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  1. Remember bionicle g1 is mostly inspired by maori mythology a lot of Polynesian cultures and religion intergrated into this franchise for all ages.

    The early years were very influenced by Maori culture in terms of the names and the island setting, but the overall Bionicle story was almost completely separate, conceived by Christian Faber and some other creatives.

  2. 13 hours ago, Lorentz said:

    Can you explain what you mean by "entirely my opinion?" The brittle pieces were an objective design flaw. 

    Given the topic title, it's his opinion that the brittle pieces were the biggest disappointment, while it might be someone else's opinion that the biggest was something different.

  3. 16 hours ago, Gecko Greavesy said:

    Basically, Matoran are kinda speciesist? 

    According to canon, the word rahi literally translates to "not us" in the Matoran language. So it can be applied to absolutely any other creature or species. 

    Would Krana, Kraata and Makuta count as Rahi too then?

  4. That was one of two things that particularly bugged me about the movie: The Morbuzakh never being mentioned by name, given it was

    the driving force of the early 2004 storyline.

    It made sense not to name it, given that it plays no part at all in the movie story, which is all about (in addition to the Toa) Lhikan, the Dark Hunters, Dume and Makuta.

    Its 'cameo' was just a little reference for those who knew the full story.

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  5. Wanted to ask a couple of questions regarding Mata Nui Online Game 1.5. First is the fan made sequel to MNOG. I have seen videos online of scenes and gameplay dating back to 2009 and probably before, which show MNOG set during the Bohrok War

    Could you give any links? I know there's a fan-made MNOLG continuation, but it was from 2013 IIRC.

    So unless I'm mistaken, is there a game set in the 2002 era before 1.5 came out? Or is it an earlier model of the same game?

    There's a small 2002 game with the Bohrok in it (I forget the exact name), but it's nothing like MNOLG.

  6. I don't know if it's possible to get an exact answer about this. All I think can be said for sure is that after a while the story team settled on a Matoran number of one thousand(ish), but a lot of the media doesn't reflect this, probably because whoever was making it just didn't have that number in mind. The very early online stuff often shows very few Matoran then the movies show vast crowds.

    While I do remember the 'twelve Matoran in each village' idea, I don't know if it was decided from the start, and I think Greg soon stated they were dropping it due to the Kohlii match in the first film showing a lot more than just twelve. The second MNOLG might have been made with it in mind, given that there seem to be fewer Matoran than were shown even in the original MNOLG.

  7. The Legend of Mata Nui being cancelled when it was looking so promising.

    The Bohrok episodes spending too long on needless conversation scenes. 

    MNOLG2 being difficult, tedious and kinda pointless.

    The lack of a sequel to MOL.

    The lack of anything like MNOLG for later years.

    Vakama turning evil, which didn't make much sense. 

    The main story being mostly isolated in the books, which weren't available outside NA.

    The Nuva getting usurped by the Inika as the main heroes.

    The Mistika/Phantoka hardly resembling the Nuva at all.

    Heroes having little to do with the canon story.

    Takanuva not having a huge amount to do for most of the later story.


    Gee, this could go on for a while...

  8. I think the scene is meant to make you think Dume is working for Makuta (or somebody else bad), so it's more surprising when it turns out Dume has been taken over by Makuta.

    The consequence is that the 'Dume seems to be talking to somebody else' scene plays a bit weirdly because now Makuta has to be talking to himself, which isn't something he was shown doing in many other parts of the story.

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