshifting Proto."So you gave us our misssion." said Proto Hagah"Sort of. The Great Beings told me to teleport between here and Mata Nui until his mission was done protecting those who could not be protected. I just disseminated the will to watch and protect to you. Anyways, seeing as your fire is almost out, we should continue this conversation in my dwelling." So the Protos trooped to their collective dwelling, sat down, got comfortable, and began to talk.And thus, the tale of Proto was spun. Chapter 1:Toa Proto "Who wants to tell how they spent 100,000 years first?" quiried the shapeshifting Proto. When no one repplied he said, "I shall go first."Leaning back in his chair he changed himslef so he looked like this. He placed his blades next to his chair and began to tell his tale. Toa Proto's Story A ball rolling in the wasn't unusual at this point in the Core War. Unfortunatly for Proto, a shapeshifting ball is. He changed into a silver Scarabax beetle, avoiding the Water Tribe patrol by just a few seconds. Quickly crawling to the Great Spirit Robot. The Scarabax turned back to a ball and rolled into the ankle of the Robot the Teridax would send his Rahkshi 100,000 years later. Proto, in ball form, rolled through the entire universe dispensing copies of himself with all his knowledge and memories where ever he felt. He rolled until he met a novice Toa of Fire named Lhikan. Proto hovered around him until he felt he was safe and absorbed the data on his weapons and distributed the data. As time went on the universe was acting differently from what was planned. He traveled still and reached Voya Nui, still dispensing copies as he went. He met Brutaka doing the same with him as he did with Lhikan. When the new piece of land formed Proto dispached another copie to watch the land there.(Unfortunatly that Proto's story was lost until now.) After Voya Nui, Proto's definite form changed from a ball to a Toa with and Olmak and Fire Greatswords.He opened a portal to Bara Magna using his Olmak and watched the Skrall destory Atero. He tried to stop the violence but he wasn't a good diplomat needing to stay hidden. He wandered the desert and Matoran Universe aimleslly. Untill he found all of his brothers together at last. END "And that is how I came to be here." said Proto with a sense of finality.
  2. Read-ith:http://www.bzpower.com/board/index.php?showtopic=3096
  3. Merry Christmas, Proto!

  4. It doesn't bypass the BZP name rules unless it's imitating a staff name. Rez is fine. I've been Shadonix on here since 08, and a year later, Shadix came along. If that's alright, so's Rez.

  5. K. In your sig on here. Can my comic be 1 of your supported.

  6. I will, but I've got to work on some other stuff too! Once I'm finished with the other stuff, I'll make a new comic. :)

  7. MAKE NEW COMICS!!!!!!!

  8. Even so, please change it. It bypasses the BZP rules. Ask, your friend for another name.

  9. Trust me. My freind wanted that, not me.

  10. If I change Weedle's bro's name will you put the link back?

  11. Must be someone else. I don't have an acount on BS01.

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