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  1. Thanks for posting an update.


    I really liked the project, and was gutted when the downtime began and it disappeared. At this point it's been about a year to the day since I sent in my audition.


    Well, when the time comes, I'll be happy to record another one, and I hope others will too.

  2. 'One day maybe you will love again, love that never dies...' - The Verve (One Day)


    That was an inspiring entry Omi; one of the best I've read out of all the BZPower blogs. Very thought-provoking.


    Anyway, best of luck with the next girl. Plenty more fish in the sea (very annoying expression, but I think it's appropriate).

  3. I have no problem with violence. As you pointed out, there was a great deal of violence in 2001. And in fact it seemed to decrease - by 2003, fights consisted of little cracks of heat in the ground. Frankly it was pathetic, particularly when you consider all the great action movies being released in that year (LOTR, Pirates, etc.). One of the few good points about 2005 was a return to genuine fighting and violence when necessary. Let's face it. These Toa are in a war - a brutal, tough war against cruel, almost always merciless villains who have no problem with murder when it suits them. The Toa have to be violent to survive. I actively support violence.


    I don't really know what to make of projectiles. On the one hand, they've always been there - as you correctly pointed out, the Tohunga way back in 2001 hurled discs, and even before, the Slizers, Bionicle's ancestors, also fought with arrays of discs. And let's not forget the bows and arrows of the Castle line or the rifles of the Western theme and the Adventurers. That said though, I'm a little put off by the 'machine guns' of the Mahri - the relentless hail of missiles is definitely a step-up from the old days of single shots.


    What I'm worried about, however, is gore. That's the point where violence stops being action and becomes gratuitous; where you stop with violence as a mere depiction and it becomes glorification. No Lego or Bionicle set to date has ever featured gore (maybe implied, but never graphically). Whilst the infamous Pridak incident turned out to be false, a lot of people (including Greg) did take it seriously at the time - so to me at least such a thing does not seem impossible anymore. Whilst it has not happened yet and there has been no sign of anything more, the possibility does worry me. I hope Lego stays away from this area.



    Anyway, thanks for writing this; this is one of the best entries in a while.

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