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    -Physics (got my PhD)
    -Math (goes with the physics, because math can be, and is, awesome!)
    -School (not so much an interest as it is a state of being)
    -Electricity (my character's element)
    -Moo (my character's obsession)
    -Comic-making (when I have the time)
    -How I Met Your Mother (especially Seasons 1 & 2)
    -Writing (check out my Equation of the Day and set review blog posts)
    -Legend of Zelda (especially Majora's Mask)
    -Pokémon (at 32 years old! 8D)
    -Shovel Knight
    -Band (I miss it)
    -Choir (Ditto)

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  1. Take it from a teacher – we hate distance learning too. My university is trying as hard as possible to do in-person classes (primarily for economic reasons, but there's an added benefit for the actual educators). It is hard to do with physical distancing, though – my class sizes are twice as small due to space limitations. Glad to hear that you're getting something out of it, at least. Computational skills will set you apart when it comes to job applications.
  2. My elementary-school self is jumping with joy. One of the ways I've occupied myself this summer was by trying to reconstruct one of the old LEGO Pirate ships, the Black Seas Barracuda. However, I wanted to do it with a twist. I've always loved the sails of the Skull's Eye Schooner, but the yellow/black/white motif of the Barracuda was always my preferred color scheme. Therefore I opted for a mixture of the two. The sails are, alas, not genuine, but printed sheets of paper cut appropriately. Surprisingly it looks really good in person, but I do want to try printing actual cloth sails in the future. A keen eye will notice that the bow is modified to be more like that of the Skull's Eye Schooner, and there are still some minor decorative pieces that need to be obtained, but otherwise it looks quite impressive.
  3. I love when I see these kinds of stories and also wish they would happen to me from time to time. Fooboomagoo!
  4. I have to say, the blogs look terrible now. The layout on the homepage, the in-blog reading view, everything. But they're back now. Hi, everybody!
  5. At some point I'll talk in depth about this beautiful achievement. It is truly awe inspiring.
  6. I'll take one for my Moon version.
  7. "Many will remember Akano for his comic series here on BZPower, truly the only noteworthy thing he has ever done with his life ever." A Ph.D. thesis, a blog on math and physics, and several conferences later, this is still the most factual part of this entry.
  8. Not talkin' about butteeeeeeeeer!

  9. Akano

    I got a Switch

    Murio Odd-easy is fun. Trying to think of some other games to bolster my library. Dat Joy-Con color scheme, tho.
  10. When I first came to this site, I was very much a lurker. My brothers and I had gotten into BIONICLE from its beginning in 2001, and we eventually stumbled on this site in the early, awkward days of the World Wide Web. It was here that I saw the creative output of the fandom – sprite comics, artwork, MOCs, comedies, epics, and much more. Fourteen years ago, I became a part of that creative output with the premiere of Akano's Comics. It's been six years since I made a comic (sorry, everyone, grad school happened; I do want to make more, though!), but my creative outputs didn't stop. I made set reviews and Equation of the Day (which I'm still working on, I promise!). Thank you, everyone, for being my first audience. Now that I'm a professor, I'll have many, many more, but you were the first to truly see the crazy inner workings of my mind. Thanks for sticking with me, and thanks for helping me improve. You guys helped someone who stumbled to craft paragraphs become an author. You helped someone who enjoyed comedy but couldn't quite formulate a joke become a half-decent comedian. Here's to more creative output.
  11. I'll be checkin' Crample-O Stow Records come next Sursdai. Any songs on the album featuring Peacey P, accidentally or otherwise?
  13. This week marks the last week of the first half of the semester, which means that my half-semester Optics course is coming to a close. It's been busy (hence my lack of presence), but I almost have one full course under my belt. So far there have been two lessons I gave that could have been better presented, but the students have been fairly engaged and seem more or less okay with the material. I guess we'll see how it goes once the final happens. I did try writing a new Equation of the Day, but my schedule has been quite packed. I would like to get that rolling again after the end of the semester, since I greatly enjoy writing those entries.
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