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  1. I do second the Lorax's idea of building radio towers for all the Koro's, something the village leaders should work on from the last page. Just curious, but does anyone think that the Rora's sudden death will result in a delay of the mission to Mata Nui, or at least put someone else in command? With a power struggle at home, it doesn't make any sense for the Chojo or maybe even Desde to go, so if anyone leaves, it would probably be someone further down the command chain.
  2. A courtesy announcement: I will be gone during this week for staff training at a local Christian camp. I will return at some point later in the week. The same pattern will follow for the next two weeks. It's safe to assume that I will get on during the weekends. As long as the Irolit are coming back, is anyone still interested in these guys? (IF I brought them back, there would be some tweaks in plot, some drops in the culture section et cetera.)
  3. OOC: Sorry this took so long; had a difficultly dealing with my busy schedule. IC: :She is well: Tarasu answered. :What have you been up to as of late?: In the time before I had spoken with my father, several things had happened-I observed several scuffles by the Vilda, and decided that if I had any students from that clan, than I would indeed be somewhat harsh about their discipline within the Yards. It was then that the princess announced the trip to Mata Nui. :I wish I could go. I would love to learn the history of their land and add to the archives of the Towers.:
  4. My problem with this design is that the barrel is by far too narrow for this design. Some patero launchers are big enough to serve as mortars. (Would you care to sketch that design?) According to the tech list: The barrel doesn't seem wide enough for that, especially the bamboo arrow clusters. Other than this, I don't think they're bad designs. They look rather nice, and have made some changes to my concept of Patero launchers.
  5. IC:[Tarasu] I looked towards my father Koga, and at this remark I couldn't help but laugh aloud. The irony was just too perfect-my father was dressed as the sun, and here I was Night itself. Really, I couldn't help my pick, being that I loved sneaking around in the dark, but his choice, completely un-cordinated with my own was just too much. Like father, like daugher. I smiled,"I'll be certain to darken his hopes of blinding us next time, Toroshu Ihi."
  6. Another thing-for newbies, and me, to find them, links to wiki should be everywhere. A few prominent links should be in the topics, perhaps links to relevant pages in the reference posts. Staff might consider adding them to sigs.
  7. Just noticed this topic, but a few small comments: -There are a lot of people in the profile topic who have profiles and aren't posting. I understand that some of them have their reasons-they've got real life, found a better fit for them on BZP or whatever. But a lot of these players are potential talent and activity gone to waste. An effort to draw them in would seriously be something that could boost our community. Some of the other fixes could be needed first, but on the other hand, this might be a fix to bringing back an organic sandbox, like Kughii mentioned. I recall that before our most recent downtime, when we lost almost a month's worth of posts, I had the Akiru interacting with some newer players, and it was really becoming sort of an organic sandbox style of interaction for me. The posts came pretty fast, too, and I had some trouble keeping up (real life stuff). Thanks to that downtime, some of those players left and have not returned-perhaps they were confused on what happened. That was one of the best experiences I've had with BZPRPG in quite a while, and I think a recruiting drive to bring in some new blood and awaken some of the old would be worth the effort. It might wake things up around here. -I concur that we do also need to break the barriers to interaction with new and old players. That's something that's not helping. Well known, and staff characters should both be making an effort to interact in everyday situations, and battles, even between powerhouses, should be inclusive. Long posts also aren't helping-perhaps we could try a limited time rewards system, for keeping most of your posts under 500 words and not jamming up the activity. -Staff also need to stop stagnating in their activity. The Dark Walk quest has been stagnating for weeks now, and the Akiru are caught in it, which basically saps my motivation to do anything. I've already kind of lost interest in it, and would like to take the them back to Onu-Wahi, where they get the most interaction and can do things freely. It's one of the few times I haven't had to seek out interaction-it comes to me. Plus, then I can start throwing out some interesting pieces of tech and vehicles to shake things up a little. The only plus is that I can use the downtime to get my Dasaka rolling. -In the interest of maintaining active IC flow between Kentoku and Mata Nui, I would be interested in seeing a land bridge built between the two sometime this summer. Perhaps a crystal version of Le-Koro's chute system would run across it to speed travel time, with stations along the way to re-pressurize the chutes. Sales of metal in Kentoku might need to be temporarily under tariff to prevent an economic collapse, considering what this could do for trade.
