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  1. If Lego still own Bionicle, wouldn't it have to be official with Lego to be anything to do with Bionicle? Unless it's just his own art and nothing on a major commercial scale. Could that just be a coincidence?
  2. You might be right, but I think it was meant to be something more spiritual or mystical, not something explainable scientifically. Bear in mind Bionicle was a bit more 'fantasy' at the start than in later years, note the importance of astrology and prophecies in quite a bit of MNOLG dialogue. The 'real' explanation is that it's a simple way to show the player what's happening to the Toa whilst the player's character isn't with them (apart from the Tahu Charred Jungle scene, everything else in the game is only shown when/if Takua is there for it).
  3. So all the non-canon stuff actually isn't? Were the All American Rejects actually held captive on Voya Nui after all?
  4. I think it was more than just Greg, probably the whole story team decided there wasn't any romance, and their word is final. I don't think Greg ever featured romance in any of his work.
  5. This and all other romance was later decanonised.
  6. I think you're only thinking of the first two films here, which do have some emotional scenes but I can't think of many outside of them. I mean, Takua doesn't even appear in much media outside MOL. Did Matau ever show much emotion?
  7. It seems to me most of Bionicle has been fairly plain exposition and action, with scenes of tenderness or reflection being quite rare.
  8. I don't know exactly how serious this topic is meant to be, but if it is I can't see Bionicle working as a musical, mainly because songs are expressions of feeling and emotion and Bionicle characters usually seem very emotionally restrained. I mean, how many love songs are there going to be in a story where romance doesn't even exist?
  9. Of course fans can continue the stories on their own if they like, but once Lego aren't making a line the official story usually stops there. Greg did continue the Bionicle story in the serials but that was only for a while.
  10. I thought the Bionicle story was meant to always be separate from the real world?
  11. Because the media (the short episodes and...that was all really) wasn't particularly great, the story moved a bit too quickly for many to keep up with, and Lego had a lot of other lines and things happening around the same time that left it a bit overlooked.
  12. Is that so important though? Do we need to recognise the characters from years ago to like them? The Kaita fusions were only temporary, and they were kinda dropped from the story after the early years. They did come up with a transformation device in Hero Factory to let them keep using the same characters, but that relied on a technical solution rather than a mystical one. Not a bad idea at all, but what if the story wants to visit a different place or point in time, as Bionicle did with the Bara Magna and Metru Nui stories?
  13. Toa have always been Bionicle's main characters and products, you can't really have Bionicle without them or something similar. It'd be like a Castle theme without knights.
  14. I think it depends whether the next Bionicle (if there's going to be one) is a continuation or a reboot. If it's the first, the Mata would be good to have as main characters again or mentors to new characters. If it's the second, I'd prefer new Toa as G2 already reused the Mata and being introduced to them a third time might be getting a bit old.
  15. This topic should be in Storyline and Theories. This forum is for technical questions about the site.
  16. I don't see a crossover happening. Bionicle and Hero Factory are very different in story and tone, plus Hero Factory has been over for a while and was never huge when it was going.
  17. It might be, but why wouldn't he just say so instead of teasing like this?
  18. I got a 'server too busy' message every time I tried to visit for most of yesterday. Seems okay now though.
  19. But we had absolutely no idea how or why that would happen, then the 2004 movie mostly told us...but then 2005 expected us to still be interested after that. Plus there were the new characters Dume, Lhikan, Nidhiki and Krekka and we didn't know what would happen to them. I guess 2005 did have the Rahaga and Keetongu, but they weren't as prominent in the story.
  20. It was definitely exciting for the first four years, but it got less so once the story got a lot more complicated and there wasn't as much canon media available to follow it with. I think it would be the first 5 years, because 2005 didn't complicate things too much, and there was that Rahi guide... 2005 wasn't very exciting because we already knew what would happen thanks to the 2004 movie giving away the ending.
  21. It was definitely exciting for the first four years, but it got less so once the story got a lot more complicated and there wasn't as much canon media available to follow it with.
  22. Its one of those situations where there will be complaining about it being/not being from both ends of the scale. Let's say Bionicle doesn't come back until 2039. How many then will still want G1 to carry on?
  23. And you can also be sure that people will complain about it not being G1 a whole lot. :v Yes. A reboot would be a good idea, but you saw how they complained about G2 because of that. Did they? I thought many of us were glad G1 was left where it was. And I expect the number of people who do want it to continue will drop as we move further from it.
  24. We wouldn't have had Bionicle to begin with if it wasn't for the sets, and the sets did provide a perfect way to know what the characters looked like, which might've been hard to do otherwise given how different Bionicle people/creatures are to anything in the real world. The fact that fourteen new sets had to be released and many of them had to be characters every single year did make the cast a bit bigger than it needed to be, though. Characters like the Rahaga and Voya Nui Matoran had almost nothing to do that was vital.
  25. How much can he do with Bionicle when, legally, it still belongs to Lego?
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