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  1. MirMir be on Deviantart. she also be at college, and she be sleeping. Zzzzz >w

  2. I live! Sorta'... man, it's cold here.

    1. Chibinuva


      I'd trade with you. Our cold front just ended. I love the cold, but Florida doesn't exactly deliver well for that. :P

  3. Wow just wow at speech thing, dude.


  4. It's pronounced "Meer-uh-kuh". XP

  5. I dunno' what you even look like, kiddo'.

  6. ... I dunno' what the heck you even look like.

  7. Sorry, you're way too young for me, kiddo'. Maybe in another ten years...

    Nowait, I'll probably be married then... Will I even still be in BZP? Hrm.

  8. You've been my inspiration for nigh on five years now. I'm glad to finally have the chance to say so. ^w^

  9. Homestuck? Never heard of it, why?

  10. Thank yu. ^w^


  12. How to get some more posts in your comics: try to post new comics more often (I've got a HUGE prob. doing that myself) and advertise. A nice banner should do the trick, no?

  13. Hey 'Jay... Just sayin' hi. What's happenin' this Sunday?

  14. Thank yu. ^w^

  15. Ohwait, you mean my very first avatar? Nope. No pic, just m' eye.

  16. Yeah, my banner figure. XP

  17. I know it's been awhile, but I said I was sorry. Plus, I put you in my Christmas comic to make it up to you - that was a very special project, you know...

    Now you go and start flaming my comic thread, man, what the hey?

  18. *Looks at her TTV buddy Alena's comments with quiet astonishment before posting her own*

    Dude, check your email, pleaseness. Thanky.

  19. It's official... Doritos are my absolute favorite brand of chip.

  20. Check yer' PM Box, lil' blue dude! And happy early B-Day!

  21. Happy Chinese New Year and Groundhog Day!

    *Snrk* Sorry, I just wanted a reason to say hi. ^w^

  22. *Poke* Hiyo' ^w^

  23. I know! He asked me to cast for Linnea... oh shoot! *Clamps claws over mouth*

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