  8. IC(Miraul-Dark Walk): Something was just wrong here. I admit this is my first time in the Dark Walk, but my very being could feel the shadows of Makuta even in the air I breathed. This was not a pleasant place, much less so for a light-loving paladin such as myself. I personally chosen to have the Akiru go down after the others as a rear guard. We had three lines of defense and sight in the Darkness, ones that the others here did not. Bijackal could see the scents of anything that lived, and things that didn't. Takamaz had a Akaku, and that would show the bones of the living and the shells of the darkness, the sons of Makuta, in clear light even this far down. The last was one of my own making, a weak but widespread magnetic field that would react and distort to any moving metal within the dark. I felt a flurry of movement in the darkness up ahead, and Takamaz and Bijackal whispered two words that made it clear what was going on, "Six Rahkshi." That immediately set me thinking about how to deal with them using the powers we had on hand. Two of the Akiru would be good at melting things-Vilak and Takamaz. Divan and Hikari can create solids-wait a minute, Reynar, Divan and I all have a way to exert force on a Rahkshi. Simple strategy for a one-at-a-time take-out: Pull them apart and fry the Kraata. I took the lead as we drew near from behind, gesturing for Takamaz to pair with Vilak, Divan with Hikari and I. Bijackal watched our backs. I whispered, "Pull apart the armor and incinerate, that one. Strike!" Elemental and mask powers lashed out as one from a united Toa Team. Divan's metal powers yanked on two limbs, Reynar's natural telekinetic powers on the other two, each with enough force to dislocate some joints. My magnetism held the torso in place, but served the added purpose of drawing in a powerful combined blast of fire and plasma like a homing missile, hot enough to melt torso and Kratta as one. OOC:Targeting Fear Rahkshi. EDIT: Just to be clear, I used my late entry as an advantage, allowing us to flank the Rahkshi from the entry side.
  9. IC(Vilak): "Since you seem to have forgotten medical supplies, I'll be right back..." I smiled as I vanished into an orange-white blur across the desert. It took about three seconds for me to reach Po-Koro, and I quickly found and bargained with a merchant for several first-aid kits. Dropping some extra widgets on the table, I vanished as fast I had appeared, the world blurring around me. I returned to the expedition "...with them." I passed them out to several members of the team going down now, keeping one with the Akiru. Thirty seconds, that, for all I knew, might save a life.
  10. IC(Hikari/Reynar): I looked around at the assembling warriors, their presence easing any nerves I might have. I was looking forward to the chance to help the Sentinels, but at the same time I was curious as to what had overwhelmed their defenses. I wonder the same. Rahkshi, you think? Never having met a Rahkshi, I can't say what the odds are of that, but from your descriptions and the images you have show me, it's not impossible. Certainly the most likely force to do so at the moment. But the Rahkshi are little more than savages at this point, without the Master of Shadows to guide them. This attack almost sounds more organized, posing a threat to the Sentinels. It worries me a little more. Your concerns are valid. But we won't know if there's anything new until we get there. Anything I should know about weaknesses of Rahkshi? Elemental Light, for one, not that you can do much with that. But the Rahkshi are really armor suits for the slug-creatures that control them, the Kraata. The Kraata are most vulnerable when the Rahkshi hiss and split their heads open-if you're fast, you might rip them free of the armor. A good crystal spike can kill the average Kraata from there, with some exceptions. Good to know. Since we're going into the dark, care to make some lightstones for everyone? I think that's a good idea. Care to levitate the first to that one over there? I made the first of the lightstones, watching as Reynar floated it over to a Toa.* *OOC: That would be Melna.
