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  1. https://68.media.tumblr.com/ffd8ba5c91f7074b2a69091e895385dd/tumblr_on12nk1lUl1tvrembo2_1280.jpg https://68.media.tumblr.com/1146b7f3b3667489eab90644a1b0d45e/tumblr_oli9np8RG51tvrembo2_1280.jpg Here's some of the project's artwork if you haven't seen it already.
  2. There's been a lot of attempts at a fan-made reboot or sequel of Bionicle, but Afterman is a little different. It's an original work of fiction inspired by Bionicle but legally distinct from it. Mechanical beings called the Kokei live an idyllic existence on the archipelago of Mahi Moko. The tribes revere a being known as Tetsujin, Lord of the Machine. Legends say he protected the people of the islands in times of great crisis in the past and ensures their peace and stability in the present and future. But when the forces of shadow attack their tropical paradise, the chiefs must choose 5 warriors to defend the islands; one Kokei from each tribe to wield the elements of fire, water, earth, air and ice. They explore the world beyond their islands, battle monsters, encounter other tribes and factions, piece together their history from fragments of documents and data, and eventually discover the ruins of a once-great city. However, the team soon learns that what they were lead to believe about their society wasn’t true, and it turns their world upside down. Will they still want to complete their quest after its true purpose is revealed? Why should you check us out? - original work of fiction inspired by Bionicle - not a remake, reboot, or attempt at a “G3” - run by a diverse group of people from all over the world doing this in their spare time and for free - still taking suggestions for worldbuilding and story - East Asian-inspired fantasy setting featuring plenty of female characters in varied roles - exploring and examining aspects of Bionicle that Bionicle itself never did, with a wider variety of character designs - because there’s too much negativity on the Internet and we’re trying to do something constructive inspired by the things we love Art and plot summaries can be found at project-afterman.tumblr.com. Please let me know what you think! Our group is working hard on the art and writing.
  3. I was trying to come up with a mostly Pacific Islander cast, but couldn't think of anyone else besides Jason Momoa as Tahu and the Rock as Onua.
  4. But water is liquid and ice is solid. The elements of Ice, Water, and Air all control the same substance, just in different states (solid, liquid, gas).
  5. I'm gonna agree with Sir Keksalot in that stone is redundant with earth as its own element. However, it could be a subset of earth, or earth and air could combine to make Sand. Afterman has only 8 elements (fire, water earth, air, ice, lightning, plantlife, and iron), but some elements can be combined to make others. Sound is a subset of air, psychic powers are an offshoot of lightning, Plasma is lightning + iron, magnetism is lighting + iron, acid is water + plantlife, etc. Having advanced techniques can be a way to introduce variety into Toa abilities without making every single power into its own element.
  6. Afterman has a discord, pop in if you care. Or not. doesn't really matter I guess. https://discord.gg/JZtbjwT
  7. The Bionicle fandom needs to stop holding its breath for yet another reboot...it's not gonna happen. Remember, g2 sold so bad Lego cancelled it a year early and didn't even fully release the final line of sets. Why would any retailers want to stock a new iteration of a flop? It's up to us to keep the spirit of Bionicle alive without Lego's involvement, because it's pretty clear they do not see it in the same way the fans do. (join afterman)
  8. So uh...are any of you guys interested in contributing? Or are you just gonna watch on the sidelines and wait for someone else to do everything?
  9. Nice, nice. But do I need a Tumblr account to submit? Ah well, in that case you can post it in this thread and I'll post it to the tumblr myself with whatever name you want to be credited as. Also make sure you guys read the google doc as it has the basic plot outline.
  10. The tumblr has a submission box (submit cool stuff). I made a mock up of a character profile but you don't have to follow it exactly.
  11. There are being made of pure elements; the Element Lords, but they don't show up until way later. There are also creatures/characters with varying ratios of mechanical to organic body parts, though our main characters are entirely mechanical.
