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  • Birthday 02/22/1989

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    On top of a hill / Po-Metru
  • Interests
    -Physics (got my PhD)
    -Math (goes with the physics, because math can be, and is, awesome!)
    -School (not so much an interest as it is a state of being)
    -Electricity (my character's element)
    -Moo (my character's obsession)
    -Comic-making (when I have the time)
    -How I Met Your Mother (especially Seasons 1 & 2)
    -Writing (check out my Equation of the Day and set review blog posts)
    -Legend of Zelda (especially Majora's Mask)
    -Pokémon (at 32 years old! 8D)
    -Shovel Knight
    -Band (I miss it)
    -Choir (Ditto)

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About Me

I fell in love with Bionicle at its birth, due to a well-timed trip to Chicago with my family. I entered a contest with my two brothers, KopakaKurahk and Tekulo, to win a free trip to LEGOLAND (among other prizes), which got us free Bionicle sets (I received Turaga Onewa). Tekulo won the contest, and we all eventually went to LEGOLAND. In that time, I became fascinated with the story, playing the Mata Nui Online Game and receiving the comics with my LEGO Mania Magazine. The enchantment of the first three years of BIONICLE is what I truly loved about the theme, and unfortunately, the subsequent years (in my opinion) did not stack up to what it had begun as. However, I do treasure my memories of the story and wish it would continue to be updated, simply so I can watch what happens to the characters whom I had grown so fond of in the beginning.

I am a 28-year-old graduate student on his way to obtaining a PhD in physics. I chose physics because I enjoy science and mathematics, and physics combines the two most heavily. I enjoy music and play the trumpet and the guitar; the trumpet is my preferred instrument. I also play video games, my favorite series including the Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros., and Pokémon. I also make comics, which you can view by clicking the banner in my signature *shameless plug*.

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