  11. I admit that's a potentially valid point, so I think the staff and Akiri players might need to take some responsibility for their timing. But it would still be a useful expansion in terms of world-building, which I almost always approve of.
  12. IC(Miraul): Agreeing with the plan to meet at the gate, we walked over there early-we had no equipment to gather, after all. Vilak dashed off, and bought some rations, just in case this proved to be a multi-day excursion. I myself began to list mental possibilities as too what might be threatening the guards. Rahkshi were a likely-hood, and there was no shortage of them in the Dark-Walk. There might also be unknown possibilities, the last shadows of Makuta. It's things like that which have long worried me, and there's little that can be done to prepare for dark monstrosities. I watched as Hikari made some crystal disks for Reynar to wield should he have need, before she began producing an excess of Lightstones, something everyone would need before a trip to the Dark Walk. Divan turned his attention to our blades, his mind all he needed to sharpen them. Takamaz waited patiently, having little else to do. I turned too Komisk, and stated, "If anyone needs a lightstone, their weapons fixed, or lacks something to fight with, send them to Hikari or Divan. We'll be happy to help ensure everyone is prepared."
  13. I agree that we could use some more holidays to fill out the game. I think Turaga Memorial Day would be another logical holiday-long-term, a local Matoro memorial day might also be worthwhile. If anyone else has some other ideas, feel free to chip in!
  14. IC (Divan): I had left the tech expo to go get some food and drink when I heard the news about the trouble in the Dark Walk. Some Onu-Matoran had dashed in about it-and as a Toa, I know two things-the Code does not let this call for help go unaided, and that Miraul was really itching for something to do more closely related to our true duties as heroes. For the Akiru, the forge was just our way to aid the people of Mata-Nui during a time of peace. When danger called, we would be there. I know that one of the Akiru's greatest strengths is our ability to organize and respond quickly. I dashed out of the restaurant the moment the warning was announced, a generous tip and payment left for an unfinished meal. Within two minutes, it was not only I who returned, but others, all moving with the blur of the Kakama. Six now stood together, a seventh unseen to the eye, being that Reynar was an Anxillia. Only Axana was absent, left to guard the ship Rhea had ordered. A Kakama trip to Forsi had brought Vilak and Bijackal back in her place, the latter carried by myself considering his mass. I watched as Miraul stepped forward-"You have the Toa Akiru at your aid. Yes, the Skakdi is one of us." IC (Bijackal): I watched as Miraul introduced the Akiru in offer of help. I chuckled a little at some of the confused looks that resulted from the last sentence. Then I spotted Stralix, and turned too him. "I might want to stick with you for this one-I'm more tracker than fighter, so elemental powers would help us both." OOC: The Akiru assembled by rapid teamwork thanks to their three Kakama wearers. Only Axana is not present.
  15. IC: Farzan (Tech Expo) Onu-Koro's streets had made me used to dusty air, so the atmosphere didn't faze me as I poked my head out from my tent to see another one put up nearby... one that hosted a few familiar faces. "Oi," I called to Miraul, "fancy seeing the Toa Akiru here" OOC: Mild note, the Akiru are here as spectators, rather than exhibitors-the circumstances didn't really permit them to bring anything other then what they might typically carry. So I'll ignore the bit about the tent. Sorry for the late reply as well, my schedule is the "aftermath of robotics competition" season, which can complicate things. Hope you don't mind my popping in here. Does Miraul have any past interaction with Farazan that I don't recall? IC(Miraul): I heard someone call my name,,and turned my head long enough to see who called it, but found myself in the middle of what might prove to be a mildly important discussion with a potential customer. In the end, unfortunately, there was nothing I could do for the Vortixx-what he wanted was just a little beyond what someone on this island can build, even if someone could wherever they come from. I'd gotta admit I'd love to reverse engineer some of their tech, though. There's just no arguing with that. After taking care of that matter, I turned my attention to the Matoran who had called my name. I stood in his feild of veiw, but remained quiet to be polite-he was in a conversation, after all.
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