  12. So it's pretty apparent that Bionicle won’t be coming back for a long time, possibly ever, because of how bad the G2 sets sold. But the concept still has potential. So a few people thought “if Lego won’t give Bionicle the respect it deserves, maybe it’s time to make our own elemental robot story”, and so Afterman was born. (not the final title, I’m just bad at names) Just to be clear, this is not a fanfiction. It’s inspired by the themes, motifs and aesthetics of Bionicle, but it doesn’t use the same characters and does not follow the same storyline. It’s an attempt at creating a universe inspired by Bionicle, but legally distinct from it. Bionicle deserves to have a nuanced, richly-layered story…but we can’t rely on Lego to do that. Not anymore. It’s time for the people who truly care about the series to take it into our own hands and make the stories we want to see. Check out the tumblr for more details as well as some concept art. Feel free to leave comments and feedback or suggest plot, character, or design ideas. I’d love to hear from you guys how the feel of Bionicle could be best incorporated into an original story. Different people like it for different reasons so I’d love to get a wide variety of opinions about what works and what doesn’t.
  13. The new sets are solid to very good; it's the story that's the weak link. To be clear, it's not that I think the story's bad...It's just mediocre. It doesn't feel as inspired setting-wise, and the villages and culture of Okoto have barely been developed. MNOG went a long way to make the setting compelling by fleshing out the ordinary villagers. And I don't want to use the "it's a kids show so it's simple" excuse; Steven Universe manages to have lore and well developed characters while still being for children.
  14. Tried tackling some human-ish Protector designs with Korgot and Vizuna. Most Okotans adorn themselves with face and bodypaint; each tribe has its own unique pattern. (might dump some other bionicle related art if anyone's interested)
  15. What's this about? This is about LEGO sending out review copies of sets. But the set has been out for months now, the reviewer could have bought one. If you're a fan and want to support Lego, why wouldn't you?
  16. The topic of (the lack of) female characters in Bionicle came up again in a Skype group, and it caused me to realize something. If Kulta’s army was created from Okoto’s burial grounds, a good chunk of the Skull Warriors are probably female. So I drew this.
  17. Ryder Windham confirmed that "just like the Toa, the Inhabitants of Okoto are biomechanical" in this interview. http://derchronist.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1104&start=10#p10566
  18. http://derchronist.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1104&start=10#p10566 yo have any of you guys seen this? The writer of the books was interviewed by a German fansite, and he dropped a few details about the new storyline.
  19. I got a question about Bionicle's official reveal. I have heard from a few bonkle fans that the reboot was originally going to be revealed at SDCC 2014, but the leaked information that got out forced Lego to move the reveal to the smaller NYCC. Is this true in any way?
  20. Now that the first Okoto chapter book is out, the new storyline feels a lot more fleshed out. However, there are a few instances where information in the book contradicts previously established plot details: - "The Legend" animation shows the island of Okoto to have all 6 elemental regions before Makuta forges the Mask of Ultimate Power. But The Island of Lost Masks states that Okoto was only jungle and water before the great cataclysm, with the resulting shockwaves reshaping the land to create the stone, ice, earth, and fire regions. - The Bionicle website shows the Ancient City to be located in the water region, but The Island of Lost Masks states that the city is in the jungle region. - The Protector of Jungle set has two sensor tails attached to his ankles. But in The Island of Lost Masks, Vizuna is described as having only one tail, attached to his lower back. - Skull Grinder is only given his proper name (Kulta) in a promotional spread for Lego Club Magazine. Both the chapter book and the animations refer to him only as Skull Grinder. -That same promotional spread hinted at a "fallen hero" backstory for Skull Slicer, implying that he may not be purely evil. But in the animations he's a one-dimensional cackling villain with no dialogue who gets defeated after only 2 episodes. When we get different versions of the same story, which one should be counted as "canon"? We don't have Greg this time around to clarify anything so I feel lost.
  21. Well of course they were always part biological. Why else would Gali need a mask of Water Breathing? Robots don't need to breathe.
  22. I'd love a Toa/Matoran/villager/whatever team that had 2 girls in it. But realistically it won't happen, so I won't hold my breath.
  23. This is another good way of looking at it. So...I know this is more a Gen 1 topic/debate, but do you think we'll get any character relationships in gen 2? Do ya'll want them? I don't think we'll get them, but I personally kind of do want them. It'll be something different for the line. The Protectors have children since they pass their masks down from father to son, so yes. Reproduction is canon on Okoto.
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