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  1. IC, Aurax: Precipere Aurax's brow furrowed. The thought of Ferrum's leader being deceased was... disconcerting to him. He would think more on it later; there was still the task at hand to focus on. "Burning the evidence is, admittedly, suspicious," he said. "A plague is a strange story to make up, though." OOC: @Nato G @oncertainty @Burnmad @a goose
  2. IC, Aurax: Precipere Aurax nodded. "Understandable," he said. "We are planning on taking precautions when we get there- if we get there-, which will hypothetically help prevent any of us from catching this plague. If any of us return, we'll hopefully won't be spreading it. But I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there." The Glatorian stood up and bowed his head respectfully. "We thank you for your hospitality," he said, glancing back to the others. "We should be getting on our way, then." OOC: @Nato G @oncertainty @Burnmad @a goose
  3. IC, Aurax: Precipere In his mind, Aurax sighed. He knew Tueris had wanted him to do all the talking with the Ash Tribe people, but he wasn't particularly happy about it. He understood why; the Ash Tribe and the Fire Tribe had a bit of a history, so this Somok might not be as agreeable with Tueris as with Aurax. Finally, he spoke up. "Me, I suppose," he said. "My name's Aurax. As perhaps you've heard, there's been report of some sort of plague going on in Ferrum. I and the others with me are going in to investigate. If you could allow us to pass through your village out to Iron Canyon, it would be most appreciated." OOC: Apologies for the super late reply @Nato G @oncertainty @Burnmad @a goose
  4. IC, Aurax: Precipere Aurax pulled up a chair and sat down. Ignoring what the others were doing, he looked out the window and began to lose himself in his thoughts. What sort of plague is happening in Ferrum? OOC: @Nato G @oncertainty @Burnmad @a goose
  5. IC, Aurax: Precipere Aurax glanced back at Tueris, then began following Giltu to the Ash Tribe's guardhouse. He wasn't particularly happy at the concept of more people joining the group; that means more chances for things to go wrong. But it wasn't his call. He wasn't in charge; Tueris was. If Tueris was fine with more people, Aurax could suffer through it. OOC: @Nato G @oncertainty @Burnmad @a goose
  6. IC, Aurax: Precipere Aurax raised a hand in polite greeting. "Hello," he said to the guard, Giltu, "my companions and I are on our way to Ferrum. I'm not sure if you've heard, but there's been an issue in my home village. Some kind of plague, allegedly. The situation is concerning enough that people from various tribes are going in to investigate." Aurax gestured to the others to show their varied origins. "If you could grant us passage through your village so that we can reach Ferrum with haste, we could all greatly appreciate it." OOC: @Nato G @oncertainty @Burnmad @a goose
  7. IC, Aurax: The Precipice Aurax nodded wordlessly and began to lead the party down into the stony village. The Glatorian was happy that Tueris told the others not to speak unless spoken to. Silence is golden, he thought to himself. Although, Aurax had a feeling that some of the Ash Tribe villagers would come out and question their intentions. The presence of a varied group such as theirs would be almost unheard of in this place. Then Aurax would have to speak. OOC: @Nato G @oncertainty @Burnmad @a goose
  8. IC, Aurax: Papa Podu's, Forsi Aurax nodded at Timak's statement. "Yes," he said. After listening to Sigrus and Nichou talk for a bit, he spoke up once more. "I can lead us out to the Koro, and Sigrus can help ensure that I don't get lost," he said. "While I'm pretty confident of the way to go, it has been a while since I've been here." He took a peak at what Kanohi was writing to Hakari. "Occasionally there are plants in certain spots out here in the desert," the Dashi said. "I'm sure we'll come across some on our travels." He stood up. "Okay, is there anything we should get while we're here? Supplies and such?" OOC: @Harvali @ARROW404 @Mel @Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @~Xemnas~ @BBBBalta @Umbraline Yumiwa @Rahisaurus IC, Skrol: Iron Mahi freight car Skrol nodded, and, taking out his walking stick, made his way to the door opposite of the one that Quoribay had left through. This door led to another freight car closer to the rest of the train. Skrol opened the door to the car he was in, feeling the rushing wind hit him full blast. He reached out again and opened the door to the next car. The Lesterin stepped through, closing both doors behind him. OOC: @BULiK @Krayzikk @a goose
  9. IC, Aurax: Arena Vulcanus Aurax shrugged. "Very well," he said. "I can still help guide us through the most optimal routes regardless." He stood up. "I'm ready to leave whenever you all are." OOC: @Nato G @oncertainty @Burnmad @a goose
  10. IC, Aurax: Arena Vulcanus "I have no questions," said Aurax as he folded his mantis blade back into his arm. "The sooner we get moving, the better. There is room in my Kaxium's sidecar to store extra supplies, if necessary." OOC: @Nato G @oncertainty @Burnmad @a goose
  11. IC, Aurax: Arena Vulcanus The Iron Tribe Glatorian said nothing as the others talked, only briefly glancing at each of them. He didn't attempt to defend the Agori from the Fire Glatorian's apprehensions, nor did attempt to encourage or discourage any of the other volunteers. People were typically not quick to change their minds, in his experience. Aurax allowed his continued presence to speak volumes about his participation. OOC: Apologies for the late reply @Nato G @oncertainty @Burnmad @a goose
  12. IC, Aurax: Arena Vulcanus The Iron Tribe Glatorian glanced at the two newcomers. "Yup," he said simply to the one who had spoken to him. "But won't be much of a homecoming by the sound of things." OOC: @oncertainty @Burnmad @a goose
  13. IC, Aurax: Arena Vulcanus Aurax was unhappy. A few days previously, he had been doing his thing, scavenging old tech and selling it. It was his typical day-to-day life. But then he heard that there was an issue at his home village, some kind of sickness. Vulcanus was organizing a trip to investigate. Now, Aurax had gotten wind of that information and very strongly considered going by himself back to Ferrum to see what was happening. But the more he thought about it, the more he realized that these other people were going to wander into Iron Canyon anyway, and likely end up getting slaughtered by wild beasts of various kinds, killed in a rockslide, or any other possible disaster that could happen. Aurax didn't care about that. What he did care about, though, was if he needed to leave the village afterwards- a bunch of Glatorian bumbling about in Iron Canyon attracting predators could cause Aurax a lot of unnecessary headaches. So, he begrudgingly decided that he would help the group navigate their way through Iron Canyon, in a way that the risk of death for those involved would (hypothetically) be lower. Aurax, after parking his Kaxium nearby, now found himself walking into the Arena Vulcanus. He knew he was probably a little early, and his suspicions were confirmed when all he saw was a dozing Fire Tribe Glatorian. He sat down a distance away from the other Glatorian and popped out his right arm's mantis blade; he then took a small cloth out of his bag, and began to clean it, keeping himself busy until it was time to leave. OOC: Open for interaction.
  14. IC, Skrol: Iron Mahi freight car Skrol crouched down next to Quoribay. "Do ya see anything that could be our target?" he asked in a hushed tone. "If ya don't, we might have to split up to cover more ground." OOC: @BULiK @Krayzikk @a goose
  15. OOC: Aurax and co. from Ga-Wahi IC, Aurax: Forsi Aurax and his merry band of travelers stepped off of the ferry at Forsi. It had been explained to him that the current fastest way to Po-Koro was the Iron Mahi, a kind of large transport that moved on its own power; a station for it was found here, yet another new settlement that had popped up after Aurax had died. He scanned over the unfamiliar town. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that this place exists, he thought to himself, Considering how much Ga-Koro changed while I was gone. Aurax turned around to look back at his companions. “So, where is the Iron Mahi station?” he asked. “Some of you are probably more familiar with this place than I am.” OOC: @Harvali @ARROW404 @Mel @Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @~Xemnas~ @BBBBalta @Umbraline Yumiwa @Rahisaurus
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